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Do You Trust Your Boyfriend? – Review

Do You Trust Your Boyfriend? – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nicole dates the hottest guy in school, Liam. But her friend, Angie, tells Nicole that their relationship won’t last because they will graduate and go to different colleges.  Nicole’s insecurity grows even as Liam tries to quell them.  Their friend, Cassie, tells Nicole to trust Liam the way she does for her boyfriend, Isaac.  But when Liam keeps getting texts during their study session, curiosity gets the best of Nicole, and Nicole creates a fake profile on social media.  She names the profile Heather, grabs a random girl’s picture, and messages Liam.

Nicole even sends Liam nude pictures, without a face, to Liam.  But he turns her down because he has a girlfriend.  Finally, Nicole feels comfortable in the strength of their relationship.  Nicole goes to school and tells Cassie and Angie what she did.  Cassie is disgusted, but Angie wants access to the account to test a guy she is dating.  Nicole gives Angie access.  The next day, Angie has proof her guy isn’t cheating, but she tempted Isaac.  And Isaac failed.  Nicole and Angie tell Cassie and leave Cassie heartbroken, so Nicole deletes the profile.  Two months later, Ms. Ramos introduces a new student to the journalism class.  It’s Heather.  The same girl that Nicole used to create the fake profile.  Nicole is stunned at the sight of Heather.  After class, Heather approaches Nicole and introduces herself.  Nicole says a quick hello and walks away to do a reverse image search on the profile picture she used.  But the results come back empty.  Heather offers to take Nicole out for coffee, and Nicole says yes.  They have fun, but when Angie sees them together, the claws come out.  Angie knows Heather is up to something and vows to figure it out.  When Nicole questions Angie about the confrontation, Angie confesses a secret.  Before Nicole deleted the account, Angie changed the email address to hers.  So when Nicole deleted it, Angie got the confirmation.  Angie rejected the confirmation email, reactivated the profile, and block Nicole so she couldn’t see it.  Since then, Angie has used it to help girls all over the county test their boyfriends.  They delete the account for good, but they have no idea what they have done to Heather.  Or at least the girl in the picture.

The dangerous world of Catfishing comes to life.  If you ever watched the MTV show, they have found the actual person whose image someone used to create a fake profile (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And some have a negative effect from people using their pictures.  While others never fathom the harm they can cause to someone by using their image in a scheme.  With reverse image search, it’s too easy to find the actual person in the image and take unforeseen revenge.  However, the catfisher never imagines they could cause someone harm.  While this movie could be a lesson to catfishers, it takes a Lifetime twist and puts the real victim in jail.  This film was a missed opportunity to teach.  Hopefully, the writer can find a ‘Ripped From the Headlines’ story to give the other side to this tragic overuse of deceptions.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t do the whole social media thing. That’s how you get yourself in trouble – Heather

I’m sorry. My high maintenance friends need me – Nicole

Is this what it’s going to be like every time I get a text – Liam

Is that your real name – Angie

Don’t say that – Cassie

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Secrets in the Mansion – Review

Secrets in the Mansion – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Brandi Green finds it complicated to make friends in a new town and connects with an old friend, Jackie, for support.  Before Brandi and Jackie go out, a handsome man walks by Jackie’s cubicle and introduces himself as Aaron.  Jackie can see the sparks instantly, and against Brandi’s wishes, she tells Aaron to call Brandi.  Brandi asks Jackie if she likes Aaron, but Jackie says no because Aaron is her brother-in-law.  Jackie tells Brandi to say yes to Aaron and see where it goes.  Brandi says yes to the date, and they spend every day together for two months.  Aaron invites Brandi to come on a trip to meet his parents.  Jackie will go and her husband, who is also Aaron’s brother, Owen.  Brandi says yes but worries about the cost because she is on a teacher’s salary.  Jackie grins and tells her that everything will be fine and inexpensive.  When they arrive, Aaron’s parents’ home stuns Brandi.  It is a summer mansion in the hills.  Jackie kept the surprise to see the look on Brandi’s face.  Brandi meets Aaron’s parents, and they welcome her with open arms.  But their head of security, Reid, gives Brandi an uneasy feeling.  At night, a noise wakes Brandi out of her sleep.  It’s a woman crying for help, but Brandi tells herself it’s all a dream.  The next day, Brandi tells Aaron, and he makes pancakes to ease her fears.  When that doesn’t work, he gets down on one knee and proposes marriage.

Elated, Brandi says yes.  The new addition to their family overjoys Aaron’s parents.  Owen states that the Veronica chapter of Aaron’s life is officially over.  Aaron never told Brandi he was engaged in the past to Veronica, but she was a gold digger.  The family assures Brandi it’s all in the past. Then Owen gives Brandi a sad update that he has to go into town to handle business.  However, he will only be gone for 24 hours.  With Jackie there, Brandi hopes to get one on one time with her friend.  Brandi finds Jackie crying, but Jackie won’t tell Brandi why.  Jackie brushes off Brandi’s concerns and leaves.  This incident won’t be the only weird thing Brandi experiences.  At the end of this trip, someone will threaten Brandi, will have Brandi at the business end of a gun, and will beg for Brandi’s help.

This movie is nothing new, especially for the Stranger Danger series.  You get a mix of Traffik and Ready or Not with a splash of Crazy Rich Asians (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Once the couple has the quick engagement and Brandi starts to hear a voice, you can figure out what is going on and why.  It follows the formula of Lifetime to the letter.  Keep this one saved for background noise and nothing more.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

It’s big.  A little lonely – Brandi

Ok, I’m pushing Aaron – Jackie

I decide what to do with the money and put it towards good stuff – Aaron

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Sisters for Life – Review

Sisters for Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The ladies of Beta Delta Chi get ready for a new crop of pledges.  Last year, Jana joined and her big, Arielle, helped Jana get acclimated.  Now, it’s Jana’s turn to usher in a new pledge.  After meeting with the hopefuls, one pledge resonates with Jana, a young woman named Bailee.  They both grew up in a small town and were new to the area.  However, the house doesn’t vote for Bailee.  Instead, they pick a legacy.  The next day, Bailee sees Jana with her boyfriend, Kyle, and wants to know if she got picked.  With remorse, Jana tells Bailee no but tells her to rush again.  Bailee walks away crestfallen.  Later that night, someone attacks the legacy student.  While the Beta Deltas rush to be by the legacy’s side, they need to find a new girl for the house.  With Jana’s encouragement, they pick Bailee.  This encouragement is a tremendous mistake.  Bailee cares nothing for the sorority and wants Jana all to herself.  Bailee will hack, attack, and plant drugs on anyone who stands in the way of her and Jana.

This movie follows the typical Lifetime format.  Crazy girl moves in, and everyone tells the protagonist the girl is crazy, and the protagonist doesn’t listen as their life falls apart.  It’s frustrating to see Jana believe a woman she has known a few days.  But not someone she has to know for years.  As Jana keeps making bad decisions, you start to care less about her.  You worry more about Arielle and Kyle.  And you want blood; this film isn’t the movie for you.  The only kill is at the beginning.  Everything else is just jumpscares.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I was looking for a family. Some place I could call home – Jana

Was that her interview or yours – Aria

You shouldn’t touch other people’s stuff – Bailee

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Love Stories in Sunflower Valley – Review

Love Stories in Sunflower Valley – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

On her way to work, Kate spills coffee on a man she just helped.  She offers to pay for his dry cleaning, but he asks for directions to the nearest store instead.  During her morning meeting, Kate’s boss, Patricia, goes over the assignments for the staff writers.  Then, he walks in.  He is Drew Hutton, and his family owns the paper.  Drew came back to town to learn about and write for the paper before taking over the family’s publishing company.  Patricia introduces Drew to the team, and Kate remembers spilling coffee on him earlier.  Patricia tells the staff about a story someone gave to her.  It’s about a matchmaker in Sunflower Valley named Olivia.  Olivia impacted several couples in the area, and Patricia wants someone to write a story about her.  Since Kate gave this lead to Patricia, Kate believes she will be a shoo-in for the job.  But Patricia picks Drew.  Kate gathers her nerves and confronts Patricia about picking Drew.  Patricia doesn’t think Kate is ready to write and believes Kate’s hands are full being her assistant.  Kate pleads her case, and Patricia agrees to let her go.  But not as a writer, as Drew’s assistant.  However, Kate can only do it if she keeps up her job for Patricia too.  Kate agrees and heads to Sunflower Valley with Drew.  Since Kate is from Sunflower Valley, she decides to stay with her parents.

Nevertheless, when her parents learn that Drew will be staying at the hotel, they allow him to stay in the guest house.  Kate creates a detailed itinerary of interviews, which Drew will never read.  As Kate and Drew work together, stories of love will inspire them to follow their passion and each other.

While the love stories will move you, the plot follows a simple format.  It doesn’t completely pull you into the storyline.  Instead, you will experience spurts of interest with lulls in between.  The scenery is breathtaking, and the dialogue has moments of laughter, but the rest is lackluster.  The actors did the best with the script, but it doesn’t live up to their acting abilities.  Save this one for a rainy day or when you need to hear a good love story.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Sorry about your shirt – Kate

I got in a fight with the wrong iced latte and lost – Drew

Try and learn something from him – Patricia

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Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6 – Review

Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6 – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

As Olivia and Nick write their vows for their upcoming nuptials, they have to prepare a wedding for Curt, a famous actor, and Autumn, a children’s book author.  Curt promises Autumn to put Hollywood aside for a week; so they can enjoy their wedding in privacy.  Autumn and Curt arrive at the Willow Lake Inn and graciously introduced themselves to Olivia and Nick.  As they eat and finalize the plan, the best man, Dez, and his wife, Jess, arrive.  Jess can see Autumn is tense, so she offers retail therapy to find Autumn’s something new.  As they all enjoy the merriment, Autumn can see a dark cloud looming forward.  It’s Steve, Curt’s publicist.

Steve tells Curt that the studio moved up the date of Curt’s movie.  The studio wanted Curt to fly out to New York to do publicity, but Steve talked the studio into doing it at the wedding venue.  Disappointed, Autumn agrees to keep the peace and strengthen Curt’s career.  In a conversation with Olivia, Autumn asks Olivia for advice on marrying a celebrity.  Olivia tells Autumn to be more understanding of Curt’s demanding line of work.  But each time Autumn bends, Jess worries Autumn will break.  With everything going on with Curt and Autumn’s wedding, Olivia and Nick get a monkey wrench in their wedding too.  Nick got an offer to be an opening act for a tour.  The tour starts in two weeks and travels throughout their big day.  Nick wants to turn down the gig because he doesn’t want to wait to marry Olivia.  Olivia knows this is a rare opportunity for Nick, so she comes up with a solution.  She will move up their wedding date.  She and Nick will get married a week after Curt and Amanda.  Now, Olivia has to plan a wedding while un-booking and rebooking hers. What can go wrong?

Fans of the series will miss regular cast members, but it doesn’t take away from the overall story.  You have two couples with one partner in the spotlight while the other chooses to stay in the background.  Where they differ is their personality towards relationships.  Olivia and Autumn are both supportive, but Autumn is doing it for the wrong reasons and risking her mental health.  Nick and Curt want to be married, but Curt wants to do things his way because Autumn always agrees with him.  Curt and Autumn try to get relationship advice from Olivia and Nick, but Curt and Autumn don’t explain the authentic story.  Olivia will learn to speak up, and Curt will learn to be considerate.  Seeing them grow under to tutelage of Olivia and Nick is astounding.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Married life here we come – Curt

It’s me.  I’m the one that’s allergic to public exposure – Autumn

No. We deserve – Olivia

Yeah, I’m big with the moms – Nick

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