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Table of Reviews

Yes, I Do – Review

Yes, I Do – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Yes, I Do

Charlotte starts to itch as her fiance James talks about their upcoming wedding.  After she left him at the altar twice, he knows her scratching is a bad sign.  Since he worked hard planning the entire wedding himself, he can’t stand it when Charlotte ask to push it back.  So he cancels their engagement.  While she still breaks out at the thought of weddings, she is miserable without James.  So she asks her friend Hanna to help her plan a wedding for her and James in 30 days.  James tells her he MAY show up if she goes through with it.  Meanwhile, Charlotte enters into a chocolate competition with a New York storefront as a grand prize run by Nicole who publishes Chocolate Monthly.  Charlotte is ecstatic until James sees Nicole.  Nicole is James’s ex before Charlotte.  Now with a sweet smile, Nicole is determined to get James back.  While Charlotte is planning their wedding, maybe.

This movie is a true break from the Hallmark mold.  It is a fresh storyline with all the laughs, rivalry, and love you want.  Also, this movie is the true definition of “shade”.   These women will throw underhanded, backhanded, double-crossing jabs at each other.   No matter the cost or who it hurts.  While watching this story, you will only have sympathy for one person: James.  He is being pulled in 2 directions by two women who took him for granted.  This story proves you always want what you can’t have.  Watch this movie with a glass of wine, popcorn, and the record button on.  You will want to watch again.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m a reasonable person – Charlotte

I’ll give you a coupon – James

Everything fell into place after you and I broke up – Nicole

Nothing’s ever fair in love and chocolate. Is it? – Oscar

It’s my fault, bad intel – Hanna

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A Night to Regret – Review

A Night to Regret – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Night to Regret

Chelsea Bilson is a budding director and works hard to get money for her movie.  But all her hard work is met with being dumped by her boyfriend, so she decides to have a girls night out.  She and her friend Sara hang at the bar when they see Chelsea’s old friend Milla.  Milla was kicked out of school and ran off.  So Chelsea is happily surprised to see her and see she is doing well.  The girls drink, laugh, and party.  When Sara leaves, Chelsea and Milla go back to Milla’s place.  Chelsea finds out how Milla is making money these days.  She is a webcam girl.  As Milla, Chelsea, and several other friends sit around men watch and pay for them to do things.  On man is Jake Peters.  Jake was recently released from jail and has killed before.  And he has his target set on Chelsea.  He pays $200 to see her dance. Chelsea can’t believe she made $200 for nothing and considers creating her own channel.  That one decision will lead to several dead bodies, some kidnappings, and one night to regret.

Ten years ago, this movie would have seen far-fetched but with the boom of social media turning into social stalking this movie is all too real.  Now if you are looking for crazy, this movie kicks it up a notch with a dead body in the first 20 minutes.   Also, no one is “too naive” however they do make mistakes.  As soon as they see the error of their ways, they fix it quickly.  In addition, the cops aren’t useless.  They follow the leads and carry a suspension for everyone.  It’s nice to see this change in a Lifetime film.  This movie is a good way to kill 2 hours.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Just life – Milla

I love you. I want to marry you – Jake

She always “Thelma and Louise”s me – Chelsey

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Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New – Review

Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New

Olivia and Mick try to get some time away and work on their relationship when they are derailed by an antsy bride named Amy.  Amy believed she knew what she wanted to make her big day perfect.  But as she spends time with her soon to be sister-in-law Kelsey, she starts to doubt herself.  Mick tries to handle all the bride’s changes but soon loses control.  And to make matters harder, Olivia becomes preoccupied with her newly engaged daughter’s wedding.  Even though its a year away, Olivia makes plans for her daughter’s wedding.  And her daughter’s head starts to spin.  She knows she has to rein her mother in before Olivia goes too far, too soon.  With Olivia already planning her daughter’s wedding, Mick tries to handle the load for Amy’s wedding.  But as the bride changes the dress, location, and flowers, Mick starts to crack under the pressure.  Mick has to pull it together so Amy can have the wedding of Kelsey’s dreams and Olivia can plan the wedding of her dreams for her daughter.

This Hallmark movie is all about communication between loved ones.  Whether it’s mother/daughter, lovers, or in-laws, communication is key.  Everyone is trying to spare each other’s feelings but its only making matters worst.  Once Amy has a real conversation with her husband-to-be and his family, everything is put into place.  It takes different events for each relationship to come to that point but they all do and it works out.   While this isn’t the best movie in the Wedding March series, it’s still a good stepping stone in the collection.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, romantic is what I do – Mick

Did you just snort – Amy

A June bride is always a bride – Olivia

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#IAmElizabethSmart, #ThePreachersSon, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

I Am Elizabeth Smart – Review

I Am Elizabeth Smart – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

I Am Elizabeth Smart

God offers hope in the darkest places – Elizabeth Smart

On June 5, 2002, Elizabeth Smart vanished from her home and left little trace.  A manhunt ensued for the 14-year-old girl, but no one had any idea what she was going through.  She was kidnapped by Brian David Mitchell and held captive in the woods with the help of Wanda Barzee for 9 months.  She was raped every day, sometimes twice a day, starved, beaten, and restrained into submission.  Brian attempted to rename Elizabeth, but she renamed herself, Ester.  Ester was the 2nd wife who tricked the king without a weapon.   Since she could not overpower her captors, she had to outsmart them.  Winning their trust by doing chores and listening, Elizabeth waited for the first chance of manipulation and escape.  She was there as Brian and Wanda’s relationship deteriorated and jealousy took hold.  But her tenacity, patience, and faith made her rescue possible.

Based on the autobiography My Story by Elizabeth A. Smart, this is a painful yet necessary story (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The most painful scenes are cut just in time for the real Elizabeth to narrate her own terror.  The pain she endured while hearing people search for her, withstanding the holidays without family, and screaming silently for help was unbearable.  This story will hopefully put an end to victim blaming and start perpetrator shaming.  This movie speaks of survival and finding hope in the smallest thing.  Elizabeth found hope in a cup of water, rain, and a safety pin.  Elizabeth’s story should be seen by everyone and she hopes you will never understand.  Because understanding only comes from experience.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You must be cleansed for the celestial marriage – Wanda

Do you want it to stop? So did I – Elizabeth Smart (narrator)

No man will want you now – Brian “Emmanuel” Mitchell

You are truly strong – Elizabeth

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The Preacher’s Son – Review

The Preacher’s Son – BET – 1 hour and 55 minutes

The Preacher's Son

Dante is the son of a Bishop T.K. Wilson and First Lady Charlene Wilson and brother to his younger sister Donna.  He dreams of being a lawyer even though his mother has him on a preacher’s path.  So much so, she secretly applied for him to go to Howard University Divinity school and he got in.  But he hasn’t told his mom he got into law school too.  After calling off his affair with a married woman named Anita, Dante meets Tanisha; down on her luck with a little brother and drug-addicted mother.  Dante helps her in 2 separate acts of kindness and he asks her out on a date.  After two dates, they are smitten with each other, but Tanisha is holding back a secret from the preacher’s son, she is a stripper.  But Tanisha is not the only one with secrets.  Donna is pregnant but refuses to tell her parents whom father the child.   And the father of her baby is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  During a wedding, everything comes to the surface causing everyone’s secrets and lies are exposed.

Based on The Preacher’s Son by Carl Weber, this movie will leave you speechless (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will want to watch this more than once so get your DVRs ready.  During the wedding and church meeting, so much is revealed your head will spin.  OMG and WTF are understatements.  This movie could have been a soap opera with everything happening.  On the downside,  it was difficult to understand somethings being said because the backing track was drowning out the actors.  Also, some of the camera work was too shaky.  Otherwise, the actors created extraordinary performances and the screenplay was well adapted.  Get your wine ready and be sure not to spill it.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Yes, you can and you will – Anita

Not gonna happen – Dante

Girl, are you swirling – shorty

So, stop worry about my social life because I will not stop being a man – James

Now I don’t owe you nothing. Go have fun with Anita – Tanisha

Get this fool out of here before he makes a bigger fool of you – Elena

How do I know if a guy really likes me – Donna

Now, that’s the first intelligent thing I heard all night – Charlene

Let he without sin cast the first stone – TK

Who might be the lucky guy – Terrence

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Maternal Instinct – Review

Maternal Instinct – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maternal Instinct

After witnessing a crime, Sarah is completely in shock. Her mother is now in the hospital fighting for her life and Sarah needs a place to stay until she can testify against a dangerous hitman. While waiting for arrangements to be made, Sarah becomes comfortable with Heather. Heather is a tough cop who was born into her job. And she doesn’t like kids. So, when Sarah ask for Heather to be her police detail, Heather is at a loss for words. Heather’s boss explains that if witness protection goes well, she can get a promotion. Heather is on board. But with a dangerous killer stalking Sarah and Sarah missing her mother, something’s got to give. Will it be the killer’s freedom or Sarah’s life?

Slow and uninspired are the 2 words needed to describe this movie.   Shocking moments were predictable and fight scenes were not well executed.   The movie is missing a wow factor to keep you tuned in.  So DVR his movie to use fast forward or make it background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Sarah, I’ll protect you – Heather

I’ll never stop thinking about her – Sarah

You trying to fool me – Travis

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Engaging Father Christmas – Review

Engaging Father Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Engaging Father Christmas

It’s been over 7 weeks since Ian and Miranda have seen each other and a year since Miranda has seen the Whitcombs.  She is looking forward to going to Carlton Heath and seeing everyone again.  While at the airport waiting for Ian, she runs into her old boyfriend Josh.  After a brief discussion, Miranda tells Josh her secret: the actor James Whitcomb is her father.  Josh is shocked but promised to keep her secret.  Once Miranda is back in Boston she starts getting “unknown” phone calls and text.  She ignores them and focuses on Ian and her family.  It difficult to be a “family friend” instead of a sister but she doesn’t to lose her connection to her father.  So she keeps the family secret.  With everything going on, Miranda’s love for Ian deepens when he pops the question.  She is ready to start a life with him in Boston, but she keeps getting texts.  But the latest one shakes her faith in family, grace, and truth.  Can the Whitcombs handle the exposure? Will Miranda lose the only connection to her father?

Based on the book Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn, this movie is just as intriguing as the first (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The first was about finding her father, but the second is about engaging with her new found family.  However, in order to keep James Whitcomb’s public persona, she is asked to keep quiet or play the “family friend” in interviews.  As a viewer, it’s hard to watch or feels like a rejection.  This conflict makes a good movie great.  While they all love each other, the elephant in the room is hard to ignore.  Even her nephew has an opinion.  However, the mystery lies in who is sending the text messages to Miranda.  Is it Josh (the ex), Josh’s brother, or the Rachel (the Whitcomb’s reporter)?  Experienced Hallmark watchers will see the culprit a mile away but that’s not the end.  It’s only the beginning.  This movie is a wonderful addition to the series.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If all goes well, she may not want to leave again – Catherine

Your secret is safe with me – Josh

It seems you misplace your trust – Margret Whitcomb

I was prepared to challenge him to a duel if he persisted – Ian

It’s about time – Peter

I get the feeling that they are leaving something out – Rachel

Ian someone put this up here for a reason. I don’t think we should cover it up ever again – Miranda

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Enchanted Christmas – Review

Enchanted Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Enchanted Christmas

Laura is ready to settle down for the holidays with her daughter Nikki.  But her boss Oliver has an announcement.  He has purchased a new hotel called the Enchanted Lodge and with 8 weeks of work needed, she has 4 weeks to get it done.  It needs to be done before the town’s Enchanted Christmas Show.  This show has always been hosted at the hotel, which Laura knows all too well.  She grew up in Rosemont, Utah and danced in the show every year with her partner Ricardo.  She doesn’t want to go back to Utah and the old memories but she must in order to keep her job.  She is encouraged by her boyfriend Scott to go and hopes the job can be completed quickly.  But Laura doesn’t know that Ricardo is back in Utah to help with the show.  It’s only a matter of time before the two run into each other.  Will this be their last dance or will the two tango again?

Sweet yet predictable.  This movie falls into the same plot as most Hallmark movies so the journey must be new and intriguing.  This one just falls flat.  There was a moment when Eddie, Scott, and Ricardo were all in the same room surrounding Laura asking questions.  This was a prime opportunity to have back and forth comments (not fighting, but slide comments), but this never happened.  This movie is background noise, nothing more.  You know how it starts, climaxes, and ends.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I can’t go back to Utah – Laura

Memory lane can be nice – Scott

Grandpa, I’m your only granddaughter – Nikki

Longtime partner – Taylor

Doing good works makes you feel good. Remember that – Manuel

We keep missing each other – Ricardo

I’m pretty eloquent, aren’t I – Alicia

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A Song for Christmas – Review

A Song for Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Song for Christmas

Country music star Adelaide feels like a puppet for her manager Russell.  Russell wants her to sing songs she hates, lie about dating another star, and eat what he wants her to eat.  Adelaide wants to write her own songs but her first album flopped.  So Russell wants her to continue on the path he has worked out for her rising career.  After a night in a B&B, Adelaide is overlooked and accidentally left behind.  She gets help for a local girl named Hailey who offers her a phone call and a place to sit.  But when Adelaide is stuck for several days, Hailey and her family offer Adelaide (now being called Addy) a place to stay.  Addy learns that Hailey’s brother Dillon dreams of singing but can’t get over his fears.  While his family supports him singing, he doesn’t want to leave because the family farm is about to be foreclosed.  The family hasn’t given up hope but they only have to the end of the month to turn things around.  Addy wants to help Dillian and the family farm but she knows their pride will stop her.  She must do everything she can to help the family without offering money.

“A Farm for Christmas” feels like a better title for this film.  The song itself feels like a subplot for this movie, not the main storyline.  You will find yourself more concerned about this nice family and how they will keep their farm.  This is a story that is affecting so many farmers today that you focus that and not the love story.  While the song is not your focus, it is a good song that was sung by both the actors.  They are just as amazing acting as they are singing.  DVR and watch this movie when you have a moment.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

There is a place in my heart for something other than music – Adelaide

This is everything you’ve always wanted and you are so close – Russell

Don’t tell Russell – Sandra

Seems a bit manufactured – Dillon

Selfless is saying you don’t like pie when there isn’t enough to go around – Hailey

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The Sweetest Christmas – Review

The Sweetest Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Sweetest Christmas

Kylie is having a rough year. She lost her job as a pastry chef, can’t find work at another restaurant, was turned down for a business loan, and moved in with her sister Tina. Kylie hopes that things will get better because her boyfriend Alex is preparing a special dinner. When what she believes to be an engagement dinner turns into a promotion dinner, she breaks up with Alex. Then Kylie gets good news, she is a semifinalist in the American Ginger Bread competition. The grand prize is $25,000. This will cover her student loan debt and help start her online baking company. However, when her sister’s oven burns out, with resistance, she asks the one person she believes can help; her ex-boyfriend Nick. Still carrying a torch for her, he agrees. If Kylie thought the competition would be her single biggest source of stress, she has no idea what’s to come.

“This time is going to be different” is a very important phrase in this movie. And for Hallmark, this movie is different. She doesn’t go to the restaurant to get dumped, she dumps the inattentive boyfriend. She doesn’t hate Nick at first, she has always loved him. Also, her final gingerbread entry isn’t perfect “for TV”. It looks like a real entry made by a real person. With a lot of heart-warming moments, you will be given plenty of laughs with Ralphie and Bobby’s banter. No one can match their quick and honest quips. Just to warn you, have gingerbread and hot cocoa close by.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I know with your help, we can “sleigh” it – Alex

Just distract me – Kylie

The girls decided to bake. Long story endless, the oven is ruined – Tina

Because my dad worked late and your wife wanted to sleep in – Bobby

Two dudes decorating alone. Are you trying to depress me? – Nick

What? Hey. You talking about me – Ralphie

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#MediaOnTVOne, #InfidelityInSuburbia, and more- TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Media – Review

Media – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes


J.U.M.P. (Jones Universal Media Proprieties) is headed by a strong willed mother of 4, Jackie Jones, for 25 years. Of her 4 children, 3 are in the business:

  1. Crystal – CFO, only female child, who is sleeping with the enemy, Will
  2. Clay – CEO, got a $25 million loan from a drug dealer’s nephew, Silvan, to keep the business afloat
  3. Anthony – President, addicted to Fentanyl and supplied by Silvan

But when one of Jackie is shot and one of her children murdered, she ask her 4th child, Michael (Assistant District Attorney) to quit his mayoral dream and run the business. It’s at this point that Michael truly learns that choices have life or death consequences. Once Michael decides to take over he has to watch is back for family, friends, enemies, co-workers, gangsters, lovers, video tapes, and guns. Each choice goes against what Michael stands for, but as Jackie tells him, “You have to change your stance”.

Kudos to TV One. They gave you a plot with so many twist and turns that it’s hard to keep up. But their biggest plus is learning from the mistake they made with Ringside. You can’t give viewers a cliff hanger without a promise of Part 2 or a series. Well … if you like this movie, than hang on … the series is coming. This movie is more of a 2 hour premiere for a weekly TV show. They give you just enough to get hooked with this Young & The Restless meets Empire meets Romeo & Juliet mix (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It has something for everyone with murder, drugs, sex, and hip-hop. If TV One can keep up the suspense, they have a hit for the summer season.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Clay, I am the sun to your whole media universe – DJ Drive

In 25 years, they have never let me down – Jackie

Letting the bull know I’m in the ring – Jabbar

Yeah, I’m good now – Giselle

Anthony, we need to be strong. All of us – Michael

Not tonight. It looks like you have go a meeting – Danielle

Momma – Clay

If it comes down to it, I’ll protect you bro – Silvan

We are always being plotted against – Crystal

I’m coming back – Anthony

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Infidelity In Suburbia – Review

Infidelity In Suburbia – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Infidelity In Suburbia

Laura and Greg are on different paths in the same home. He is more concerned with work and his boat. And she his more concerned with the home and family. Both know their marriage is shaky, but when Laura finds underwear (similar to Bill’s assistant, Hannah), she decides to get back at him. She has an affair with the handyman, Elliott. After 2 torrid encounters, Laura decides she can’t continue. But Elliott will not let it go. He has determined that Laura is his and will do anything to anyone to keep her.

Another affair gone bad with a guy who has mommy issues story. It’s not a new story, just repackage to include a boat. It’s not clear if Lifetime is saying ‘Don’t have affairs’ or ‘Do background checks’. After one google search of Elliot, Laura realizes he is crazy … ummm couldn’t you do that before the affair. It is one to DVR and fast forward through the first 30 minutes. FYI, it takes an hour for the first body to fall. It’s not a new story and the joke as the end was a dud.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I wouldn’t do him – Laura

Is wine your new appetizer? – Bill

She’s sizing up my hammer – Elliot

You all right man – Greg

Holy crap – Mira

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground – Review

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground

The POstables are at it again. Now that Eleanor is gone, she leaves them with one letter she found interesting because of the postmark. When Oliver, looks at it, he realized it was written during Hurricane Katrina. The sender, Gabe, met a bar owner, Hattie, and fell in love. They promised they would meet after the hurricane, but got separated. He wrote the letter with the hope it would find Hattie. Oliver, Norman, Shane, and Rita (the POstables) vow to find Hattie and Gabe and give them a second chance at love. But when Shane is assigned to military duty and Hattie is listed as “missing and presumed dead”, the POstables, in the Dead Letter Office, are facing challenges they never have before and down 1 member.

For fans of the series, this is a great movie that will jumpstart the next season. Without giving away to much, 2 relationships are tested and bloom in this movie adaptation. For others, you may feel a little confused because the story of Gabe and Hattie is a subplot of the movie. It’s the relationships among the POstables that drives the story and causes parallels between the plot and subplot. For fans of the series, this movie is a pivotal moment. For others, it’s a ok movie.

For POstables: I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars
For Others: I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t have anybody to lose – Gabe

Cute and cleaver return address. Will they ever learn? – Oliver

I sing a little. But if the music’s good, I dance – Hattie

Can I keep it – Norman

Poker? I love poker – Rita

I ask myself that all the time – Shane

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FANatic – Review

FANatic – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Tess and Hunter are the stars of the cable shoe, Orpheus Moon. While Hunter loves playing the hero, Tess is tired of playing the bimbo. Tess is making her discord know by talking to the producer and auditioning for other part. Even though Tess know this will hurt some fans, she doesn’t know what her biggest fan will do to keep the show going. The shows biggest fan is the assistant producer, Nikki. For Nikki, this show is her entire life. She has started a club with her friends, Charmaine and Dana, steals props, and injects herself into Tess and Hunter’s personal lives. Before this movie is done, viewers will get scandalous photo, a comic book convention, and a glass cage.

How crazy can one fan get? This movie feels like a Criminal Minds episode. You know it’s possible for a person to be this crazy; it just hard to believe it can go on for so long. You start to cheer on Nikki as she goes deeper into madness. The glass cage is a stretch but fun to watch. So, if you like a good body count and rooting for the bad guy (admit it … you do), this is your movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

What about my opinion of her – Tess

Have you seen the ratings? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – James

Soon, but trust me, it’s worth the wait – Nikki

Yeah I might be … if anything you said was real – Charmaine

Don’t you feel guilty – Dana

When you make a decision that affects both of us, please let me know – Hunter

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Love Blossoms – Review

Love Blossoms – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love Blossoms

Violet has come back to Belgium to complete here father’s legacy. He was creating the last perfume in a trilogy set: Land, Sea, and Sky. But with her father and his formula gone, Violet has to recreate Sky based of a small vail he gave her, which she wears around her neck. Violet, a brilliant chemist, can make it but she needs a “nose” to figure out the head, heart, and ground notes of the perfume. In a chance encounter she runs in to Declan (a.k.a Dec), a botanist with a natural nose. After several request, Dec agrees to help Violet figure out the perfume’s formula. But Violet puts on the pressure because:

  • The investor, Harv, wants 2,000 bottles in 12 days
  • The competition, Olivia Caine of Caine Perfumes, is trying to copy their formula and steal their “nose”
  • The boyfriend and VP, Stefan, wants Olivia to finish so she can honor her contract in Boston
  • Oh, and Violet clumsiness gets the best of her

Olivia is completely stressed and it’s affecting Declan. So, he takes her on walks, makes her relax, and talks about her dreams. Everyone can see their attraction … even Stefan. What will it take to get the figure out the formula, create the perfume, and bottle it in time? Soup, a garden, poison oak, and a village.

This is a great story with a lot of background told in a fascinating way. You will learn about perfume and flowers while being entertained. This movie has more twist and bad guys than a Disney movie. The lead couple has an honest and easy going attraction. The writers even left room for Love Blossoms 2. Maybe that time around they could have more scenes with the comic reliefs, Kimmy and Ty. Watch and get some wine.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Yeah, he would have been over the moon to have me here – Violet

Wait. What was that? I was trying to imagine you saying something funny – Dec

You’re wasting your time – Stefan

I could really make use of someone like you – Olivia

What’s going on? You just said ‘fine’ 4 times – Jimmy

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#AFirehouseChristmas – Review

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A Firehouse Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Firehouse Christmas

Mary, a gold medalist ice skater turned author, is told by her publisher that her new book will not sell. Her book gives marriage advice but she is divorced. Her publisher wants her to have a man on her arm to sell the book. Mary has just the man in mind … Tom … her ex-husband and former hockey player. There are just two problems. First, he is dating Jenny, a firefighter. Second, they are in a custody battle over their daughter Sadie. So Mary tells Tom, that if he goes to 3 promoting events on her arm, and pretend to be working on their relationship, she will give him shared custody. Otherwise, she will get full custody and move Sadie to a boarding school in London. Tom hates being in this tug of war and fears losing Jenny. But will playing along keep the peace?

This movie is what happens when Lifetime and Hallmark get together and have a baby. And if you watch closely you can see 3 parent relationships.

  1. Sadie and her parents – custody battle
  2. Mary and her father, Jay – helicopter dad
  3. Parker (Jenny’s coworker) and his dad – estrangement

This movie doesn’t just show Sadie’s struggles as her parents fight, but it shows the potential aftermath in Parker’s relationship. Love doesn’t have to be a fight. It should be a compromise. So sit with your family … even your ex’s … and watch to learn.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

It’s ok. You were too busy saving people – Sadie

Somethings are more important than others – Jay

Ah Jenny, don’t you have a fire to put out or something – Mary

And you married her? – Jenny

You wanna play, let’s play – Tom

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