Disney’s #AdventuresInBabysitting – Review

Disney’s Adventures in Babysitting – Disney Channel – 2 hours

Disney's Adventures In Babysitting

Lola is a wild child artist and Jenny is a prim and proper artist. Both ladies are competing for an internship with Mr. Vasquez, a famous photographer. Lola and Jenny are so talented that Mr. Vasquez gives them the weekend to take new photos and he will decide on Monday morning. At this point, Jenny and Lola’s phones are mixed up and the go their seperate ways. Lola goes to her car and and sees she is getting an $80 tickect.  Her parents have told her 1 more ticket and no more keys.  She must pay this ticket.  Out of desperation, Lola uses Jenny’s phone and takes a babysitting job Jenny turned down because she was booked. The job includes watching the Anderson kids: Trey (rebellious), Bobby (chef-to-be), and Allison (athlete). Jenny is watching the Cooper kids: Katy (fashionista) and Emily (punk rock). Got it?!?!

Its not long before put-together Jenny realizes that Lola has her phone. In a panic, she goes to get her phone, with the Cooper kids in tow, and realizes Lola has lost Trey. He sneaked out to see a concert.  Since the Anderson’s believe that Lola is recommended by Jenny, Jenny knows her reputations is on the line.  They must go into the city, get Trey, and get both sets of kids home before the parents come back. Sounds easy, right? Nope. This adventure includes a ferret, exploding laundry machine, towed car, rap battle, 2 criminals, and green hair.  And that’s not the half of it.  Trust me this is an adventure you won’t forget.  Don’t mess with the Baby Sitters.

Calling this movie a “re-make” of the Adventures in Babysitting (1987) is unfair. This movie can stand on its own. It is a mix of the original with Mom’s Day Out and Date Night (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You are never sure what will happen next and how they will all put it together.   Each child is given a personality and  back story.  Each character is utilized and delivers their part masterfully.  It delivers a strong message of staying true to yourself, being adventurous, and responsible. So are you a Jenny or a Lola? You decided. But remember there are 3 rules of babysitting:

  1. Never take your eyes off the kids
  2. No child left behind
  3. You never put a boy before kids

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars for kids, parents, and Sisney lovers

You are smart. You are talented. Just do your best and stay calm – Jenny

Dude chill, artist don’t need college – Lola

Guessing? Is that what they call stalking these days – Katy

I guess they weren’t free – Bobby

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