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#KillerEnding, #DeadlyMatrimony, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Killer Ending – Review

Killer Ending – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Killer Ending

Agatha has survived an abusive husband to become a semi-famous mystery writer.  As she writes her latest novel, she drops her daughter off at college, gets an assistant, and threatens her manager.  When Agatha can’t get in touch with her daughter Sarah for a few days, her assistant Caroline takes matters into her own hands.  Caroline goes to Sarah’s dorm room to find broken glass, an upside down heart on the wall, and Sarah’s ex Jack strung up.  She calls Agatha to report her findings and Agatha is floored.  The crime scene is just like the one in her manuscript, her unpublished manuscript.  She realizes someone has hacked into her computer and following her unpublished book in real time with her daughter as the victim.  Agatha tries to use this knowledge to ensure her daughter safety by typing in lines about feeding the victim.  But when someone else starts typing, Agatha and possibly Sarah are lost.

“Just call the cops” is a phrase you will be screaming from the beginning.  Or “write he will return you daughter home alive” is something else you may say.  But give this movie a chance.  It has a lot of Red Herring and not-so-dumb cops.  However, as the mystery of her daughter starts up, the mystery of her husband death starts to turn its ugly head.  This will leave you truly questioning everything going on in the movie.  That is the true mystery.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, you’ve come a long way since then – Agatha

I guess I disagreed with the agreement – Jack

Are you flirting with me – Caroline

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Deadly Matrimony – Review

Deadly Matrimony – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Deadly Matrimony

Sara is a smart, funny lawyer who is doing something that makes everyone who knows her uncomfortable.  She is marrying Leo.  While he is very charming, Sara’s loved ones can’t get past the fact she has only known him for three months.  But she is happy, so they keep their peace.  After getting married, she hears a woman crying in the bathroom during the reception.  She thinks is strange but brushes it off.  A few days later, she checks her bank account and discovers all her money is gone and Leo has bought a plane ticket.  She believes she has been hacked but some believe Leo did it.  While she dreams of Leo’s dangerous side, she tries to keep her faith in her marriage.  That is until Melinda comes knocking at her door. Melinda knows Leo as Sam: her husband.  The man that took all her money and left her with nothing.  Melinda wants Sara to join forces with her and take Leo/Sam down.  But will Sara believe her?

Be prepared to yell at the TV.  While watching the story unravel, don’t get furious with the lead character.  She is just stuck in love.  Even with every sign pointing to Leo being a crook, she keeps hoping there’s an explanation.  Sara makes all the typical Lifetime mistakes when getting married (short engagement, ignoring friends warnings, ignoring spouse’s flaws).  But she will become stronger and see Leo for who he truly is.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, that was easier than I thought – Sara

You know I really thought I wouldn’t have any trouble this time – Leo

I was emotional. What can I say – Melinda

Your husband – Cindy

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Royally Ever After – Review

Royally Ever After – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Daniel is ready to ask Sara to be his wife.  He knows he truly loves her and she him.  But there is one thing he didn’t tell her.  He is the crowned Prince of St. Ives, next in line for the throne.  Even though he got Burt and Marie’s, Sara’s parents, permission, he still needs to get the Queen and King to accept her and his engagement.  Once Sara learns Daniel’s true identity, her laughter leads to shock and awe.  The moment Sara lands in St. Ives, she makes a string of faux pas.  Sara believes that manners are keeping her from the Queen’s acceptance.  But when she learns how much Daniel will give up for marrying a commoner, can she go through with the wedding?

This is one of those most unintentionally funny film Hallmark has to offer.  It is funny without making fun of Sara and her family’s commoner ways.  They are just being nice and welcoming in a frosty situation.  It’s so easy to believe this is a true love story.  The lead couple is amazingly connected and feed off of each other.  This is one to watch.  So get your tea warm, your DVR ready, and 2 hours of quiet to yourself.  Enjoy.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

They pay you for that – Prince Daniel

You and your American expressions – Sara

He’s in love. He’s not thinking. In that state who knows what he might do – Fiona

Is our luggage safe with them? I mean, I brought my good jewelry – Marie

Imagine living in a place where you don’t know how many bathrooms your have – Burt

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#KillerMom, #TheStalkerClub, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Killer Mom – Review

Killer Mom – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Killer Mom

Jessica is having a hard time. Her husband was just arrested for investment fraud, she lost her home and possessions, and she moved into her friend’s parent’s home. Her friend Simone made a statement that got her wheels turning. “At least we don’t have kids to work about”. Jessica had a daughter that she gave up for adoption and her biological father Cameron has millions. When it’s reported that Cameron (a widower) died in a plane crash, leaving his 2 daughters alone with an inheritance, she goes to see her daughter Alison. After losing both of her parents, Alison is quick to invite Jessica into their home. But her big sister Sydni doesn’t trust Jessica. Sydni ignores her instinct for her sister’s happiness. But when their “Uncle” Aaron is caught with child porn, their housekeeper’s mother is attacked, and drugs are found in Sydni’s car, Sydni knows Jessica is behind it all. But its what they don’t know that will surprise them all.

This movie is a guilty pleasure with twists and turns for Jessica, Alison, and Sydni. Within the first 5 minutes, your jaw will hit the floor with one bang. In 20 minutes, you will be sipping tea on all the family secrets. Jessica’s character is maniacally delicious. As she manipulates everyone in her path, you will countdown to who will fall next. Also, don’t be fooled by Sydni. She may come off as a typical Lifetime spoiled brat, but that works in her favor. While it’s not the ending you expect, it’s definitely satisfying. Be sure to watch this with snacks, tea, and time to give it your full attention.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Because I want to know the truth. How much trouble are we in – Jessica

Ce can talk about this later. But in meantime, we have guest – Robert

At least we don’t have kids to work about – Simone

People don’t change. They get older – Aaron

Thanks dad – Sydney

You are my loose end – Cole

I may have lost a lot, but I have a lot too – Alison

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The Stalker Club – Review

The Stalker Club – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Stalker Club

Ashley left her friend Meredith behind for her new boyfriend Darren and his friends (Chloe, Sadie, Mark). Even though she hangs out with the group, she is still treated like an outsider. But during lunch, they discuss a text they all got asking them to join “The Stalker Club”. No one clicked the link before, so they all decide to join together. The game rules are:

  1. Draw a piece of paper from the hat. All but one will be marked a victim. The other is stalker
  2. If you get “stalker”, you have to stalk the others
  3. Stalkers are allowed to throw people off their scent
  4. If you unmask the stalker and you are wrong, you are out
  5. If you unmask the stalker and you are right, you win
  6. As soon as you join, you can’t tell anyone about “Stalker Club”

The club seems like a good idea, but Ashley is quickly scared by a mask, banging on the door, and text messages. She wants out but her friends think she is just being a wimp. So they start to work together to figure out who is the stalker. However, when the game goes too far and players are dying, Ashley (threaten by the group) still keeps the secret. What will it take for the group to ask for help? And who is the killer/stalker?

If you think you know who is the stalker, then you are most likely wrong. It doesn’t take too long for the body count to increase and accusation to fly among the group. As you get to know each group member, you learn they are all dealing with different issues (cutting, alcoholism, illness, criminal records). This is a fun watch for suspense lover but not horror. This is a Lifetime movie, so they can only have so much gore. And just when you think you figured out the stalker/killer, they will be killed. So don’t get attached. So DVR and watch in the daytime with the door locked. And yes, it looks like there will be a part two.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I have a note from my doctor that says I can’t do this – Sadie

I think we should do it, join stalker club – Chloe

It’s better. We’re not going to be playing a game, we are going to be living it – Mark

It’s just a stupid game. And I gonna win – Ashley

You know, we were best friends – Meredith

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Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate – Review

Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate

Hailey is trying a fresh start with her new beau when she is pushed into her past. Jonas unknowingly takes her pass the alley that changed her life. In that alley, her boyfriend William was murdered. Now her nightmares have restarted and she is trying to forget that night again. Because of this pain, Hailey is the best person to help her friend Pam. Pam’s parents recently died in a car crash and she has worked up the nerve to sell their worldly possession. While talking in a bar with Hailey and Fincher, Pam gets scared and leaves. Once Hailey talks to Pam, she reveals that she may have seen the man that stalked her. Fincher chases after the guy but loses him. Hailey calms down Pam and they leave. Later, Hailey meets Pam at her parent’s home while the auctioneer and realtor look through it. Pam reveals that she is dating Ryan, the realtor, and wants Hailey to get to know him. While at dinner, Ryan reveals that he bought them tickets to Aruba. But since they have only dated for one month, Hailey fears it’s too soon for Pam to go on a trip. However, Pam feels she needs this trip to escape her pain and decides to go. The next morning people are worried because they haven’t heard from Pam. Hailey goes to her home to find Ryan holding a note. Pam says she just can’t do it and that she left town. Hailey is a little concern until she gets a call from Pam. She knows Pam is in trouble and believes she has been kidnapped, can she convince the police to help? Why was she a target? Who has her?

Based on characters by Nancy Grace, Hailey provide enough mystery and intrigue to keep you watching. The one liners of Doris will leave you laughing and amazed at her audacity. The nosey, not nosey, Sarah, will remind you of the gossiping auntie we all have. You must pay attention to understand the full story and there are 2 twist fans will not see coming. With a hit and run, poisoning, and a stalker, this mystery has everything. This is one to watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Where you to married in a previous life – Pam

Forgive me when I say, with love, I don’t believe you – Fincher

Define ok. Her parents died in a car crash 2 months ago and now this – Hailey

Well not yet anyway – Sabrina

Yeah I am sure that’s written into the Georgia penal code – Jonas

Please tell them I wouldn’t harm her – Lance

Yes and we also have to handle you – Danny

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The Psycho She Met Online – Review

The Psycho She Met Online – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Psycho She Met Online

After Karen’s husband Andrew has an accident, she looks through their finances. With Andrew unable to work, their house underwater, and maxed out credit cards, Karen knows her EMT job won’t cut it. She must find a way to make another income. Her friend Aubrey shows her that she can make $7500 a month by renting rooms in her home to vacationers looking to skip hotels. She is skeptical, but when she sees landlord reviews along with an easy payment system, she posts her rooms online. Within 24 hours, she has several renters. She weaves through the renters and her first selection is Miranda. Miranda is in town on business and wants to rent for a week. But that’s only what Miranda tells Karen. Miranda has been stalking Karen and Andrew online for months and uses this opportunity to get closer to them. Soon, she is placing hidden cameras, canceling other guest rental agreements, and stopping anyone who may come between her and the family.

This thrill ride is delicious. Especially if you like rooting for the psycho with an amazing wardrobe. In Lifetime movies, it seems to be standard that the best dress person is the craziest person. The difference in this movie is Karen’s response to finding out the truth about Miranda. She doesn’t give Miranda the benefit of the doubt, she just kicks her out. This is what you scream for in other movies. “She’s nuts, why do you keep forgiving her!!!” Not Karen. Her friend Aubrey is quick to see the crazy in Miranda as well. Having protagonist that are not idiots is great. Lifetime struck silver with this movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

There you are. I finally found you – Miranda

Please give me good guest, soon – Karen

That you are. That you are – Andrew

No Karen needs to know what kind of liar you are – Aubrey

I don’t believe this. Ok, I’ll try – Tyler

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Moonlight In Vermont – Review

Moonlight In Vermont – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Moonlight In Vermont

Fiona loves the fast paced life of New York and her job in real estate. She’s juggling everything when her boyfriend Nate decides he has had enough and dumps her. Seeing Fiona is still hung up on her ex, her friend Angela tells her that they should take a vacation. Angela believes the best place to go is Fiona’s father’s B&B in Vermont. Even though she has issues with her dad, Fiona decides she needs to get away from lovestruck New Yorkers. Once in Vermont, Fiona still can’t slow down, which irritates everyone, including the new chef Derek. Derek thinks Fiona is a New York princess and she thinks he is a Vermont lumberjack. She tries to steer clear of the tightly wound chef and attends the Maple Fair with Angela. While at the fair, Fiona sees Derek cooking and Nate … with his new girlfriend Hailey. She is floored by Nate presence and quickly lies. She tells Nate that she is there with her boyfriend Derek. Derek doesn’t want to go with the lie but when Fiona offers her real estate skills to get him a coveted piece of land, he agrees. Derek and Fiona spend time together to keep up the ruse but will being fake make love real.

With the Moonlight in Vermont by Frank Sinatra playing it the background, this love story is typical. Two people can’t stand each other, have to deal with each other for a lie, make a deal, and fall in love. For Hallmark, this is the same story with a different location and a different fair. There is no real surprise in this movie. Even when Fiona and her father talk out their differences, it’s the same old song and dance. The story is not interesting, but the actors did a great job. This rating was only saved by the acting. DVR this movie and watch when you need background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

We are a great couple when we see each, but I am not dating your schedule – Nate

Men are like melons, it’s tough to pick a good one – Angela

Ok. Just think about it, but not for too long – Irwin

We left the big apple and ended up in Mayberry – Fiona

You and father are going to leave this tiff behind you – Delia

The world can’t survive a day without your input – Derek

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