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Deadly Mile High Club – Review

Deadly Mile High Club – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Tanya wakes up in a hospital bed with one question on her mind, “Where’s Jake”.  Her nurse informs her that Jake, the co-pilot, died in the plane crash.  Miraculously, she, the pilot survived.  Years later, Tanya is a flight instructor.  She starts the first day of class with everyone introducing themselves.  One student introduces himself as Jake Sherman.  Tanya believes her Jake has come back to her and she starts to fixate on him.  In a simulation, Jake gets nervous and crashes.  She sees he is having trouble and second-guessing flight school, so she invites him on a flight to drop off skydiving equipment.  She uses this time to get to know him better.  Jake tells Tanya his wife, Annie, and his mother-in-law, Margaret, are against him learning to fly.  Annie believes it’s too expensive and both believe he isn’t smart enough to fly.  Tanya starts to flirt and they kiss.  Jake stops and says he can’t, he is a married man.  Tanya says it’s ok and goes to the bathroom.  Inside the bathroom, she becomes psychotic.  She decides Jake is hers.  She will flirt, manipulate, and kill to have Jake all to herself.

Wow! Tanya takes nuts to a whole new level.  She is a mix of Seven with Throw Momma From the Train and a bit of Basic Instinct.  Your heart will skip a beat when she takes Annie and Jake for a flight.  However, you will experience mixed emotions for Margaret’s inflight instructions.  With some CSI investigation skills and Ring, the mystery of Annie’s fidelity will unfold (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And you must watch it for yourself to enjoy the skilled writing and forethought that went into this script.  This movie has a great resolution.  Although, there could be a part two with some creative writing.  This is a fun and adult watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Jake, it’s possible. That’s what I’m here for – Tanya

You are going to fly a plane? Don’t you have to be like smart to do that – Margret

You’re a writer. You know exactly what you mean to say – Jake

You saw me? – Annie

What are you teaching these days, crash landings? – Gonzo

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Killer in the Guest House – Review

Killer in the Guest House – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Freelance photographer Gina needs to find another source of income or she will lose her mother’s home.  She decides to rent out a room online.  The rent will cover more than half of her mortgage.  After searching through applicants’ profiles, she lands on Mark.  Mark is a pilot, a veteran, and has a green thumb.  He has glowing remarks from other rentees and he’s not so bad on the eyes.  Gina accepts his application.  The next day, he moves in and makes an Irish breakfast.  During breakfast, she asks him to model for her portfolio.  While modeling, Gina tells Mark she has written emails to different agencies but has yet to send them.  He encourages her to send them out because she will only be rejecting herself until she does.  With just a few seconds of encouragement, Gina presses send.  After the modeling and life coach session, Mark hears Gina arguing with her ex-boyfriend, Levon.  She did a job for Levon a few days ago.  When he refused to pay her all the money she was owed, she took the photos.  Now, he is ready to play and pay.  Hearing Gina’s distress over Levon angers Mark.  Mark has decided to protect Gina and her dreams at all costs.

Lifetimers, we have a shovel!!! And it comes early in the movie too.  Mark is sweet in the beginning, but Gina never checked his references.  So you know something terrible will happen.  Don’t get it wrong, its fun to watch Mark become deranged.  It’s just strange to see it happen so fast.  After 1 day with Gina, he is obsessed.  And it’s nothing she does for him or to him, it’s everything he does for her.  He cooks, cleans, and encourages.  You would expect the obsession to go the other way around.  This movie gives the viewers a good dish of crazy but no real cause for the obsession.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

They’re just emails, not bullets – Gina

You are the value – Mark

Screw it. I’m taking them all – Levon

Missing sock turns into extra Tupperware lids – Rachel

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Woman of the House – Review

Woman of the House – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Five years ago, Sarah was on cloud nine.  She was the president of Kappa Beta and graduating from college.  Now, the party has ended and no one at work shares her enthusiasm for mixers and dressing up.  She goes to her big sorority sister Taylor for advice.  Sarah wishes she could go back to her college days, Taylor tells her to visit the old Kappa Beta house.  Most of the furniture is covered in plastic and dust is everywhere.  The current president, Jess, isn’t attracting new pledges, doesn’t throw mixers, and has no social events scheduled.  Current members are leaving daily.  If Jess doesn’t turn things around, they could lose their chapter.  Sarah goes to Dean Kent and gets more bad news.  If the Kappas don’t get 33 new members, they will lose the house.  Sarah decides to become house-mom and put Kappa back on the map.  With an ex-boyfriend, a competing sorority, and broken friendships, can Sarah bring Kappa Beta back to its glory days?

This movie has the bite of Mean Girls with the sorority love of Legally Blonde and the competitive spirit of Bring It On (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While the overall love story is in the background, it falls in step with Sarah’s internal struggle.  Will she hold on to her collegiate past or face the real world?  Her ex-boyfriend Brad, is the frat dad for Theta Rho.  He loves college life and refuses to leave.  Kent is the responsible guy who is a stickler for the rules.  But determining what man she wants, she ultimately determines her future.  With great comedic timing and well-written characters, you discover adulting is hard but someone has to do it.  It’s just a matter of when.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You are a god amongst mortal – Taylor

I may have dotted the I’s with hearts to add that Kappa Beta flare – Sarah

No, I was practicing unconscious brain storming – Diana

You can’t be serious – Jess

Why do you care so much – Kent

No one’s perfect. Everyone has their stuff – Misty

Someone has to be the adult – Brad

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MatchMaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance – Review

MatchMaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Angie’s book, Written in the Stars, is a number one bestseller.  With her newfound notoriety, she was asked to speak at a writer’s panel along with authors Beatrice and Helen.  Before the panel, Angie saw Beatrice arguing with someone on the phone and rudely cutting off her assistant Margaret.   During the panel, Beatrice and Helen made the time to take quick verbal jabs at each other.  Then, an attendee started to heckle Beatrice about her affinity towards her fans.  Before Beatrice could defend herself, she got sick and was taken to the hospital.  By the next day, Detective Kyle reports to Angie that Beatrice died of poisoning.  Angie visits Margaret to console her and get insight on who would want to kill Beatrice.  Margaret tells Angie she wasn’t just Beatrice’s assistant, they were sisters.  While she knows there was bad blood between Helen and Beatrice, Margaret believes Ethan Plume, the famous publisher, killed Beatrice.  Beatrice was going to leave his publishing company, which would be a devastating financial loss for Ethan.  Angie’s heart drops when she hears this.  Ethan is Angie’s ex-fiance.  She doesn’t believe he could ever kill someone.  Angie believes it could be Beatrice’s estranged husband Ted.  When Angie interviews Helen, Helen points to Margaret as a suspect.  With so many suspects, Angie must do some more investigating.  So, Angie gets access to Margaret’s hotel room and searches it.  She finds a cufflink with the letters EP inscribed on it.  Det. Kyle uses this evidence to arrest Ethan.  Angie will risk her life to clear Ethan’s name.

A great installment for the series.  It provides a strong mystery for the viewers and expands on Angie’s character.  She has grown professionally as a writer and you get to see her romantic history too.  Leaving a challenger for Detective Kyle in the future.  These progressions allow the storylines to grow and gives the viewer something to look forward to in future installments.  Back to the mystery.   The mystery is strong and demands your full attention.  Small clues are given throughout the story, but you don’t know the true motive until the end.  This allows you to keep guessing and solving.  Keep a pen and pad handy to write down all the clues.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I have nothing more to say to you – Beatrice

Don’t be so sure.  If he’s not out of her picture frames, he’s not out of her heart – Angie

See, I could never get anything passed you – Ethan

Sorry for ruining your dessert – Kyle

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