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Santa Bootcamp – Review

Santa Bootcamp – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily gets a phone call from Ed Mancini because he needs an event planner for his Christmas Celebration. Ed is Emily’s most lucrative client to date. Emily and her mother, Olive, own a party-planning company. Emily meets with Ed, and he wants the biggest party of the century because he is paying $1000 a plate. Also, he doesn’t want a mall Santa; he wants one of the best in the country. Emily promises to pull it off in a week because he fired the previous planner.

Emily makes phone calls, but finding a fantastic Santa so close to Christmas is complex. As she walks to shops making arrangements, a flyer sticks to her shoe for the Santa Bootcamp. They promise to give top-tier training to anyone who wants to be Santa. This weeklong course prepares anyone willing to pay the tuition. Emily thinks this is the best place to find her Santa.

Emily walks to the steps of the bootcamp and runs into their chef, Aiden. They argue over pepper, and he leaves to prep. Emily sees Patti and asks to speak to the proprietor. Belle approaches, and Emily dismisses Belle as a sweet old lady. Until Emily sees Belle’s face on a bus for the bootcamp. Belle offers to give Emily a list of recommendations, but Emily must enroll in the bootcamp to get them. If Emily doesn’t give 100%, then Belle will give Emily nothing.

During their first class, the students get to know each other. Belle calls Emily, and Emily expresses her childhood wish to have a white Christmas. Soon, Belle calls Aiden on stage. After his confession, Belle gives Aiden a scholarship and has him join this year’s bootcamp. Emily and Aiden decide to work together to increase Emily’s chances of passing and getting Belle’s client list for the Christmas Celebration.

This movie has an adorable concept, but the plot doesn’t hold your attention until Emily does sign language. The words are on the screen, so you have to pay attention. For the editors, yellow words on a white background are not a good choice. Please outline the letters in black or have a darker color. This film will help parents answer difficult questions about Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves. While it’s not a standout, this movie is a caring watch to a predictable end, with a bit of Christmas magic thrown into the mix.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Let there be Christmas – Belle

I don’t understand my character – Emily 

And risk detention. No way – Aiden

The worst words for any parent on Christmas morning: batteries not included – Chris

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The Holiday Swap – Review

The Holiday Swap – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ally decides to spend some time with her friend, Lara, and Lara’s husband, Derek. However, she didn’t tell Lara that she plans to leave early to spend Christmas in Florida. Ally boards the plane, but the flight attendant asks Ally to check her bag because the overhead bins are at capacity. Ally has her laptop and her work in that bag. Giving them up is equivalent to giving up her life. The attendant agrees to put the bag in the attendant’s area. During the flight, Ally wants wine, but the price point changes her mind. However, an anonymous person buys her drink, and Ally falls asleep. Ally wakes up, grabs her suitcase, and walks to the terminal. Lara picks Ally up and drives to Lara and Derek’s lodge. They want to prepare for their first guest, and to Ally’s chagrin, earlier, they decided to ask Derek’s brother, Jack, for help. Ally didn’t want to see Jack because they broke up on bad terms. Ally goes to her room to get a break and discovers the suitcase isn’t hers. It has three copies of a book by M.A. Turner and manuscripts. Ally reads the book and falls in love with the main character. She deduces that the luggage must belong to M.A. Turner and wants to return it to the author. Ally becomes determined after finding an engagement ring inside. She needs to return the bag to M.A. Turner before Christmas.

M.A. Turner boarded a plane, but their was no space for his luggage. So the attendant placed it in their holding area. During the flight, he heard a woman decline a drink because of the price, and he bought it for her but told the attendant to keep his identity secret. M.A. Turner promised his publicist, Heidi, a completed book before the New Year. The publishing company will ask M.A. to return his $100,000 advance if he doesn’t finish the book. After landing, Heidi calls and asks M.A. about his progress. M.A. opens his luggage and realizes he got the wrong one, but he lies to Heidi and says he is typing the book. Heidi said she got a call from a woman named Ally. Ally has his manuscript. Heidi is coming to M.A. to ensure M.A. gets his luggage and everything is running smoothly. M.A. protests, but Heidi arrives anyway. M.A. assures Heidi that he has a way to get the luggage because he has an inside track to the family. When M.A. and Ally are face-to-face, it will expose years of lies and feelings.

This movie is the definition of a slow burn as the first 45 minutes track Ally and her suitcase. The plot slowly unveils what’s inside while Ally help Lara and Derek get ready for the Snowy Ball. Lara and Derek have issues in their relationship. However, that’s the subplot. The next 45 minutes follow M.A. and the suitcase in his possession. During M.A.’s story, the movie shows interactions with Ally. The last 30 minutes are the aftermath and conclusion of the colliding stories. Everything leading up to the final 30 minutes drags with stares into the abyss or looking deeply into someone’s eyes. Although it is entertaining in the end, viewers are likelier to give up on this film than see it through.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I need my stuff – Ally

You dug through a stranger’s stuff – Lara

It’s a little crooked, but then again, you did like the odd ones – Jack

Not cool – Derek

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Inventing the Christmas Prince – Review

Inventing the Christmas Prince – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Shelby recites the story of the Christmas Prince to her daughter’s class. The prince rules the North Pole, grants wishes for Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves, and picks a boy or girl to be king or queen every year. Then he gives that person 12 wishes leading up to Christmas. Everybody loved the story except one boy, Sherman. He tells Shelby’s daughter, Grace, that Shelby made the story up. Shelby tells Grace that she can spot the Christmas Prince by the mark on his hand left by a kiss from Rudolph. 

Shelby is a rocket scientist with a Vulcan for a boss. After a successful launch, Shelby’s boss, Evan, goes into his office with his boss, Scott. Scott says the board is concerned about Evan’s turnover rate. During their exit interviews, they labeled Evan as the problem. Scott understands that Evan doesn’t have a life, but he should grasp work-life balance for his employees. If he doesn’t do better, the board will fire him. Shelby can see inside Evan’s office and knows Evan has problems at work.

Shelby watches Evan emerge from his office the next day, and her co-worker predicts doom and gloom. Evan tells the workers to plan to be at work all day on Christmas Eve and a half day on Christmas. Shelby stands up and refuses to work. She gathers her things, tells Evan he is unreasonable and quits her job. Then, Grace comes out of the boardroom and notices the mark on Evan’s hand. She hugs him and calls him the Christmas Prince. Shelby pulls Grace away and goes home.

Grace tells Shelby that Sherman is bullying her about the prince, and she wants to prove the prince exists. Shelby sits with her friends and discusses a way to make Evan act as the Christmas Prince. They jokingly resolve on blackmail. Shelby remembers seeing him with Scott and knows Evan’s job is on the line. So she goes to Evan with a proposition. If he plays the Christmas Prince, then Shelby will stay. After some words of encouragement from his sister, Evan says yes. Can Shelby and Evan keep the ruse going with Grace’s wildly complicated Christmas Wish List?

Give this film time to grow and develop. If you stick it out, the last 10 minutes will leave you in tears. There is one moment when Shelby is 100% unaccommodating, and it’s frustrating. She wants Evan to choose between his job and her lie, which has grown throughout the generations. As members of Shelby’s family pass down the story, each person adds something to it. Shelby’s friends admit to doing the same thing with their family traditions. It places the work on them to keep up. Shelby struggles to tell Grace the truth, but viewers don’t know why until the end.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Are you crazy – Shelby

I’m sorry you find this so distressing – Evan

You mean a queen – Grace

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A Country Christmas Harmony – Review

A Country Christmas Harmony – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After her latest holiday single flops, Chrissy gets a call from her manager, Carole. Chrissy’s assistant Eugene tells Chrissy to reign in her hopeful nature and be realistic. Carole tells Chrissy that the record company wants to rebrand her Christmas concert. They will ditch her recent flop and have Chrissy debut a new single during the show. Chrissy wants to write the song, but Carole tells Chrissy to let her team handle it. Also, they are changing the location of Chrissy’s concert. It will be in her hometown of Cedar Pines. Chrissy panics because she hasn’t been to Cedar Pines in 10 years. She left to become a singer in Nashville and never looked back. Carole informs Chrissy that she has to do the concert. And if it’s not a success, the label will drop her.

On their way, Chrissy tells Eugene to look out for a handsome man with a jawline that could chop down a Christmas tree. That man, Luke, is Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend, and she left him with no warning. After nervously sipping on water, Chrissy runs into a local tavern to use the bathroom. She leaves the restroom, thanking the owner, and runs into Luke. Luke owns it with his grandmother, Pearl. After seeing them stare at each other, Pearl persuades them to go on a friendly outing.

Chrissy and Luke have a few laughs, but they get honest. He tells Chrissy that she is not authentic and doesn’t belong in Cedar Pines. The Chrissy he remembers knew every road and person. But this Hollywood version of Chrissy is fake. Chrissy apologizes for abandoning him and explains that Luke helped her write honest songs in the past. She pleads with Luke to work with her again on her new Christmas song. Luke says yes, and they start to heal their past one note at a time. But when Carole gets wind of the change, she calls Chrissy’s latest ex-boyfriend to gain control.

In all honesty, ‘Reindeer Slay’ would be a hit if they gave it to a pop princess today. But with Chrissy’s soulful past, it flops. The title is misleading because it’s a country town, not country music. So if you are expecting a Reba Christmas, this movie will disappoint. For a Lifetime film, it follows the Hallmark formula to a tee. This holiday film doesn’t require your full attention, so leave it in the background during your holiday craze.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t get your hopes up. Carol is good but what you need is a Christmas miracle – Eugene

Ok, enough of the theatrics – pearl

Not for now, for always – Chrissy 

Maybe I should have just left you out in the rain – Luke

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Sweet Navidad – Review

Sweet Navidad – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Carmen offers her favorite customers, Victor and Shirley, some pan de Mallorca. After one bite, they offer Carmen an interview for their Christmas Gala. A world-renowned food critic will be at the Gala. So it could open doors for Carmen’s baking career. Carmen tells her family. Her sister, Pilar, and grandmother, Rita, demand Carmen take the job. Carmen looks at the application online and doesn’t want to apply because applicants need a culinary degree or a certification. Pilar lies and fills out the application for Carmen. 

Carmen walks up to the Lansbury View Hotel with mantecaditos in hand. She turns around to leave and runs into Jax. Carmen decides to walk in, and the other applicants are fawning over Jax. Jax and his sous chef, Ben, won this competition before. Everyone starts to cook, but Carmen realizes she doesn’t have a chef’s coat or tools like the other applicants. She is embarrassed, but Jax informs Carmen that the kitchen has everything she needs. 

To no one’s surprise, Jax wins the executive chef position. However, Carmen gets the pastry chef job. Victor and Shirley tell Jax and Carmen that they have five days to create a holiday menu that works well together. And they only need to worry about the food because their party planner will handle the staff and decor. Jax and Carmen walk into the kitchen to plan the menu but realize they have different styles. Jax likes organization, but Carmen leads with passion. Can they create a menu before Jax learns Carmen lied about her credentials?

While the family is fun, the storyline is average for the holidays. The guava pastelitos and chutney will have viewers spending more time looking up recipes than watching the movie. Carmen’s family is warm, charming, and the life of the film. But the chemistry between the main characters visibly lacks. While viewers learn if they get the menu, they don’t get an ending on their ultimate goals if they DVR the movie. However, watching it live will put a bow on the end. This movie is watchable, but it’s not a standout for the season with so many holiday movies.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Carmen, stop selling yourself short – Pilar

Your certification is in your heritage – Rita

Don’t worry about it. It happens to the best of us – Jax

Just have fun – Carmen

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A Royal Surprise – Review

A Royal Surprise – BET Her – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Riley must break from work after getting another loan rejection for her bookstore expansion. So she goes to lunch with her boyfriend, Mandla. Mandla works diligently to get his book published, but every publishing house Mandla applied to says no. During their lunch date, they both get calls. Riley got another loan rejection, and Mandla’s parents want him to come home for their anniversary celebration in South Africa. Mandla asks Riley to go with him to meet his parents, but she worries it’s too far and too long to be away from the store. But her co-worker, Sonya, offers to look after the store while Riley is gone. Riley decides to go and enjoy time with Mandla’s family. Before they leave, Mandla goes to Riley’s office and sees the expansion plan and rejection letters. He notes the items and leaves Riley’s office with her keys.

Mandla’s sister, Nandi, and friend, Sipho, meet them at the airport. The four go to a barbeque, dance, and eat. When they approach Mandla’s parent’s home, Riley can’t ignore its massive size. Mandla never told Riley his family was wealthy. Riley meets Mandla’s parents, Chidike and Nobantu, and greets them with a smile. Chidike welcomes Riley with open arms, but Nobantu keeps her distance. They all meet for breakfast in the morning, but a newcomer, Ayanda, brings startling information. Ayanda greets Chidike and Nobanto as ‘your majesty’ and bows to them. They are royalty, and Mandla is a prince. Nobantu greets Ayanda with a smile and calls Ayanda her future daughter-in-law. Riley runs out of the room to return to the states. After a call to Sonya, Riley calms down and gives Mandla a chance to explain. He confirms his royalty status and says Nobantu chose Ayanda for him, but Ayanda isn’t the woman he wants. He wants Riley, and he will do anything to make Riley stay. Will Riley forgive Mandla, or will the crown’s responsibilities be too overwhelming?

This film falls into the classic fairytale story, but it has one thing the others are missing: a cute kid. Mandla’s nephew is a window into everyone’s soul. He breaks the ice around Nobantu’s heart and welcomes Riley into the family. With a few words, he is the glue that holds this family together. Their could be a part two, but all the storylines got a clean ending. And yes, Tell Me the Day Backwards is a real book (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

All you have to do is say yes – Mandla

Just because he’s laid-back doesn’t mean his family is – Sonya

No, we need to talk about this – Riley

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Six Degrees of Santa – Review

Six Degrees of Santa – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Danny hits the record button and signals her mother, Harper, to start. Harper tells viewers that the 3rd annual Six Degrees of Santa will begin. Viewers can order a box from her and put anything inside. Then they can give the box to someone they know or a stranger and check themselves off as the first Santa. And each new Santa passes it on. But when it gets to the 6th Santa, they can keep it. Danny doesn’t ask for money for the boxes, but she uses them to generate foot traffic for her mother’s store. Danny’s mother, Pauline, thinks Harper should charge something because shipping them can be expensive, but Harper refuses. Pauline alerts Harper that business is declining, but she hopes the holiday season will boost sales.

Harper enters Sparks Technology and feels uneasy looking at their new product: a Christmas tree delivered to your door. She thinks the tree takes the magic out of Christmas and expresses her opinions to the owner, Jason, in the elevator. He believes Harper is wrong because the focus groups love the tree. Jason goes to his offices and finds a wedding invitation for his ex-wife. He tells his assistant, Elliot, to get a gift from the registry.

Harper puts her favorite book, The Northbound Elf, into her Six Degrees box and gives it to her mailman, Leonard. After the 5th person, the box lands on Jason’s desk. The Northbound Elf was his favorite Christmas book growing up. He wants to find the first Santa and asks them why they loved the book, and Jason asks Elliot to find the box’s origin. Since the Santas are anonymous, they find Harper’s video online and track her down at Pauline’s store.

When Jason meets Harper, he remembers that Harper worked for him as an app designer. Harper quit because the daily crunch of the tech world crushed her spirit for design. Jason says he will do anything to find the original Santa. Harper explains that there is no way to track the original Santa, but she knows the truth when Jason mentions the book. Harper makes Jason agree to help the store whether or not they find the first Santa, and Jason leaves. Harper has two options. She can come clean that the book was hers. Or she can find someone to claim responsibility because Jason is another rich guy that will get bored. Harper picks option two and asks her friend, Zoe, to pretend to be the 1st Santa. Zoe can use Jason’s connections to launch her clothing company and dump him after one meeting. Zoe agrees. While Harper injects Jason into Pauline’s business, Harper has to make sure Jason doesn’t discover the truth. Can you figure out where she failed before Jason uncovers the lies?

The overall idea of a gifting chain letter is perfect for the holidays. It does require a level of trust, but it’s a believable concept. Jason is a businessman with a heart of gold and an emotional past. Harper loves the people around her but has a chip on her shoulder. Jason doesn’t do anything remarkable to win Harper over. He is himself. Seeing Jason disprove her preconceived notions makes Harper change for the better. It’s great to see a well-written co-parent relationship. Often the writers kill the other parent to make co-parenting a non-issue. However, this script proves it’s possible with two mature adults. While this movie falls into the predictable category, it’s still a comforting watch for the season.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

A rush of Christmas spirit … luck – Pauline

You gotta love how he’s pretending to do this for our well-being – Harper

No, I’m just thinking out loud – Jason

I won’t have to break up with him, will I – Zoe

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Christmas at the Golden Dragon – Review

Christmas at the Golden Dragon – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Romy calls her parents, Rick and Sue, and prepares to beg because she wants to spend the holidays with her boyfriend, Blake, and Blake’s family. Romy’s parents own a restaurant in her small midwestern town called the Golden Dragon. Romy spent her Christmases working at the restaurant for hours, but now she wants a traditional Christmas with Blake and his family. Romy anxiously calls Rick and Sue to get their blessing, and to her surprise, they are okay with the change. Romy packs up and prepares for a Christmas with gingerbread houses, caroling, and matching pajamas.

Rick and Sue gather their staff to pass on some information. They have decided to close the restaurant on Christmas Eve, pay the employees a month of wages, and offer recommendations to anyone who asks. Their son, Rick, pulls them aside because he doesn’t know a life outside the Golden Dragon. They tell Rick he will be fine, but Miguel thinks Rick should become a cook. Miguel sees Rick cook in secret and knows Rick’s food is good. Miguel delivers food to customers while applying for college loans and internships. Miguel got into an ivy league school but won’t tell his dad because his father can’t afford to pay.

Jane is one of the loyal customers of the Golden Dragon. She loves the memories she created with her late husband and daughter, Veronica. Jane wants to reclaim those moments, but Veronica only remembers the bad times. Veronica pushed everything aside to climb the corporate ladder. This CFO wishes to focus on a family, but her IVF treatments failed. She sees her subordinate, Nate, in the lobby with his two daughters. After a few abysmal attempts, he decided to take his kids to the Golden Dragon to get dinner. It’s become a staple in their diet. When they learn the Golden Dragon will close, they don’t know what to do. However, no one will be more affected than Romy when she discovers the Golden Dragon’s future.

This summary is just a few of the stories of the Golden Dragon because everyone has a unique connection. If you miss the first 5 minutes of this movie, give up because you won’t understand how they all know each other. And Blake’s family Christmas is one of the most honest on Hallmark. Romy comes in and expects what she sees on TV. However, she gets the truth. Some holidays are laid back and full of football. Each character receives a fully flushed-out storyline and equal screen time to grow. While there is a lot to track, the movie is one of the best and most well-written of the season.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

It’s sad how well you know us and oddly comforting – Nate

I think my Wi-Fi glitched – Romy

What are you going to do? This restaurant is your life – Rick

You’ve used the restaurant as a crutch for too long – Jim

I’m kidding. They’re awful. Don’t ever throw away your sneakers – Veronica 

If you’re not happy with your life, then you have to take responsibility for what’s wrong – Sadie

Yes, but only if you wear this – Miguel

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The Picture of Christmas – Review

The Picture of Christmas – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ember finished the February lookbook in time for her boss, Carol, the editor-in-chief. Ember is proud of her work; however, she admits to her co-worker, Laura, that Ember wishes the magazine would stop following the latest trends. Ember draws her designs with a pencil and paper instead of digital resources.

Ember drives to her grandmother’s property and sees a man on a ladder messing with the roof. After a near-accident, Brandon introduces himself to Ember as her grandmother’s caretaker. He looked after the house and the farm. Ember excuses his services, but Brandon stays because her grandmother paid him for the entire year. Ember informs Brandon that she plans on selling the farm and going home as soon as possible. Ember even hired Carol’s nephew, Jason, as her realtor to speed up the process.

At a town event, Ember meets Brandon’s daughter, Emily, and the two bond quickly. Emily notices Ember’s sketchpad and wants to know more about it. The sketchpad belonged to Ember’s grandmother, and they would illustrate the Christmas activities and write stories about them. Ember dreamed of creating children’s books. But she followed the money into graphic design. Later, Brandon sits Emily down for a talk. He tells Emily that Ember wants to sell the property, and Emily wonders where they will live. Brandon decides to purchase the property but needs time to go to the bank and secure the loan. Ember agrees to hold off as long as she can, but if the right offer comes along, she will tell Jason to take it. Until then, she will connect with Emily and regain her passion.

Three cheers for the cute kid because Emily’s loving spirit, clever matchmaking skills, and sweet disposition make her stand out in this movie. This young and gifted actress steals every scene while making the audience fall in love. The rest of the movie falls flat after the audience meets Emily. Otherwise, this film would be the typical holiday cinema.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Then you’re barking up the wrong ladder – Brandon

I’m always right – Megan

Why would you sneak up on me like that – Ember

That would be me – Laura

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Our Italian Christmas Memories – Review

Our Italian Christmas Memories – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Anna returns home to help her siblings, RJ and Ella, care for their grandfather, Vincent, while their mother is on vacation. Anna takes Vincent to his neurology appointment with Dr. Greg, and he reports his findings. Vincent is deteriorating and has middle-stage Alzheimer’s. Greg tells Anna that she and her family should discuss care plans for Vincent. Because there is no cure, Vincent’s mental health will continue to decline. Anna remembers her grandmother’s legendary pasta sauce. Vincent says the sauce taste like home. Anna wants to make the sauce to help jog Vincent’s memory. Greg reminds Anna that it won’t be a cure, but it can help. Anna looks for the recipe but can’t find it. So she enlists the help of her family to recreate the sauce. Anna believes that the sauce should be everyone’s top priority. However, RJ and Ella have problems too. Anna will discover she has been blind to her family’s troubles and needs to take responsibility for her absence in their lives.

Often, the world reminds us that life goes on even when we are away. Anna learns that RJ got a girlfriend, Ella has issues with the family farm, and Vincent’s is getting worse in her absence. Their world kept spinning. Ella has to bring Anna to her senses when Anna is laser-focused on the sauce and expects everyone to feel the same. They have real-world issues, but a sauce isn’t it. Yes, the family cares about Vincent, but they focus on today, not the past. If you are ready for a predictable, hard-hitting dose of reality, make your Ukrainian snowball cookies and pierogis for this holiday watch.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Who’s getting examined here – Vincent 

It’s the definition of family – mom

Festive meets type A. I like it – Ana

She was either a perfect saint or a great liar – RJ

Pasta sauce isn’t gonna cure Nono – Ella

RJ, you can not ‘ditto’ that – Monica

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The Royal Nanny – Review

The Royal Nanny – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Claire recovered a package from a suspect with a microdot inside. The microdot contained information about the Royal family, palace, and security. Claire’s boss wants Claire and her partner, Wallace, to infiltrate the staff and protect the family until the threat reveals itself. He wants Wallace to join the palace security and Claire to be the children’s nanny. Claire doesn’t think she is suited for the job because she was put up for adoption and never adopted. So she has no idea how to care for children. Her boss gives her 24 hours to train with Mrs. Lansbury, a.k.a ‘Scary Poppins.’ She teaches all the current nannies. And she was the nanny for the next in line to the throne. 

Claire and Wallace get the family history. Princess Rose is the next in line for the crown and the eldest of the king’s two children. She married Prince Edward and has two children: Princess Elle and Prince Robert, second and third in line for the crown. Prince Collin, the youngest of the king’s two children, focuses on the royal family’s outreach programs. And he is fourth in line for the crown. 

After intense training with Mrs. Lansbury, Claire meets Princess Rose and Rose’s assistant, Olivia. Olivia introduces Claire to the children but warns Claire that the kids are rascally. Claire settles into her room and thwarts the kids’ pranks. They realize they have met their match. So, Elle and Robert call in the big guns: Collin. Collin tries to bowl on a door trick, but Claire makes Collin the butt of the joke. After some time together, Claire and Wallace believe the attack on the palace is an inside job. Claire’s sworn duty to protect the crown isn’t the only thing keeping her on her toes. It’s her growing love for Collin. 

This holiday movie gives viewers an HMM feel for their holiday-watching pleasure. Viewers get a break from the typical holiday film with espionage, a mystery, and leakers. However, this isn’t an HMM mystery because it doesn’t have multiple suspects with shaky alibies. It has a team on the move while under investigation. The first half is a cat-and-mouse game to find the suspected criminals. However, something feels off to Claire, and she wants to look deeper into the staff. That’s when it becomes a whodunit and changes the film’s trajectory. The Royal Nanny is good any time of the year.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Play nice. Try to make friends – Wallace

No, I found them absolutely delightful – Claire

Every nanny likes to plan for rain – Mrs. Lansbury

Perhaps we’re both worthy of a second glance – Collin 

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