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Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare – Review

Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

Dr. Albert Beck hides in plain sight as a busboy named Carl.   After being disrespected by Dr. Mason Tanner, Beck attacks Tanner and takes over his identity.  Now, Beck is a doctor at the New Mexico Sleep Study Clinic.  And his first patient is ready for him.  Michelle suffers from sexsomnia.  Her latest episode went viral after she sleepwalked into a wedding and kiss the groom during the first dance.  Michelle’s boss told her to take a leave of absence.   He promised to have a job waiting if she got help. Now Michelle sits in front of Beck, hoping to get help.  She explains her husband caught her with another man during an episode.  He attacked the man and killed him but tried to blame it on her.  They got into a fight and she killed her husband.  She was exonerated of all charges but it weighs heavy on her today.  Michelle is a bit older than Beck likes but he is still attracted.  During the study, she has an episode and entices Beck.  Before he could act, they were interrupted.   The next morning, Michelle leaves abruptly after getting a call from her niece Nikki.  Nikki has the same affliction but different symptoms.  In Nikki’s sleepwalking state, she is highly suggestible.  The night before her boyfriend’s roommate took advantage of her and suggested they have sex.  Her boyfriend, Leo, caught them and kicked her out.  Nikki went straight to her Michelle for help.  However, Dr. Beck lurks outside Michelle’s home and hears everything.  Now, Beck is in love with Nikki.  If he gets her to fall in love with him, his alter ego promises to leave.  But Nicky Bismar saw this exchange Beck in Michelle’s home and he wants something from Dr. Beck.  Or, he will take control.  Now, Dr. Beck has to take care of Michelle, make Nikki fall in love with him, and handle Nicky Bismar before his true identity is discovered.

The fifth movie in the Stalked by My Doctor series (Stalked by My Doctor, Stalked by My Doctor: The Return, and Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge), this one turns up the ‘crazy dial’ another notch (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You have a hard time distinguishing what is real from Dr. Beck’s fantasies.  The back and forth between what is real and what is imaginary will consistently mess with you.  Eric Roberts is in true form as he plays dual roles.  First, as the crazy doctor.  Next, as his practical, Hawaiian shirt-wearing self.  While the doctor has new victims, Beck gained a new enemy named Nicky Bismark.  Will there be a 5th movie? It’s hard to tell.  This movie ends like many other lifetime movies but Beck has proven he can get out of any situation.  Only time will tell.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What’s up doc – Carl

I killed him – Michelle

I guess I really know how to pick ‘em – Katie

What’s in a name – Nicky

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The Wrong Boy Next Door: On My Block – Review

The Wrong Boy Next Door: On My Block – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Wrong Boy Next Door: On My Block

Katie is defiant and angry at the world.  She takes it out on all authority figures including her mother.  She gets a 1-day suspension after vaping on school grounds.  Her mother, Laurie is embarrassed because Detective Debbie saw Katie being reprimanded.   As a court reporter, Laurie knows this will leave a stain on her work reputation.   During her one-day suspension, Katie notices the boy next door.  She looks through his windows and watches him work out.  On her first day back, Katie attacks a teacher and gets house arrest for one month.  She has to maintain her studies and stay in the house.  If she doesn’t, she will go to jail and be kicked out of school.  After a warning from Detective Debbie and Laurie, Katie starts to spy on her neighbor again.  He catches her and introduces himself.  John’s mother inherited the house from her mother.  John is fixing it up so they can sell the house and pay the estate tax.  Soon, the two are making out and share private stories.  After an intense encounter, Laurie starts to feel like something is wrong with John.  Due to the ankle monitor, she can’t investigate.  So Katie asks her best friend Sam to do it.  Katie and Sam have no idea how dangerous John is, but they will.  And when they do, will anyone believe Katie?

This movie is Rear Window meets Mean Girls (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You know you should feel concerned for Katie but she is such a horrible person, it makes it hard to care about her.  You have more empathy for John being stuck in a house-flipping scam than you do with Katie.  Every time Katie opens her mouth, you will be annoyed.  She is a mean, spoiled brat who uses her dad’s death to cover up her misdeeds.  Detective Debbie attempts to explain that Katie is a good girl but you don’t care.  Leave this movie as background knows and wait for Vivica.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Well, I’m not embarrassed by it – Katie

Without the break-up, there’s no makeup.  If you know what I mean – Sam

I have given you breaks, multiple breaks. That’s the problem – Laurie

So, you’re the friendly neighborhood peeping tom – John

If you leave that house, I will find you. I promise you – Debbie

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Christmas Camp – Review

Christmas Camp – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Camp

Hailey overhears Taylor Toys is looking for a new advertising company.  She is known for rebranding but wants to be promoted to Senior Account Executive.  And bringing in the biggest toy company will guarantee her that promotion.  She approaches her boss Shana and asks Shana if she can pitch ideas to them.  Shana knew about Taylor Toys advertising needs and has an appointment to pitch to the company in 2 weeks.  But she thinks Tom would be better for the job.  She doesn’t think Hailey embodies the Christmas spirit like he does.  Shana gives her a suggestion, attend Christmas Camp.  There she will get a Holiday Attitude Adjustment and she must bring back the certificate of completion.  If Hailey gets the certificate, she and Tom can pitch their ideas to Shana.  And Shana will choose the best one to present to Taylor Toys.  When Hailey arrives, she is ready for fast track the camp, create the pitch, and leave.  She is apprehensive when Jeff, the owner’s son, tells her there is no fast track.  She must do the work.  However, she is not prepared for the biggest sacrifice: giving up her phone during the day.  This disconnect allows her to reconnect to the people, the holiday, and the love around her.  While Ben, the camp owner, puts on a brave face, Jeff knows the truth.  Ben can’t afford to run the camp and Jeff has gotten offers to buy the inn.  When Ben goes behind Jeff’s back to make a deal with Hailey, can Jeff and Hailey’s new connection remain intact?  It will take a little Christmas magic for these two to get it right, save the inn, and create the pitch.

The first movie for the ‘Christmas in July’ series just doesn’t hold your attention.  While it talks about Christmas traditions and the spirit of the holiday, you aren’t surprised with or moved by any storyline.  Even the big reveal, in the end, falls flat.  Christmas camp is a novel idea but not for a movie.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

And don’t forget to bring back the certificate – Shana

This sounds more like Christmas boot camp – Kathy

It’s not really about speeding things up around here. It’s about slowing things down – Jeff

At least you still like me – Hailey

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Love Unleashed – Review

Love Unleashed – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Unleashed

Hailey is a woman that wears many hats.  She volunteers at the animal shelter.  She helps her dad, Wade, at his accounting firm.  And she runs a business with her best friend, Dana, called Happy Puppy Party.  They bring puppies from the shelter to parties and events with the hope of getting them a forever home.  At each party, Hailey and Dana pass a petition around.  They want to stop the construction of a mall and build a dog park in its place.  While the town has a dog park, Hailey feels its too small.  And the new dog park can help the city with its zoning quotas.  Ryan is a widowed father.  He lost his wife to cancer when his daughter Emmy was 3.  Now, Emmy is a precocious 8-year-old with the bargaining skills of a lawyer, the smile of an angel, and manipulation skills far beyond her years.  Ryan works for the mayor as a city planner.  He feels confident about the finalization of the new mall but the mayor tells him to keep an eye out for a grassroots petition.  Ryan has never heard of it but starts doing his research.  After picking Emmy up from a party, Ryan sees how much fun she has had with the dogs.  He talks to Hailey for a brief moment and learns about the shelter.  He decides to change Emmy’s small birthday party into a surprise puppy party.  Emmy has been trying for weeks to get a puppy but Ryan won’t cave.  So, she comes up with a plan and leaves her toy puppy (a gift from Hailey) in Hailey’s van.  When Hailey returns the toy, she sees Ryan in the middle of a baking shamble.  He has burn cookies for the company party and decides to go to Plan B a.k.a Plan Bakery.  Emmy invites Hailey to come with them.  Hailey starts to discuss the petition and divulges that she wishes she could have a conversation with the mayor while calling the city planner a few names.  Ryan keeps his job title a secret and hires Happy Puppy Party to his company party.  When she learns the truth, sparks will fly.  But not sparks of anger, sparks of love.

How can you dislike a movie with puppies and a cute kid? While this movie follows the Hallmark format, it does tease the viewers with an almost kiss.   In addition, the movie allows a bond to happen at Emmy’s pace with puppies and shared life experiences with Hailey.  You can see a correlation between the puppies choosing their owner and Emmy choosing her next mother.   Once again, this movie doesn’t paint city hall and its planner as evil construction guys.  Ryan states the many good reasons why a strip mall would be beneficial to the city.  So sit back and watch this film with the family … well … only if you have a dog.  If not, you kids will be begging for one by the time the fil is over.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t give up on your someday. I find if you try hard enough, it’s just around the corner – Hailey

I still have a lot of time because I’m not really dating anyone, free time – Dana

Are you married – Emmy

I don’t think there is anything that can help wash these down – Ryan

What’s the difference between an account and a lawyer? An accountant knows he’s boring – Wade

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