#ToTheStars – VOD Review

To The Stars – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 49 minutes


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Iris walks to school, hunched over, prepared for what is to come.  A group of boys in a pickup start to harass her.  One gets out and asks to carry her books.  When she says no, he knocks them to the ground.  On her knees, he stands in front of her and positions himself for the ultimate humiliation.  Before he can start, he is hit in the head with a rock.  Maggie threatens the boys while hurling more rocks.  They back off and drive away.  She offers to drive Iris to school but Iris continues to walk away.  Iris walks into class and is promptly admonished for being tardy again.  Iris’s admonishment interrupted Maggie’s introduction to the class.  Maggie is a new student from the city.  Maggie fits in with the popular girls because she amazes them with exciting stories about her father and his job.  They ask her to try out for the cheerleading team.  However, it’s Iris that garners Maggie’s attention with her quick wit and intelligence.  During her parents’ argument about her mother’s drinking, Iris leaves to find peace at her pond.  She gets in the water fully clothed.  She is surprised to find a skinny dipping Maggie.  Iris wants Maggie out of her pond.  But Maggie asks to share.  Maggie soon leaves when Iris points out that she knows Maggie was lying about her father’s job.  When Maggie gets home, her father is waiting for her.  He hits her with a belt several times for being out late.  The next morning, Maggie picks up Iris to make up.  Iris admits she wets herself and doesn’t know why.  Maggie admits to her lies about her dad and covers her bruises.  The girls have bonded.  As the school tries to tear Maggie apart from Iris, the town will try to pull Iris from Maggie.  In the end, one girl will be missing and the other will be free.

While these two girls may not look like the fastest nor closest of friends, they have a lot in common.  They have an abusive parent and a painful past.  However, Maggie does everything to fit in and seem extraordinary to others around her.  Iris retreats into herself and hides from the world.  As Maggie tries to help Iris come out of her shell, Iris tries to get Maggie to stop hiding the truth.  It all comes to a head at their place, the pond.  Today, the town’s actions may seem outlandish but it was honest for the time.  In the end, there is one painful winner with a world of hurt to unravel.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Is it my mouth?  I’m sorry. I got a mouth like a gutter. I’m from the city – Maggie

Is that me? I hardly recognize myself – Iris

This is your boy catcher. You just don’t know how to catch a boy – Francie

She doesn’t need my pity. She just needs a ride – Jeff

Click on a vendor to purchase (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
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