Stalked By My Doctor: The Return – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Stalked By My Doctor: The Return

Dr. Albert Beck (now Dr. Victor) is in Acapulco when 18 year old Amy needs CPR after an accident in the ocean.  After saving her, he falls in love with her.  He decided to go through Linda, Amy’s mother, to get to Amy.  Linda, a paralegal and widow, is having a hard time coping.  Witnessing the death of her husband has caused her to have panic attacks over heights, bridges, and other tasks.  Dr. Victor steps into “help” and Linda quickly falls in love.  Amy, at first, admires Dr. Victor and wants his guidance on being a doctor, but soon she is disenchanted; and wants him out of her life.  Amy warns Linda that Dr. Victor is attracted to her, but her mother doesn’t believe her.  Linda thinks Amy just misses her dad and Linda will marry Dr. Victor.  Amy’s boyfriend, on the other hand, hates Dr. Victor from the start and wants him gone.  What will it take for Linda to see the truth and will Amy be safe?  Let’s see.

Just when you think the cult classic, Stalked by My Doctor, can’t get better. Lifetime proves you wrong. This movie will leave your jaw on the ground with Dr. Victor’s delusions and is creepy con artist skill. Eric Roberts makes being a sociopath look easy and appealing. Although this is a sequel, it is a completely different story. Watching the prequel is not necessary but good for Dr. Victor’s back story. The one drawback is a very poorly choreographed fight sequence. The punches are uninspired and slow. Get the wine and turn off the world.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Check, please – Dr. Victor

You are unbelievable – Linda

Grandfather – Garth

What are you doing here – Roger

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