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Girl in the Closet – Review

Girl in the Closet – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Patricia enjoys the 10th birthday party she prepared for her daughter, Cameron. Then, Patricia gets a phone call from her sister, Mia, while talking to her family. Mia has gifts for Cameron and is bringing them to Patricia’s home. Patricia hangs up the phone and wants to know who told Mia about the party. Reneé reluctantly fesses up to giving Mia information because Mia is family. Patricia doesn’t like having Mia around because Mia killed a man, but Reneé justifies the murder by saying it was in self-defense. Patricia goes outside to meet Mia. Mia arrives with her daughter, Angela, and gifts. Patricia tells Mia to take her presents and leave. Cameron comes out and says hi to her aunt. Mia gives Cameron $40, and Patricia makes her give it back. Later, Patricia explains to Cameron that not all money is good. 

Patricia prepares oatmeal for Cameron’s breakfast and passes out while bleeding from her ear. Patricia suffered a brain aneurysm, and Reneé calls Mia to care for Cameron. Patricia wakes up in pain with Mia by her bedside three weeks later. She brings Cameron to the room and offers to look after Cameron until Patricia is ready and healthy. After Patricia says yes, Mia calls the social worker, Josh, to bring the paperwork. Josh comes to his desk with a mountain of new work. He sees his co-worker, Gail, walking by and asks for her help. Josh promises these are his most effortless and vetted files. She agrees to take over since he did the leg work. 

Cameron comes home with Mia and meets Mia’s boyfriend, Chris, and their maid, Nancy. Mia and Chris give Cameron a doll and tell her to go to her room in the basement. Cameron opens the door but hesitates when she sees it’s dark and smells bad. Chris picks her up, pushes her in, and locks the door. Cameron cries for help, but Nancy tells her to stop because no one can hear her. Then Nancy introduces Cameron to the others, Joanne and Harland. Cameron asks Nancy how long she will be in the basement. Nancy says that only Mia knows. Cameron will need to pray her way out of hell.

Inspired by actual events, this movie will make your stomach turn while covering many systemic issues. First, Patricia doesn’t want to see a doctor after several migraines because urgent care is expensive. While medical inequality isn’t the worst problem in the movie, it’s prevalent among the poor. Next is the underfunded, understaffed, and overworked social workers. They have their budget slashed every year, but their cases double. The bad ones cut corners and falsify home visits to cover their tracks, leaving children, older people, and people with disabilities in danger. Also, the movie tackles abusing benefits. Mia keeps these people for their welfare or disability checks. And last but certainly not least, the abuse. Mia uses physical, mental, and sexual abuse to keep her slaves in line and doesn’t hesitate to burn, pimp, beat, or kill anyone who attempts to speak up. If that isn’t bad enough, Mia has others working with her. The actors are tremendous, the sets are frightening, and the storyline is enthralling. This film isn’t only for watching, but it is a call to action.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Baby, not all money is good money – Patricia

Why so much venom to someone barring gifts – Mia

God, I know that you’re everywhere. So I know you can hear me. Please, help me – Cameron

That’s because my momma won’t let you – Angela

Don’t let these four walls determine how your life’s gonna turn out – Nancy

Mia, this is different – Chris

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A Lifeguard’s Obsession – Review

A Lifeguard’s Obsession – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maggie takes a calming breath and walks to the ocean with her surfboard. She swims out, stands up, and grabs her knee as it spasms. Maggie falls into the water holding on to her knee. A lifeguard, Blake, grasps Maggie and pulls her out of the water. As Blake attends to Maggie, Maggie’s boyfriend, Cade, runs to her with concern and panic in his voice. Lifeguards Cade and Blake take Maggie to the lifeguard’s station to ensure she is ok. Cade is angry that Maggie went surfing because the doctor didn’t medically clear her. She tells Cade he doesn’t understand passion because he focuses on his social media following. Cade reminds Maggie that his following pays some of her bills. Then, Maggie notices Cade’s co-worker, Tina, flirting with Cade and believes Cade had an affair with Tina. Maggie leaves Cade alone and thanks Blake again.

Blake comes to Maggie’s job and gives her a knee massager. Blake talks about his life in Florida, and Maggie mentions her artwork. After her surgery, Maggie’s doctor told her to try something creative to keep her spirits up. So, she started to paint seascapes and make jewelry. Maggie took her art to the Seaside Gallery, but the owner, Sam, didn’t like it. Maggie plans on showing Sam a new piece in her collection tomorrow.

Blake accompanies Maggie to the gallery for support, and they find devastation. Someone broke into the gallery and destroyed all the artwork. Sam tells Maggie the building is safe, but she feels uneasy about the artist losing their hard work. Sam looks at Maggie’s painting and says it’s not good enough. Blake steps in and defends Maggie’s art. With a convincing argument, Blake changes Sam’s mind. Sam will display Maggie’s artwork if Maggie and Blake get the gallery ready in time.

Maggie runs to her boss, AJ, for time off, and he grants it. AJ is proud of Maggie, but he worries that Blake is dangerous. AJ believes something is off about the handsome man. Maggie tells AJ that he is wrong about Blake. Blake has only been supportive, kind, and fun. He listens to her and helps make her dreams come true. And that’s more than Cade has ever done. AJ relents and gives Maggie the day off for her show. Maggie is on cloud nine but has no idea how unhinged Blake is now and in his past. Unbeknownst to Maggie, Blake stalked her on the beach for months and took her near drowning as a sign to save her from life, even if he must kill her to do it.

Maggie is anything but a victim. She speaks up for herself if anyone steps out of line. She calls out Cade for cheating, Blake for fighting, and Tina for lying. No one gets a pass from Maggie. She refuses to lie down and take anything from anyone, and it’s refreshing to see. Maggie is quick to fall in lust but not in love with Blake. Now don’t let the graphics and poor green screen throw you off. This movie has an excellent plot with a strong heroine and leaves the door open for part two. So sit back and watch with your popcorn and wine.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m just glad she’s ok – Cade

Can it be any more obvious – Maggie

Nice to meet you, Maggie. Though I do wish it was under better circumstances – Blake

Do you -AJ

We need to handle this the right way – Tina

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Her Study of a Killer – Review

Her Study of a Killer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ellie plans her 15-year high school reunion with her friend, Jasmine, at the local cafe. Lately, Ellie’s daughter, Brooklyn, has withdrawn from Ellie. But Jasmine assures Ellie that Brooklyn is a typical teenager. Ellie and Jasmine continue to converse when Averie walks to their table. Ellie and Averie competed for the same parts in plays during high school. Their teacher, Ms. Meadows, always picked Ellie. But today, Averie is a famous actress on film and Broadway. She had plans to be in town and decided to attend the reunion too. Averie retreats after making Ellie feel insignificant. Then Tiffany walks over to their table and sits down. Ellie notices Tiffany giving her the cold shoulder but says nothing. Ellie’s phone rings and she excuses herself. Brooklyn’s principal, Principal Trammel, wants Ellie to come to the school immediately. Principal Trammel assures Ellie that Brooklyn is safe and well-behaved. But Principal Trammel doesn’t want to elaborate over the phone. 

Ellie arrives at Liberty High School and finds her husband, Daniel, by the lockers. Principal Trammel tells them that Brooklyn and her friend, Sadie, found Ms. Meadow’s body in the theater. Tiffany’s husband, police chief Trevor, is investigating what happened. Ellie becomes flustered and mumbles about putting Brooklyn in therapy. Principal Trammel informs Ellie that Brooklyn chose to speak to the school counselor and convinced Sadie to go too. Ellie and David relax because Brooklyn will get help from a professional. Brooklyn wanders to Principal Trammel’s office with the counselor, Indigo. But Indigo retreats when she sees Ellie in the hallway. Ellie and David take Brooklyn home, and Jasmine joins them for dinner.

After dinner, Ellie sits on the back porch with Jasmine and admits she got pregnant with Brooklyn senior year. Jasmine assumed Ellie chose Daniel over college, but Ellie had a baby. Ellie confesses Ms. Meadows convinced her to keep her baby. Jasmine leaves, and Ellie knocks on Brooklyn’s door to check on Brooklyn. But Brooklyn doesn’t answer. David forces her door open and finds the window open with Brooklyn’s phone on the bed. Ellie calls Sadie, who brings Ellie home. Brooklyn calls Ellie a hypocrite because she overheard the conversation between Ellie and Jasmine. Ellie assures Brooklyn that she doesn’t regret having Brooklyn and asks if Brooklyn wants to talk. Brooklyn states she ran to the counselor and doesn’t need anyone else. Ellie goes to her bathroom to take a bath and finds a horror scene in the mirror. Someone cracked the glass and wrote Blood Will Have Blood (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). And Daniel calls the police. 

Ellie tries to convince Trevor that her attacker is Ms. Meadows’s killer. Trevor informs Ellie that the investigation is over, and they consider Ms. Meadows’s death an accident. Ellie doesn’t believe that’s true but can’t prove it. So, Ellie will continue to plan the reunion and focus on her friends and family. But someone has Ellie in their crosshairs. And they don’t mind killing to get what they want. Ellie must unpack 15 years of lies to discover who wants to kill her and why. 

Let’s be honest. This movie is about immature women dwelling in high school drama because they don’t know how to converse with each other. Tiffany is mad at Ellie about a senior party, Indigo for some high school rumors, and Averie’s jealousy shines through. It takes pulling teeth before these women talk about their issues. They could have solved half of their problems with a simple discussion. This movie is a bunch of small mysteries wrapped in an enigma. However, it doesn’t captivate you because all the characters are unlikeable. Nevertheless, the acting is superb. This film isn’t the best entry in the 2023 Wicked Revenge season, but it will keep you occupied for 2 hours.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

This was not a coincidence – Ellie

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – Daniel

You are such a hypocrite – Brooklyn

Heard the rumors? You started the rumors – Indigo

Yes, but I didn’t think that would be a problem for you – Tiffany

Of course not. Ellie would never cheat on Daniel – Jasmine

I can talk to your mom for you – Averie

Daniel should have told you – Trevor

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Married by Mistake – Review

Married by Mistake – E! – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Riley drinks with Leila and Nate at their graduation party. Riley can’t wait to start work and pay off her massive student loans from her MBA. Then, she sees a news article on her phone. Her future job’s CEO embezzled $80 million from the company, and the FBI raided the offices. Riley calls the hiring manager, who tells her they won’t hire anyone new anytime soon. Riley and Nate drink excessively and wake up naked in a Las Vegas hotel room. Riley spies a ring on her left hand and deduces they got married. She instantly wants an annulment, but Nate wants to ride it out for a while. Riley can work at the family business’s marketing department and help their company. But she doesn’t want to work for a mom-and-pop store. She says no and returns home.

Riley’s mother, Suzanne, tells Riley how well Riley’s cousin, Kathleen, is doing. Riley hates the comparison, but Suzanne blames her sister, Joan, for starting it. Riley’s dad tells Riley to keep working hard and that the right job will come. Riley doesn’t inform her parents she got married. Riley goes to her room, thinks about Nate’s offer, and begs for a sign. Then, she gets a text from her loan company to remind her the first payment is due soon. Riley flies to Tennessee to work for Nate’s family. Before meeting Nate at his family’s business, Riley goes to a coffee shop and meets an intriguing man. They have a conversation, and she fantasizes about kissing him. They both depart.

Riley walks to Nate’s family business and gasps at the BuyRite headquarters. BuyRite is a national retail chain with stores in every state. She had no idea Nate’s family company was BuyRite because he uses his mother’s maiden name in school. Nate welcomes Riley and introduces her to his grandmother, Faye, and father, Buck, as their new VP of marketing. When Faye and Buck protest, Nate says that they are newlyweds. Nate tells Riley they had to close 80 stores because of poor performance. And the 1st and local one, Cedar Falls, is next if they don’t implement changes. Riley passionately says the town needs the store, and Nate knows she can handle the position.

Riley drives to Nate’s family home to have dinner, and their mansion takes her breath away. Immediately Riley clashes with Buck’s narrow-minded view of the world but gives sanitized versions of her thoughts. Buck and Faye talk about Nate’s brother, Rhys, and Riley inquires about him until Rhys walks through the door. Riley remembers him as the guy at the coffee shop. Her fantasy man is her brother-in-law. As Riley tries to save BuyRite, she has to keep her naughty thoughts in check. Can she succeed while keeping up appearances?

Some viewers will look down on Rhys for flirting with his sister-in-law. And you are right to do so, but Faye cheers them on in their romance. Also, Buck will make your flesh crawl with his outdated thinking and morality. Riley has a messy romantic life but knows how to clean up a business. This movie has a telenovela drama with Undercover Boss and a Friends set-up. It’s funny but not as good as the other films E! Entertainment produced. Instead, this film is a lesson in corporate consciousness and employee retention. Give this movie a chance for a wild and hearty laugh.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You mean something’s wrong down there – Nate

Are you trying to bribe me? Because it’s working – Riley

I’m so proud of you. You finally did something spontaneous – Leila

Do you always use scientific data to lure people into conversations – Rhys

Look all you want, mom. You won’t find him up there – Buck

Are you insane – Faye

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Something’s Brewing – Review

Something’s Brewing – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jane walks into her boss’s office and gets laid off to make the company look lean to receive a better price in their merger. Jane leaves and calls her boyfriend, Aiden, to say she will be home early. He didn’t get her call because Jane caught him in bed with another woman. Aiden’s apologies fall on deaf ears, and Jane ends their relationship. She calls her friend, Cassie, to relay the day’s events. Cassie consoles her friend, but it’s not enough. Jane’s grown tired of the city, the grind, and the men. She wants to move and start a new life. Cassie tells her to think about it, but Jane is steadfast in her decision. 

Jane sees her landlord, Mr. Rodriguez, in the hallway and tells him she is leaving. Mr. Rodriguez tells her she has to give 30 days’ notice. But since she is a good tenant and it’s the 15th, he will let her move on the 30th without penalty. Jane breathes a sigh of relief and prepares for her last days in the city. She goes to her favorite coffee shop, but it’s closed for renovations. So Jane walks into Something’s Brewing a few blocks away. She places her continuous order with David, and he brings it to her. Jane makes him wait while sampling the product. She gives it a rave review. She had no idea the coffee shop existed until now. David sits, and they chat. Jane tells him she lost her job but not her plans to move. David takes a leap of faith and asks Jane out. She agrees with a smile. David shows Jane a hidden gem in the city, and they have a great time.

Jane and Cassie meet, and Cassie asks Jane to apply for a marketing job at Cassie’s company. Jane doesn’t want to consider a position in real estate marketing because she worked in retail marketing. Cassie tells her marketing is marketing. Jane informs Cassie that a few headhunters contacted her with offers, and she will check one out. Then Jane tells Cassie about her non-date date with David, but Jane thinks he is secretive. However, Jane refuses to dwell on it because she won’t be in town much longer. 

Jane meets with Ms. Ellen Rogers, and Ellen knows Jane is a dedicated worker. Ellen thinks Jane is the right fit for the job, but Jane tells Ellen she will move soon. Ellen conveys to Jane that the job can’t be remote, and Jane leaves. Jane gets a call from David, and he wants to have dinner. They enjoy trout but wish they got the flourless cake. Jane has a great time but wants to know what David hides from her. So Jane follows him to a girls’ softball game and uncovers David’s daughter, Mandy. She believes this is one of David’s secrets. David doesn’t just work at the coffee shop; he owns the entire chain. This fact isn’t an issue until Jane considers taking the job with Ellen, and Jane’s first client is David’s biggest competitor. Can their relationship grow with all the secrets and Jane’s moving date and looming job?

This movie starts with the typical life-falling-apart-and-move-to-the-small-city plot. But the 15-day window gives Jane time to reassess her decision, find a new career, and discover unsuspecting love in a city she wants to leave in her rearview. Jane’s expectation of David over those 15 days is unrealistic. She wants David’s address, family history, and tax information. It’s too much, too fast. David is a wonderful guy, and Cassie is a supportive friend, so Jane is lucky to have them both. The plot is different, and the movie is entertaining. It won’t be your favorite, but it’s worth your time.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Look at it this way; things can’t get any worst – Cassie

That’s exactly what I’m going to do – Jane

Well, their loss is our gain – David

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The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal – Review

The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

NicoleTaraSydney, and Lauren met in college just minutes before the new year (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Nicole’s date stood her up, Tara’s date made other plans, Sydney broke up with her boyfriend, Byron, again, and Sydney’s boyfriend, Peter, made a new goal to solidify their relationship. All four young women feel down at Lauren’s party and go to the porch to talk. They declare themselves The Love Club, take a photo, and promise to help each other through their romantic quests. 

Ten years later, Nicole is a designer and dates Warren. Before his parents visit for Thanksgiving, Warren proposes to Nicole. Her ring falls off throughout dinner, and Nicole takes this as a bad omen. She considers leaving but calls The Love Club instead. They get on the video call to talk and make flights when Nicole asks them to visit. Tara, Sydney, and Lauren arrive and break out the wine. Nicole confesses that she isn’t head over heels in love with Warren. They ask if she felt that way before, and she says yes. Her college writing professor assigned his students a pen pal from another school. They weren’t allowed to exchange names, only initials. The professor wanted them to love writing in its natural form. Nicole and her pen pal wrote letters that made her fall in love with him. He was the man she was supposed to meet ten years ago at Lauren’s New Year’s Eve party. Nicole still has all his letters.

They use clues in the letters to narrow down Nicole’s pen pal to Josh, a manager at the Kenworthy Inn. They find his profile on social media, and Josh is single. Nicole sees the inn is renovating and uses that as a way into Josh’s life. She learns about the current designer’s company, calls them pretending to work for the inn, and pushes the appointment back a week. Then, Nicole convinces her friends to come to the inn and pretend to be her design team. Sydney thinks it will be engaging content for her blog, teacher Lauren wants to get away from demanding parents, and Tara feels pressured to say yes after they did. 

The women settle into their rooms and make a strategy for the week. Lauren meets Josh in the morning while her friends go for a hike. Nicole keeps up the designer ruse because she wants to make sure he is the right man. After a few meetings, Nicole tells Josh the truth, and he confirms he is her pen pal. She falls in love instantly and wants to break off her engagement with Warren. Her friends stop her because Tara notices something about the letters. The handwriting in the first letter doesn’t match the rest. Josh is keeping a secret that can tear Nicole’s heart in half.

Seeing The Love Club meet for the first time and form is the best meet cute for friendship in Hallmark. The plot doesn’t state how long they have been apart, but the separation doesn’t affect their camaraderie. Now, Nicole’s extensive search to find Josh feels worrisome. Nicole would be a stalker with toxic positivity if this were a Lifetime movie. However, this plot is on Hallmark. So the writers consider it to be cute and ambitious. This movie feels like Hallmark’s version of The Wedding Veil series, but it doesn’t have the ongoing mystery of that beloved tale. Don’t let that statement steer you away. This film has plenty of comical moments. The friends interrogating Josh, Nicole meeting Darian, and Josh barging in on Nicole & Darian will make you laugh out loud. This film isn’t the strongest to kick off the series, but it’s a great introduction to the core group. 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, let’s hope. Because the fall from the cloud she’s on will really hurt – Tara

I am going to rise up and ring in the New Year – Nicole

I’m sorry. Is that a good thing – Sydney

Well, you know the class parents do go bananas this time of year. So, I’m good to bail out – Lauren

Back then, I was still struggling with dyslexia – Josh

Well, it seems the karma wheel has spun in our favor – Darian

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