#65Movie – Movie Review

65 – Budget of $45 million – 1 hour and 33 minutes

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Pilot Mills, from Planet Somaris, embarks on a 2-year exploratory mission in space. Typically, his missions last six weeks, but his daughter, Nevine, is ill, and this mission pays three times his salary. During the mission, Mills wakes up to sirens blaring because debris from a meteorite hit the ship, and the aircraft goes into manual mode. Mills crash lands on an unknown planet and assesses the damage. Everyone in cryosleep died, and several escape pods got damaged except for 2, which are missing. At first, Mills considers sending a distress signal but deletes the message. He sends a message, telling them not to come. He decides to end his life but thinks about Nevine. Then, his detection device picks up a distress beacon from a cryopod. He finds a young girl, Koa, alive inside the pod, but it’s failing. He breaks it open, pulls her out, and puts her on this back. He walks Koa to his aircraft and notices a massively large footprint. He sees a reflection of light in the distance. His device says it’s one of the missing escape pods, and the pod is 15 kilometers away. Mills wants to take Koa to the escape pod and coordinate a rendezvous point for a rescue crew to find him. Mills doesn’t know that the unknown planet is Earth – 65 million years ago.

Mills is a man facing an unfathomable situation. He is on a planet he doesn’t know, with a kid who speaks a different language, and dinosaurs surround him. You fear for them as they go through the dense woods, but the script is light-hearted because Koa playfully teases Mills along the way. However, this script relies so much on the action because Mills and Koa struggle to communicate. They deal with tar pits, quicksand, cave-ins, and a dislocated shoulder. The plot doesn’t have unnecessary love stories, drama, or altruistic speeches. It’s 15 minutes of setup followed by action. The director made a risky choice to display a portion of a fight scene between Mills and a dinosaur on the handheld device. Viewers got a 3D pixelated fight that amps the suspense. The plot reveals two other secrets: Mills’s reason for wanting to end his life and a ticking clock. You may not want to buy this movie, but it’s worth the price of admission and a few jump scares.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars 

Good job – Mills

S**t – Koa

I got it. How does it sound? I love you – Nevine

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