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Dying for Motherhood – Review

Dying for Motherhood – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Tracy runs to her boss, Ed, and asks for an advance.  She needs to run from her abusive boyfriend Bobby.  If Bobby discovers she is 21-weeks pregnant, he will shoot her.  Ed gives her all the cash he has and Tracy leaves work with a trash bag full of clothes.  But she finds Bobby waiting for her.  She makes an excuse to head to the dumpsters and tells Bobby she will meet him after work.  Once Bobby is out of sight, she dumps her phone and credit cards.  Then, she runs.  Tracy gets a hotel room and finds an adoption agency.  Tracy tells the adoption liaison she doesn’t want to tell the dad about the baby.  The liaison knows that illegal but Tracy pleads for her help.  So, the liaison introduces her to Patrick and Genevieve Parker.  After a horrible car accident, Genevieve can’t have children.  She and Patrick hope to become parents someday.  After meeting the Parkers, Tracy still isn’t sure but the liaison talks her into it.  Back at the hotel, the manager starts to harass Tracy for payment.  When he gets too touchy-feely, Patrick comes to Tracy’s rescue.   Patrick offers to let Tracy stay at their house for the night.  After one night, Tracy picks the Parkers to adopt her baby girl.  They are elated and asks her to sign a contract.  Without reading one word, Tracy signs it and moves in until the baby is born.  She believes her life and her baby’s life are perfect.  Tracy doesn’t know that the Parkers are unhinged.  Patrick is not taking his meds and will do anything his wife says.  Genevieve hasn’t been open about her past, including what happened to the last pregnant girl they had living with them.  But leaving isn’t the easiest option, Bobby is hot on Tracy’s tail.

It’s hard to know where to start.  This movie brings the crazy level to ten from the very beginning.  Having people coming at Tracy from all angles gets you invested and interested.  There are two critical moments in the movie that will shock you.  Tracy’s confrontation with Bobby at the mall and Genevieve’s confrontation with Bobby at their house.  The Bobby-Genevieve standoff will leave you at a crossroads.  Both are crazy and dangerous to Tracy and the baby.  You have no idea who you want to win.  It’s the wildest tug-of-war you have seen.  And the wrap-up is worth the wait.  This is a fun watch to save on your DVR.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Yea, it was a surprise alright – Tracy

Don’t talk to me like that – Bobby

Stop it. She’s gonna think I’m a witch or something – Genevieve

I’m gonna be a dad – Patrick

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Killer Prom – Review

Killer Prom – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Seven months ago, Tony’s wife Hannah died after drowning in a boating accident.  His children Luke and Maya are having a hard time with their mother’s passing.  Luke has their housekeeper Janet to help but Maya misses having her mom around for her senior year.  Sienna’s call to Tony brings him relief.  Sienna is Hannah’s cousin and she is moving back to Philly.  She needs a place to stay until she gets her real estate license in Pennsylvania.  Then she will be able to get a place in the area.  Tony opens his home to her.  Tony sees Sienna helping Maya with her dating life and prom dress shopping, he believes she is a great addition to the family.  After Janet is arrested for drinking and driving with Luke in the car, Tony is assured Sienna is a god sent.  Sienna starts cooking, cleaning, and taking care of Luke and Maya.  When Maya comes to Tony with concerns about Sienna, Tony brushes it off.  But Maya is right.  Sienna has been obsessed with Tony and Hannah’s life since high school.  Now, she has and will do anything to create the perfect prom with the man of her dreams … Tony.

All this for prom!  It’s understandable if she did it for a wedding but prom?  Sienna doesn’t slowly go off the deep end, she careens headfirst in the first 5 minutes.  In the beginning, seeing Sienna stand up to Maya’s bullies will make you proud.  However, when she uses those same tactics against Tony’s assistant, Lauren, you will think twice about her sanity.  As clever as Sienna is, she makes careless mistakes that ultimately become her downfall.  To all Lifetimers, this movie does come to a full conclusion.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Hannah, you had the perfect life. Now, it’s my turn – Sienna

What can I do, what do you want from me – Hannah

I insist you’re family – Tony

Janet would never do that to Luke – Maya

Just call me his work wife – Lauren

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Nature of Love – Review

Nature of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Katie is ready to move beyond her 20-word blurbs and write a full article.  Her boss, Sabrina doesn’t believe she is ready.  After a reporter becomes ill, Katie offers to take her article.  With apprehension, Sabrina gives Katie the job.  As an undercover reporter, Katie has to go to Sunrise Peak resort, a Glamping Resort.  Katie is nervous because she is a true city girl.  But that will be her pitch: A City Girl Glamping for the first time.  Since she is new to the job, she won’t have to change her name for check-in.  On her first day, Katie is surprised.  The resort offers a breakfast and coffee bar in the lobby.  In her tent, they offer a private bathroom, WiFi, woodburning stove, electricity, a telescope, tent service, and a 24-hour tent butler.  Chase, her tent butler, takes Katie to her tent and they see a man on a horse.  The sight of the horse makes Katie freak out.  Chase calms her down and introduces her to Will.  Will is a well-known outdoorsman, head wilderness guy, and environmental biologist.  He catches Katie’s eye immediately.  Katie settles into her tent and meets her neighbor Penny.  Penny is an aspiring photographer and came to the resort alone.  Penny invites Katie to go bird watching with her tomorrow.  Katie’s not sure what to do but Chase convinces her to take a nature trail.  On the trail she sees a bear and thinks about running, Will stops her.  You never run from a bear.  She sparks a conversation with him.  In the past, Will attempted to do a conservation series.  However, his series became more about his clothes than the environment.  Now, Will is wary of reporters.  Katie keeps her job a secret from Will but she spills the beans to Penny after seeing Penny’s photos.  Katie asks Penny to use her photos for the story and pay her.  Penny is happy to have her first big break.  Later, Katie and Penny go on Will’s bird-watching tour.  Penny snaps pictures of Will and Katie together.  After the trail, Katie sends the pictures to Sabrina.  Sabrina doesn’t care about the city girl in the wilderness story, she cares about the handsome wilderness man.  Katie considers talking Will into doing the article.  Then, she learns of Will’s tough decision.  Olivia, the owner of the resort, wants to expand but Will worries they will ruin the natural beauty of the resort.  Especially if he doesn’t stay.  He has two offers.  A sponsored hike or a full-time position at the newly expanded resort.  The hike is a lot of money but the full-time job will allow him to keep an eye on the resort.  Katie knows that Will should not be the subject of her story, she has to convince Sabrina without losing the love connection she has with Will.

This beautiful love story falls in line with the exquisite cinematography.  Seeing breathtaking nature and the rustic resort will make you want to try Glamping.  It’s a far cry from an ordinary tent in the woods.  When you watch Will and Katie fall in love, it happens with ease.  A true ode to their natural chemistry.  While a 20-word blurb may not feel like much, Katie’s description will have you smelling the lavender, seeing the birds, and smelling the perfume.  And in case you were wondering, their favorite childhood book is real (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie is a spring classic in the making.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I just want to hug you right now – Katie

Full camo.  You have to sneak up on those deadly swallows – Penny

That’s Chester. He’s practically our welcoming committee – Will

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