#Ringside – Review

Ringside – TV One – 2 hours 0 minutes


After the death of his parents at the age of 18, Jaxon feels obligated to take care of his family and friends while rising to the boxing elite status. While the fight of his career against Spencer is soon approaching, Jaxon’s inner circle is crumbling. His manager, Peyton, is relapsing. His sister, Selita, is falling for the wrong man. His brother, TC, is trying to put out a record but is being out rapped by his DJ, Fee. His “girl”, Carmen, is a THOT. His ex-manager, Anquan, is setting him up. His security, Gofer, doesn’t like to fight. His girlfriend, Indera, isn’t what she seems. Oh yeah … and Jaxon’s has a hairline fracture in his dominant hand. With his battles at ringside, how is he suppose to fight in the ring. You have to watch to find out.

This TV One premiere is a good start for the network. With some fresh faces and some veteran actors, they make a great ensemble cast. It’s does a great job introducing each character and their motivation with TV vignettes of Boxing 365. This movie has a complex and compelling story line, but it feels more like a TV series pilot, than a feature film. Like The Breaks, this could be the start of a series; and it would be an amazing series and great starting point for some of these actors. It will be good to see where this movie goes in the future: series or part 2.

I give this 3 out of 5 stars

I’m the greatest of this time – Jaxon

You need to separate family and business – Peyton

Oh, I will – Selita

I don’t know why he trips on people knowing where he lives – Carmen

Bro, you are incapable of stealing my show – TC

How I’m gonna hurt her. She a grown a$$ woman – Fee

You’d be my boy with or without a paycheck – Gofer

Because it was the right thing to do – Indera

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    • A lot of people felt that way. I believe they are trying to get a series through fan requesting an ending. Like “The Breaks” became a series. So, do you think people will want a series or part 2?


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