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Killer Under the Bed – Review

Killer Under the Bed – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Killer Under the Bed

Kilee has moved into a new home and new school while mourning the loss of her father.  Her sister Chrissy believes she should just move on and her mother wants the girls to get along.  While unpacking, Kilee goes into the shed and finds a creepy doll hanging with 6 pins stuck in its face.  She decides to keep the doll after finding out it is a voodoo doll.  On her first day of school, Kilee is paired with Tina as a school ambassador.  Annoyed, Kilee walks around with Tina and believes she is nice until Tina blackmails her.  Tina wants to be paid a $100 endorsement fee not to spread rumors about Kilee and she will give Kilee 24 hours to get the money.  When Kilee gets home, she and her sister have a big blow up about their dad’s death.  So Kilee grabbed the doll and her sister’s ribbon and stabs it with a pin.  The next morning Chrissy’s knee hurt.  Kilee believes that the doll worked and will use it to control everyone.  But when Kilee is ungrateful, the doll will make her pay.

This movie is a mix of Child’s Play and The Craft (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You know that each of Kilee’s wishes will turn on her eventually, you just don’t know how bad.  And with any good horror movie, any attempts to kill the doll only make it madder.  The standout difference is this doll can possess the people it harmed.  So Kilee actions come back in horrific waves to hurt her and her family.  Horror junkies will not jump at this movie but Lifetimers will talk to the screen.  This is a great one for the season.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Wow, that’s some dress. Bold choice on your first day – Dr. Ryder

Thank you, thank you very much. Something I can count on – Kilee

It’s not always the doll. He’s just a creep – Chrissy

You need to stop ignoring me – Mr. MaCabe

Leave it to the stronger women asshole – Sarah

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Left for Dead – Review

Left for Dead – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Left for Dead

Leah wakes up with no memory of who she is but she has a bad feeling she forgot something.  That’s when an officer lets Leah know what happened.   The officer found Leah inside of a burning, stolen, crashed car with a bag full of money, and smelling of alcohol.  She pulled Leah and the money out before the car blew up.  Leah is not being charged for a DUI because she didn’t have alcohol in her system but she is being charged with grand theft auto.  Rick is hired as her public defender and he decides to take her back to the scene of the crime to see if she can remember something.  At the crime scene, she sees a doll and knows what she forgot: her daughter.  Her daughter Sammi is missing and she panics.  Later the cops find out Leah was arrested for protesting and was involved in a fatal car crash.  At that moment, Leah’s husband Dean appears at the police station.  He said that Leah was suicidal after their daughter died in a car crash.  He wants to get her home and get Leah help.  Leah believes her daughter is alive and tells Rick to keep looking.  This search will lead to 2 car thieves, the FBI, and 2 stories of betrayal.

This wild ride will have you entertained for the entire 2 hours.  Leah trusts her first instincts all the time and will not back down.  Deep in the pit of her stomach, she knows Dean is hiding the truth.  She just doesn’t know why.  She has to convince Rick and the officer of the same thing.  But while this is going on, you have the subplot of Danielle and Justin.  Two thieves who constantly put a wrench in Dean and Leah’s plans.  It’s hard to tell if they love each other or formed a relationship of mutual destruction.  However, its a crucial decision between the two that will lead to the biggest nail-biting moment in this movie.  So watch this only if you can invest the whole two hours.  Because once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

How dare you? After all, I’ve done for you – Danielle

Bro, chill. You’re gonna draw the wrong kind of attention – Justin

I remember I have a daughter. Someone took her. Can you please help me – Leah

I’m a Boy Scout – Rick

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Darrow and Darrow: Body of Evidence – Review

Darrow and Darrow: Body of Evidence – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Darrow and Darrow: Body of Evidence

Miles and Claire sit for lunch to discuss Miles’s future as an attorney.  Then, Officer Roy approaches the table to speak to Miles.  Roy feels that Laura Graham was wrongfully convicted of her husband Tom’s murder.  He just has a gut feeling she didn’t do it.  Miles points out that Tom’s blood was found on Laura’s boots and coat.  Also, she had the ransom call phone in her pocket.  And to make matters worse, a man at the dock saw them arguing before they got on a boat and sailed off just hours before Tom was murdered.  While no body was ever found, it was believed Laura threw Tom overboard and sailed back to shore.  That’s when Roy gives Miles his resignation letter.  He refuses to be on the force if she is in jail.  Miles takes the letter and puts in his pocket.  He won’t file it until the investigation is done.  Roy agrees to stay if a thorough investigation is done.  Claire and Miles decide to visit Laura in prison.  After one conversation and a cream cheese stain, Miles thinks she is guilty and Claire thinks she is innocent.  The truth will lead them to an auction, a baseball bat, and one really good butt whopping.

You don’t have any idea of where this story will take you.  That’s why it’s excellent.  The misdirections are done flawlessly, characters are properly introduced, and each scene only gives you a hint of the truth.  There is no foreshadowing.  You go on this entire mysterious adventure and you still have no clue until the last 5 minutes.  This episode is a modern-day Madlock.  You will need to watch twice to keep up.  This is how mysteries are supposed to be presented.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You know what this could use? Gluten with maybe just a spec of cow – Joe

I struck another nerve, didn’t I? Way to go Zoe – Zoe

You know, I love a good windmill – Claire

A solid 6 -miles

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Terror in the Woods – Review

Terror in the Woods – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Terror in the Woods

Rachel sits alone at night and watches online videos about the Suzerain.  She believes it has to be real based on “first hand” accounts.  The Suzerain is a monster that lures children to the woods to kill them.  The next morning, Rachel is apprehensive about going to middle school because kids who teased her before will be there again.  She has a right to be concerned because the bullying starts before she gets on the bus.  Kaitlyn sees this and sits next to her.  While Rachel’s connection is instant, she doesn’t feel that it was reciprocated.  However, Kaitlyn introduces Rachel to Emily.  Emily loves fairies, sprinkles, and unicorns.  Rachel is annoyed by Emily and tells Rachel about the Suzerain.  This story exacerbates Kaitlyn’s condition.  Kaitlyn has been seeing and hearing things for months.  Her parents believe she has an overactive imagination because a therapist told them she is too young to have her father’s mental illness.  But the therapist is wrong.  These two girls feel the Suzerain is after them and will kill their families.  So, to appease him they need a blood sacrifice and Emily will pay it.

Based on the Slender Man attack, this movie doesn’t point the finger at the media (like most would).  It shows mental illness and toxic relationships as the driving forces.  There are several moments in this movie were the girls change their mind and consider other options.  But they continue with a deadly and evil plan.  Now be warned this movie holds no punches when little Emily is attacked. They show each moment of attack, the sickening cries, and lots of blood.  They even show Kaitlyn and Rachel covered in blood, some concerned, and then looking for the Suzerain.  This movie is not for the faint at heart.  But it serves as a warning to parents.  When does harmless play become psychosis? If you have that question, visit the Child Mind Institute.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Just to let you know, I’m weird ask anyone – Kaitlyn

He’ll never leave either of us alone – Rachel

You guys, stop acting like the Suzerain is real. You’re scaring me – Emily

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Under the Autumn Moon – Review

Under the Autumn Moon – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Under the Autumn Moon

Alex is a director for the biggest outdoor sports retailer in the country.  She wants the recently vacated VP job but worries she won’t get it because she doesn’t like doing outdoor activities.  Her competition Ben, not only loves the outdoors but he has scouted a new facility for manufacturing.  So when their boss, wants to buy Harmony Dude Ranch for their company retreat, Alex suggests they use it for corporate training as well.  To ensure its right for them, the boss asks Alex to scout it.  In fear, she says yes.  On the ranch, Alex meets the co-owner, Taylor.  Taylor wants to sell so the bank won’t take it and she can travel the world.  However, her brother and co-owner Josh is drawing a hard line in the sand.  While a major ranch conglomerate wants to buy Harmony, Josh knows they will change it.  He hates that.  But the bank will bulldoze everything.  Alex wants to see Josh’s passion for the place, so she extends her trip to see his true love for the ranch.  She hopes to convince her boss to keep it the same.  But love for the ranch isn’t the only love she finds.

This movie has a typical Hallmark plot but it keeps you interested with a loving connection between the two actors and a great subplot of two star-crossed lovers.  As you look at the roping, horses, and food, you start to wonder if places like this exist.  And if so, when can you go?  Alex isn’t just some girly-girl who doesn’t like to get dirty, she lost her passion for the outdoors.  It’s Josh who reminds her of the girl she lost and the woman she can become.  Josh learns that his vision for the ranch isn’t wrong, it just needs to be updated to save the ranch.  And the two growing and rediscovering themselves makes this movie stand out.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’ll file it away in my special filing cabinet – Josh

Most guys just ask me for my number – Alex

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