#RevengePorn – Review

Revenge Porn – Lifetime – 2 hours 0 minutes

Revenge Porn

Peyton is an 18 year old senior with a full ride scholarship to the school of her choice. With everything riding for her, she still feels like she needs more … breast implants. So, she takes some topless photo and some images with stuffing in her bra. Then, she deletes the photo. Just one small problem: She gets hacked. The pictures are sent to her classmates, parents, pastor, her dad’s company, all their neighbors, and a website called ExMyEx. Peyton and her parents, David and Elaine, go into a panic. But Elaine calls the site’s server company and gets the pictures removed. They believe all is well. Until images of Peyton are plastered in the neighborhood, credit cards are hacked, and they are chased by a drone. Who is behind it all? Can it be stopped? And why is it happening?

The movie’s antagonist may be predictable, but it wouldn’t be fun if it were that easy. This film is a joy and guilty pleasure to watch. Lifetime Vet, Elisabeth Rohm hits another home run as the hard hitting, no nonsense mom. However, the message of this film can be lost in today’s victim blaming culture. Blaming Peyton is easy, but people (women and men) become victims because of webcam hacking, hard drive hacking, server hacking, super imposed images, and spiteful people. They are the only ones to blame for this crime. Don’t forget the real criminal in this story.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars

I’m sorry sir. I need to go home – David

This is a nightmare David – Elaine

There is so much gossip going on around here, it’s hard to keep everything straight – Audrey

I thought we changed our accounts – Peyton
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  1. This movie was horrible!! Once just ONCE they should let the bad guy win. I would have liked to see the annoying peyton get shot. Come on lifetime let the villan win one time.


  2. I disagree with the high ratings. This movie is ..well, ridiculous.. Its unrealistic and so overly dramatic that its almost funny in some scenes. Yes someone hacking pics and posting them online is a reality but thats about the only realistic aspect of this movie.


  3. I just watched this film. It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life and I’m almost 50 years old. It meanders around the issue of privacy and pedophilia by making sure that the subject of the movie is 18. Since sexting is a REAL issue and has caused young women untold emotional pain and has even led to suicide, the “movie” avoids the issue of pediphilia by making sure that the subject in question, the main character — is 18. This allows the movie to sink to level of stupidity I have never seen before. Parents who do nothing to help their daughter. A father who has no paternal instincts and is “busy at the office” while his family is being terrorized by a stupid kid. An entire police department that doesn’t seem to actually do anything. Normally, I would just say that this was an incredibly BAD movie and not care, but this movie deals with REAL issues regarding privacy, sexual and physical assault, online bullying, YES — pedophilia (even if the movie goes out of its way to make sure it doesn’t) and then insults the intelligence of EVERY single person watching it. The producers, directors and actors should be ashamed of themselves for trivializing a SERIOUS set of issues by writing such a piece of crap movie. How sad 😦


  4. Mostly low ranked obscene content publisher websites do not provide any traceable links or addresses. They are, in fact, notorious for violating legal norms and privacy rights; hence, they fully focus on harvesting targeted data with a promise to provide some meager incentives.

    Revenge porn victim first tries to reach the admin of the publisher’s website, obviously, they neither provide any contact information on the website no they come forward nor they reply to any email delivered by the victim, therefore victim feel helpless and getting depressed fearing of sensitive data being publically soon may viral.


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