#MotherMayISleepWithDanger – Review

Mother May I Sleep With Danger – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Mother May I Sleep With Danger

Pearl is enjoying some time alone with her girlfriend, when a secret is revealed. Pearl’s girlfriend is a nightwalker (a.k.a a vampire). Pearl tries to escape but she is bitten. Her girlfriend tells Leah that she will become a nightwalker and thirst for blood until she can turn her one true love. Then Pearl’s girlfriend dies. Pearl, working as a photography finds Leah, her muse. But Pearl is being urged by her coven to turn Leah. The problem: Pearl is falling in love with Leah and doesn’t want her to be a nightwalker. Can Pearl turn Leah? What will be lost at the end?

This remake of the 1996 cult classic, with the same name, adds a twist with a same-sex relationship, rape, and vampires. It’s Twilight meets The L Words meets 1996’s Mother May I Sleep with Danger. You don’t have to see the original to get this movie. However, there are nuances that Lifetime Avid Watchers will notice. Like the Professor, the kitchen scene, and the ring. Its hard to feel like vampires are the bad guys; because they only attack men who attempt to rape women. This movie’s twist is a lot like the twist in the 1st movie. This movie is background noise will doing laundry. Its not necessary to see or open wine.

I give this 2 out of 5 stars

You’re acting really crazy. Please just let me go – Pearl

You break a leg – Bob

I did not direct that – James Franco

I’m in love with someone – Leah

The first time in her life she has ever been on time – Julie

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