#CenterStageOnPointe – Review

Center Stage: On Pointe – Lifetime – 2 hours 3 minutes

Center Stage: On Pointe

Bella, a modern dancer, is trying to step out out of her sister’s, Kate, shadow.  Kate is a world renown prima ballerina.  Bella gets that opportunity to forge her own path when the American Ballet Company (ABC) needs modern dancers to save their fledgling company.   ABC has been in the red for 3 quarters and if they don’t get new blood, they will have to shut their doors.  After a little push, Bella tries out for the ABC “Dancing Boot Camp”.  At the end of the boot camp, the dancer will perform and ABC will select the best dancers to be in their company.  Bella feels this is the only way she will make it to the center stage she holds so dear.  Bella lies about her name to keep her lineage a secret and tries out for boot camp.  But once in the boot camp, she quickly learn that being modern isn’t good enough.  She must learn the true form of ballet.  Can she navigate the “backstabbers”, grueling practices, and keep her true identity hidden until her tryout dance?  Let’s see.

The third film in the series is more for the Freeform crowd than the Lifetime network.  It’s understandable that Lifetime used this film to draw a younger audience to their station and programming.  If you like the other 2, you will find this one enjoyable and get references to the past characters.  However, Lifetimers, who hunger for Don’t Wake Mommy or A Woman Scorned: Doctor Foster, will quickly be bored.  So, get your teens ready for this film while you sit back and do anything else.  Lifetimers, this is your “background noise” or “entertain a teen on a rainy day” movie.

I give this 2 out of 5 stars

I realized a while ago that the glass slipper wasn’t for me – Bella

She’s wrong in every way and I can’t take my eyes off her – Jonathan

Good artist copies. A great artist steals – Ivan

You hear that silence. I have never heard that before – Gwen

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