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Beware of Mom – Review

Beware of Mom – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


After the police catch her daughter, Kylie, at a college party, Tonya grounds her for two weeks and tells her to stay away from her friends.  Kylie doesn’t understand why her mom is so mad because she wasn’t drinking.  However, Kylie follows the rules.  The next day, Tonya sees the new neighbors moving in and politely suggests Kylie helps them.  The new neighbors are Anna and her daughter Jessie.  Nine months ago, Jessie lost her sister and dad in a house explosion, so they moved to get a new start.  Kylie understands loss because her dad died in Afghanistan.  Kylie offers Jess a shoulder to cry on in the future. Also, Kylie discovers Anna is an influencer.  She hangs with rock stars, gets free clothes, and posts pictures multiple times a day.  Kylie is in awe of Jessie’s mom.  After several attempts to invite Kylie to their home for dinner, Anna approaches Tonya and asks to keep an eye on her while Tonya works. Tonya likes the idea and says yes.  So, Tonya is dismayed when she comes home early and sees a party at Anna’s house and Kylie’s attire.  Kylie sneaks over to see Jessie again, and Anna allows them to try on free swag. She takes pictures of the girls and posts them online.  When Carter, a musician, retweets Kylie’s photo, Anna offers her a chance for a private meet and greet.  When pictures of the meet-and-greet go viral, Tonya visits Carter.  She warns Carter that Kylie is underage, and he must stay away.  Kylie is furious and wishes her mom was more like Anna.  This change of heart brings pure, unadulterated joy to Anna.  She wants Kylie to be her new daughter.  No matter the cost.

Talk about child abuse.  Jessie deserves your full and unbridled sympathy.  She is manipulated, controlled, and demeaned by Anna to indulge Anna’s sick desires.  In the end, Jessie is astute enough to understand she has control over her actions and takes blame for her role.  It’s Jessie that becomes an adult during this ordeal.  While she is saving Kylie, Jessie is saving herself too.  This movie has the Lifetime plotline you love, but it gives you a fresh dynamic on the mother-daughter relationship.  Beware of Mom is a fun watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s for the gram – Anna

You really wore this guy out – Kylie

Pretty isn’t the word I would use – Tonya

Sometimes, my mom can push things really hard.  But she likes you – Jessie

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Win, Lose, or Love – Review

Win, Lose, or Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Clara is a hard-working, divorced, dedicated mom of one.  She is very organized and works for the Parent’s Group at her son’s, Oliver, school.  Clara steers him towards activities like chess club and drama club to keep him from getting hurt.  However, she sees he visit websites about asking parents to play sports.  Alex is a hard-working, widowed, disorganized, dad of one.  His daughter, Emma, loves to play soccer but misses her mom.  Years ago, Alex, his wife, and his friend started an advertising business.  Since she died, he works day and night to keep the business running.  He pitches an idea to Hal of Hal’s Sporting Goods.  The idea is to have Hal change his target audience.  Since most consumers are moms, Hal should focus on gaining their trust.  Hal doesn’t like the campaign and starts to walk out, then Alex gets a better idea.  He can shoot his next commercial at his daughter’s school’s Sports Day.  And it would look better if Hal donated $5,000 in equipment to the sports program.  Hal jumps at the repackaged idea.  Alex attends the next Parent Group meeting to tell them about the idea.  While some parents like the idea, Clara is quick to rebuke.  She believes that sports get enough money, so the money should go to other activities.  Also, Sports Day should change to include all school activities.  They are electing a new president tonight, so Margaret decides not to vote on the matter.  Nancy nominates Clara. Margaret warns Alex if Clara becomes president, he can kiss Sports Day goodbye, along with Hal, Hal’s campaign, and his business.  Alex stands up and nominates himself.  The Parents Group takes a vote, and the tally is tied.  Alex and Clara will be co-presidents until the next meeting, where they will vote again. The next meeting is the day before Sports Day.  Clara plans to weigh Alex down with rules and structure to make him leave, and Alex plans on chaos and fun until he can walk out on his terms.  Alex never wanted to be president; he wanted to keep his business.  While Alex and Clara butt heads, they will learn about their children, themselves, and find love.

Talk about competition.  As Alex says, for someone who doesn’t like sports, Clara truly is competitive.  While the plot doesn’t give you Clara’s underlying sports’ issues, you see her concern for her son.  When discussing the children, the movie is quick to point out Alex’s faults along with Clara.  Worrying about keeping his wife’s legacy alive, he neglects his daughter’s mourning.  Oliver focuses on soccer with Alex, giving Emma a chance to focus on drama and poetry with Clara.  When they see each other’s children, they understand another point of view.  It’s heartfelt moments like these, that will bring you into the story.  And the conclusion will leave a smile on your face.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I know you’re stressed but try not to eat our profits – Nancy

Just because your son isn’t good at sports, doesn’t mean you have to punish the rest of the kids – Margaret

Here comes the bribe. Well done, son.  Well done – Hal

I’m sorry.  What other program? – Alex

You don’t understand that winning isn’t the most important thing – Clara

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Love on Harbor Island – Review

Love on Harbor Island – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lily plans on spending her birthday in downtown Seattle until her cousin Christy calls with bad news.  Christy’s mother, Maggie, injured herself and needs help taking care of the inn. Lily drops everything to assist Maggie.  She catches a flight to Harbor Island on a private plane flown by Marcus.  After she disembarks the plane, she gives Marcus a few choice words about his flying skills and heads to Maggie’s Inn.  Upon arrival, Christy admits Maggie doesn’t know Lily is there.  Maggie’s pride would have held her back from asking for help.  Lily takes a deep breath and goes along with the surprise.  She plans to stay until Maggie is feeling better.  Maggie has some troubling news.  The inn is too much for her to take care of, so she isn’t making enough money.  Maggie has decided to sell.  Lily calls her boyfriend, Bradford, and tells him she is extending her vacation.  Lily will stay until the inn sells.  Lily sees Marcus repairing the fence while assessing the needed repairs.  She comes up with an idea.  Marcus runs the Pilots for Pups program, but he has more dogs than beds.  She suggests Marcus should use social media and create a website, but Marcus is not a fan of technology.  She offers to create the site if he helps with the inn’s repairs.  Everything is going according to plan, and the inn has caught Bradford’s attention.  Lily, who is falling for Marcus, gets a surprise visit from Bradford, then everything goes amock.  Who will have Lily’s heart and her aunt’s inn?

Starting with a funny aunt, loving cousin, and cute dog, this movie gets your attention.  However, when it falls into the typical cliches, you will feel your mind start to drift.  But, the plot grabs your attention when Bradford’s business partner throws them for a loop.  While the setup and conclusion are intriguing, the story arc falls flat.  You will become preoccupied between the 30-minute mark and 1 hour and 30-minute mark.  Everything else is perfection. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Yeah, I don’t think pilots should joke about flying – Lily

It’s time for a change – Maggie

Don’t work too hard, city girl – Marcus

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