#SweetGirl – VOD Review

Sweet Girl – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 50 minutes

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Years earlier, the Cooper family spent time hiking in the woods and being carefree.  Now, Ray comforts his daughter, Rachel, as the doctor tells them Amanda’s cancer is back.  While there is a drug that can help, it’s too expensive.  But Dr. Wu has a stunning development.  Another company created a generic version of the drug, and it’s in the final stages of FDA approval.  Once it’s approved, there will be a more affordable version of the drug that can save Amanda’s life.  But as more time slips by, Ray finds Dr. Wu and asks if the generic is finally available.  Unfortunately, the maker of the original drug, Bioprime Pharmaceuticals, forced the other company to stop.

As Amanda dies, Ray sees Bioprime’s CEO, Simon Keeley, on a news program with Congresswoman Diana Morgan.  They are debating Bioprime’s business practices and the cost of their life-saving medication.  Ray calls in to the show and threatens Simon.  Ray promises that if his wife dies, he will kill Simon.  Six months later, Amanda died, and Ray and Rachel have a mountain of hospital bills.  Ray decides what to cook when he gets a call on the phone.  A man named Martin from Vice has information about Bioprime’s bribes and other crimes.  And Martin will tell Ray everything if Ray can meet him in 20 minutes.  Ray leaves but doesn’t see Rachel following him.  When Martin and Ray meet, Martin tells Ray that he has some information, but his informants stopped talking.  Now, Martin needs Ray’s story to blow Bioprime’s illicit activities into the spotlight.  Before Ray can gather his thoughts, a man stabs Martin and attacks Ray.  Rachel comes to her dad’s defense but gets pushed off the train.  The man stabs Ray and pushes him onto the station’s platform.  Two years later, with Martin dead, Ray never stopped looking into Bioprime and its illegal connections.  Now, he is ready to take action and fulfill his promise.  Ray is going to kill Simon.

What a twist!!! And you have no idea that it’s coming.  This movie hides the twist like a magician’s sleight of hand.  You are so busy looking in one direction that you don’t see it coming.  And when it does, you still have a large portion of the movie left to go.  With its highly choreographed fight scenes, this film has lots of emotional moments.  Jason Momoa shows his sensitive side without being the butt of the joke.  He isn’t an absent-minded father but a man that shows his daughter how to protect herself and prepare for battle.  There should be more fathers like this in movies, streaming, and TV.  Yes, this movie has violence, but parents with tweens shouldn’t worry.  This film is a wild ride worth watching.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It wasn’t supposed to be like this  – Ray

The very sad reality is that cancer is still a death sentence – Simon

Tell them we’re taking a political stand – Rachel

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