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Tempted By Danger – Review

Tempted By Danger – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Angela is proud of her little sister, Nicole.  Nicole is a hot-shot attorney who loves to work out and shoot guns.  On the other hand, Angela worries about Nicole because she doesn’t date.  She wants Nicole to have it all like her.  When handsome Michael walks into her office for the strategist job, Angela wants to work with him for more.  She tells Michael they have a company outing at a club and invites Nicole.  Shortly after Michael arrives, Angela makes a hasty exit.  Leaving them alone.  Nicole and Michael click over their ambition, work, and SAT scores.  They decide to make a second date.  She makes their date original, a trip to the gun range.  Michael loves it.  Before they can go on their next date to a swanky restaurant, Nicole has to cancel the date for work.  Michael’s frustration boils over and he hangs up.  Later, Nicole sees Michael at her gym and he apologizes for his actions.  They make another plan to meet after her business meeting.  Nicole feels like she has found the one but she doesn’t know the real Michael.  The Michael that stalks her in real life and virtually.  When she meets the real Michael, she will be in for a shock.

This is the Lifetime set up we know well.  A nice guy comes along and turns crazy.  It’s just a matter of time before people find out who he is really.  With tracking apps, keys, car switches, and a hit and run, Michael stays one step ahead.  It’s the ‘why’ that keeps you watching.  You just don’t understand how Michael got so obsessed with Nicole so fast, how he got his job, or where he lives.  All will be answered in the end.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Dating is normal. Not dating is not normal – Angela

Please don’t think I’m crazy – Nicole

I just don’t know what I did wrong – Michael

What are you, my mother? – Kyle

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First Impressions – Review

First Impressions – Aspire TV – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Imani owns Townsend Publishing.  She is successful at work but is falling short in her love life.  She has a profile on the First Impressions dating site but has failed to find the right guy.  Her friend, Kim, believes she needs to use her picture on the profile instead of her dog.  Imani refuses to change her picture.  Plus, she connected with Scorpion Kiss on the site.  However, they have yet to meet face to face.  Vernon is an aspiring novelist who lost his job months ago.  He lives in a small studio apartment and borrows anything he can from his friend Jay.  Jay tells Vernon to focus on his money and stop living in denial.  Jay believes Vernon is in the 2nd phase of the 5 phases of poverty.   Then, Vernon gets a notification on his computer.  He has a new message on the First Impressions website.  However, he must pay 19.95 to reactivate his account.  After going through is budget, he pays the fee.  He starts rekindling his online romance with Tropical Storm.  Later, Kim calls Vernon.  Although they dated, Kim is happily married.  She is calling to offer Vernon a job as the security manager of Townsend Publishing.  While the salary is a far cry from the $100,000 he used to make, Vernon takes the job.  Later that night, Vernon goes to the club and orders water with lime in an alcohol glass.  He sees Imani walk in and offers her a seat.  The waitress asks if she wants anything.  Vernon gets nervous because the waitress assumes they are together, so it will be on his tab.  When Imani asks the waitress what Vernon is drinking, she gives a sophisticated answer.  Imani orders what he has and takes a sip.  She knows its water but doesn’t embarrass him.  Later, she gives Vernon her phone number.  As they constantly bump into each other, they are both keeping secrets.  Vernon is keeping quiet about his finances and his job.  Imani is keeping her online dating and business quiet.  When the truth comes to the surface, will their budding relationship flourish?

This movie is a strong display of compassion while dating.  It’s easy for some to write others off due to their financial status in life, but Imani allows Vernon’s charm and chivalry to win her over.  Not is potential.  Throughout the course of the movie, she doesn’t know he is an author.  On the other hand, Vernon isn’t using her for a connection to the publishing world.  Although he works as the security manager at Townsend, he doesn’t know she owns it.  He uses free and creative dates, like the museum and the park, to win her over.  Their love feels real.  While the premise is strong, a few subplots were unnecessary to move the story along.  They felt more like time-fillers than essential story points.  This is a movie to keep for a rainy day or a girls’ night in.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You need to focus on your finances – Jay

How you got me when you almost repoed everything I borrowed – Vernon

You see what you did? I told you it’s about that rat dog – Kim

Oh, so we’re 25 now and know everything – Renee

Dude, I thought I told you to bring it later – Kim

It’s a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach – Imani

Could you imagine David with writer’s block – Pastor Johnson

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Stalker in the Attic – Review

Stalker in the Attic – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


After living together for several months, Mel regrets the arrangement.  She is bored in her relationship with Ben and decides to end it.  He is a nice guy who fixes things and cares for her daughter, Brooke.  But Mel doesn’t love Ben anymore.  Since she owns the home, she asks Ben to move out.  After he leaves, she calls to check on him.  She says he has landed on his feet and found a place that feels homey.  She is happy for him and continues on with her life.  At work, she is falling for her co-worker Sam.  As they get closer, she is distracted by odd things happening in her home.  Items are being moved, a toilet set was left up, and she is hearing squirrels in her attic.  Mel doesn’t know that Ben moved into her attic and he is doing everything he can to end her relationship with Sam and drive her into his arms.

While it’s never explained why the passion between Ben and Mel died, it’s understandable that it does.  Ben didn’t do anything wrong, she just doesn’t feel for him.  You can assume she asked him to move in with the hope it would fix the relationship.  But Ben’s reaction is unbalanced.  To understand his reaction, you have to watch the first 20 minutes of the movie.  As he sits in the attic, watching her fall in love with Sam, Ben sees Sam doing everything that bothered her about him.  He finally flips out and wants revenge instead of reconciliation.  With all the build-up, the ending just falls flat.  If you want a movie about an unbalanced stalker in your home, rent The Invisible Man.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I already have a home and I never plan on leaving it – Ben

I don’t wanna just get along – Mel

Its fine mom, really I’m over it – Brooke

I didn’t even see you, and I don’t miss much – Carl

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A Question of Faith – Review

A Question of Faith – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


The Newman family is headed by Pastor David Newman and his wife Theresa.  They have two sons, Junior and Eric.  Theresa believes David is ignoring his fatherly duties by putting the church renovations in front of his family.  Once the city council approves the renovations, he promises to spend more time with the family.  During a meeting, the council representative Lisa can see David is preoccupied and impatient.  He is running late picking up Eric for his big basketball game.  After a few missed calls, Eric decides to walk.  The Danielson family is headed by John and his wife Mary.  John and Mary love to hear their daughter Michelle sing.  He makes sure she practices because she has an audition for a record company tomorrow.  John is banking on this contract because he is in financial trouble.  He will lose his construction company and home by the end of the month if he can’t find work.  The problem is his attitude, he is a good contractor but no one wants to hire him.  During Michelle’s audition, she gets sick and falls to the ground.  Michelle has a congenital heart defect.  If she doesn’t get a new heart, she will die.  The Hernandez family is headed by restauranteur Kate.  Her daughter Maria makes the restaurant’s deliveries.  Maria has her goals set on colleges that are expensive and far away.  Kate wants Maria to go, but she wants her to stay local so she can continue to help with deliveries.  Kate just has one issue, Maria constantly checks her phone while she’s driving.  The Newmans’, the Danielsones’, and the Hernandezes’ lives will collide in more ways than one.  All three families will be tested on a path of prayer, forgiveness, and most of all, faith.

Get ready to cry, have an internal struggle, and feel blessed within 2 hours.  This movie intertwines these families beautifully.  You will wonder how you would feel if you were in each parents’ shoes.  Could you forgive someone who killed your child? Could you pray for the death of someone to save your child? Could you stand by your child in the worst circumstance? In each situation, would your family succumb to the pain and lose faith? By the end, you will be inspired to Take the Pledge and Become an Organ Donor to #Save1000.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I could use a little understanding – David

I was just parking mom. Not that big of a deal – Maria

I don’t want your promises, I want a second opinion – John

Is it wrong to pray for a new heart – Mary

How could you let this happen – Theresa

My bible’s getting jealous – Cecil

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In-Lawfully Yours – Review

In-Lawfully Yours – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Jess barges into a hotel room to find her husband, Charles, with another woman.  She is irate.  She has been trying to call him all day because his father was admitted into the hospital after a head injury.  His father is in a coma and being moved to Richmond hospital.  Charles and Jess head to the hospital but he tries to convince her to stay in their marriage.  His parents are firmly against divorce.  She is not changing her mind about ending the marriage but she will keep the divorce quiet.  Three months, Charles and Jess are headed to his father’s funeral.  The divorce is final but they still haven’t told his mother, Naomi.  At the burial site, Jess sees Naomi arguing with a man.  Charles tells her he is an insurance agent and Jess sees red.  She charges at him and gives him what fore.  He starts to back away and falls into an open grave.  Jess walks back over to the coffin.  The insurance agent walks over and introduces himself as Pastor Ben, Naomi’s pastor and son-in-law.  Instantly, Jess is embarrassed.  Ben, Jess, and Charles head to Naomi’s home.  The plan is for Naomi to pack up in 2 weeks and move to New York with Jess and Charles.  With Naomi expecting to move in with the couple, Jess wants to tell Naomi the truth.  Charles wants to wait so Jess can help Naomi pack while he heads back to New York.  Jess complies.  To ensure the move happens, Charles asks Daphne, a waitress at a local diner, to make Jess feel unwelcome.  And he implies Jess cheated on him.  When Ben sees Jess, he tells Jess that Naomi isn’t ready to move and she should stay in Bethel Cove with her friends and church.  Jess decides to get involved in church life to help Naomi move.  And Jess’s involvement will spark a new life for Ben, the church, and herself.

With all Jess’s church faux pas, you will be laughing out loud while your mouth is gaping in shock.  It’s guaranteed you will be talking to the screen like a horror movie.  The moment she stands up to ask a question during the middle of a sermon, you know its all downhill from there.  That’s not the only surprise this movie has to offer.  When you learn Charles’s real motives for wanting his mother out, you will be disgusted and annoyed.  But don’t worry Daphne’s coffee skills and the “man fight” will definitely get you laughing again.  This is a movie to save on the DVR and watch with the whole family.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You’re sorry. I’m his wife – Jess

He’s been working so hard on the house, this coma probably saved him from a heart attack – Naomi

You’re gonna stay here with my parents – Charles

Life after death insurance. I’m a pastor, I help people get in heaven. It’s not as funny as when I explain it – Ben

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Fashionably Yours – Review

Fashionably Yours – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lauren has worked in Seattle for 3 years, hoping to get an editorial job with Seamless magazine.   Currently, she is the best fashion librarian in the magazine’s history.  Lauren prepares to discuss a promotion with her boss.  But first, she has to eat her good luck cookie.  She goes into the break room and sees Rob cleaning her cookie crumbs off his shirt.  She tells him the models have their own kitchen and he has doomed her meeting.  Rob is confused by the good luck cookie but apologized and wishes her the best in her meeting.  Lauren sits with her boss and lays it all on the line.  Her boss tells Lauren the magazine is going digital and restructuring.  However, they are willing to offer Lauren a 5% increase.  Lauren can see the writing on the wall so she decides it’s time to leave Seattle and create a new plan in New York.  Before she walks out, her boss stops Lauren and hands her a card.  It’s for a moving company.  She calls the number and meets with the owner.  The owner is Rob, the guy she assumed was a model.  They laugh at the mistake and then discuss the move.  Lauren wants to be packed up and moved in 2 weeks.  Rob believes that’s a bit ambitious and he doesn’t like booking 2 jobs on the same day.  Lauren is very organized and thinks she can get packed up quickly.  Rob knows the more organized a person is, the longer they take to pack.  Lauren is ready for her organization skills to be put to the test.  She and Rob make a deal.  If she can get his next customer moved in 2 hours, he will schedule her job.  Lauren meets and exceeds Rob’s expectations.  And he agrees to do her move.  However, Rob learns she is leaving Seattle without giving it a fair shake.  So they make a new challenge.  If he can make her fall in love with 3 things about Seattle, she will stay.  Otherwise, he will move her for free.  As Rob helps Lauren discover the Seattle skyline, cream cheese dogs, and the Pike Street Market, love will find its way.  And she will find her niche with the help of a visual learner.

This movie will make you fall in love with Seattle too.  It’s easy to see how the beauty of your town can be ignored because you are too busy or overworked.  The writers allowed the relationship to grow at its own pace.  They weren’t going on dates, but getting to know the area.  Also, they are working together to help Rob’s Thundercats enter the traveling league with the proceeds of a silent auction.  The writer introduces a potential love interest, Brian, in the storyline.  But Hallmarkies know Brian is a non-factor in this story.  Enjoy Rob and Lauren’s love story and plan a trip if you can.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You realized you just jinxed yourself right – Rob

Apparently getting a foot in the door is hard but getting out is a whole lot easier – Lauren

You need to diversify your life portfolio – Janet

I was always three shades of red when we talked – Brian

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  1. Difficult for this movie to make you fall in love with Seattle as it is filmed entirely in Vancouver,
    BC. But go ahead and plan a trip to Seattle.


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