#PomsMovie and #HustleMovie – Movie Reviews

Table of Reviews

Poms – Review

Poms – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 30 minutes


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Martha, a former school teacher, has no children and lived in the same apartment for 4 decades.  She has decided to forgo chemo treatment and move to Sunny Springs Retirement Community.  She is greeted by the Welcome Committee and given a tour.  One rule is she has to find a group and join.  Otherwise, she has to leave.  If she can’t find a group, she can create one.  During her move, Martha meets her next-door neighbor Sheryl.  Sheryl, an outspoken substitute teacher, hoped a man was moving in but likes Martha anyway.  After a bad interaction with police and wake, the two women sit down and get to know each other.  Martha tried out for cheerleading every year in high school and never made the cut, until senior year.  She was so excited to make the team.  Before her first performance, her mother got sick and she had to quit.  Eagerly, Sheryl tells her to start a cheerleading team.  Martha presents her idea to the committee but she needs 6 more members to make a real team.  They hold tryouts and find a mashup of different women.  They have a great time until they lose a place to practice.  Martha asks Sheryl to request space at the school.  Sheryl gets the pep rally instead.  Their first performance is an epic fail that goes viral.  Embarrassed but not broken, the women find the culprit behind the video – Chloe – and blackmail her into being their coach.  Through everything, these women band together and dance.  However, their biggest issue will be the perception of who they are and what they can do.  Especially when they take their act to the biggest competition on the south coast and Martha keeps her cancer diagnosis a secret.

This is a drop-dead funny comedy.  You will cheer these ladies on as they find their voice. However, Sheryl never needed any help.  Martha is the heart of the group but Sheryl is the backbone.  She is a woman who has always been ahead of the time and bold.  This movie will help you change your perception of the older generation.  Also, you may re-examine how you treat your parents and grandparents.  With overbearing children, outdated social norms, and stifling spouses, we have a tendency to try to control the elderly instead of letting them have fun.  This movie will tug at the heartstring while making you laugh like never before.  You will love to see it in the theaters and do the Martha dance but you won’t feel the urge to buy it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do you have the authority to use deadly force – Martha

You didn’t call the cops on me, did you – Sheryl

Welcome to the gun show – Alice

Rah, rah, rah – Olive

You wouldn’t – Chloe

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The Hustle – Review

The Hustle – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes

The Hustle

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Penny, a small time con-artist, uses catfishing to lure men and steal their money.  After fleeing police custody, Penny decides to take her con international.  Josephine is a big-time grifter with two employees.  She is moving to a new hunting ground.  On the train, Josephine overhears Penny conning a guy to get a free meal.  While Josephine applauds her gumption, Josephine doesn’t want another con artist going after her prey.  So, Josephine distracts, bribes, and arrests Penny to persuade her to leave town.  But to no avail.  Penny keeps coming back.  After some pleading and negotiating, Penny convinces Josephine to train her.  Bridget – Josephine’s employee – doesn’t understand why Josephine wants to help her.  Josephine plans to build her up, perform the Lord of the Rings Con, and push her out.   After a successful line of cons, everyone gets paid except Penny.  She is furious and leaves.  Josephine believes she has won until Penny walks into her hotel.  Josephine pulls her aside and they make a wager.  They will ‘con’ the same man.  If Josephine wins, she will get $500,000 (all Penny has in the bank) and Penny will leave.  If Penny wins, she gets $500,000 and Josephine will leave.  They decide to ‘con’ Thomas, a tech millionaire.  May the best con-artist win.

Thanks to Rebel’s physical comedy, this movie has some redeeming qualities.  She jumps, falls, and appears to be having the most fun while letting loose.  Ann Hathaway is the straight woman to Rebel’s character.  Her performance falls flat next to Rebel.  She slips in and out of accents for her cons but they all sound eerily similar.  This remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, is a role reversal that ends with a man in charge.  Instead of strong leading females that were promised, you have Charlie’s Angels.  If you are a fan of Rebel, see a matinee.  Otherwise, wait for FandangoNow (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I swear if her tits were a battery, they’d go into a watch – Penny

Sorry, I don’t date pregnant women – Bridget

You can’t cheat an honest man – Josephine

Suck it – Alfred

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