#KillerAssistant – Review

Killer Assistant – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Killer Assistant

Suzanne is the Managing Editor for Style Harmony Magazine, mother of a teen daughter, and wife to a musician. She seems to have it all but her anger issues have hindered her life. Because of her issues, Suzanne’s boss, Nora, decides to hire an assistant for her. David, Suzanne’s new assistant, seems to good to be true and others around the office can see it. When, Suzanne sees something that shocks her to her core, she has a one-night stand with David. Realizing her mistake, Suzanne offers to transfer David to another department, but he threatens to expose her. It’s not long before everything in Suzanne’s life starts to fall apart. How will she handle it? Can she handle it? Why is this happening?

This movie is not impressive. “Lifetimers” will see the typical plot twist and story lines a mile away. Brando Eaton does do an amazing job being creepy. He is very enjoyable to watch. Don’t be surprised if he is in another Lifetime movie soon. This movie is the typical background noise movie. Leave the wine sealed.

I give this 2 out of 5 stars

Fine, I don’t have to be in this house to see him – Calista

Remind me how I went this long without an assistant – Suzanne

And sex – David

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