#TheMenuFilm – Movie Review

The Menu – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 46 minutes

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Tyler can’t contain his excitement for the Hawthorne culinary experience, and he doesn’t want anything to spoil it. He sees Margot smoking and tells her to stop because it ruins the palette. Margot doesn’t understand the excitement, but she puts out the cigarette anyway. Tyler tells her that the chef creates a one-of-a-kind menu on a remote island for his guest. Each guest pays over $12,000 to attend. Margot can’t believe the exorbitant cost but boards the boat with the rest of the guests. While they board, Margot and Tyler recognize some of the guests. Tyler recalls famed food critic Lillian Bloom and her editor, Ted, and Margot identifies Richard and his wife, Anne. They enjoy a small culinary delight onboard and sail to the private island.

The hostess, Elsa, greets the 12 guests by name, but she calls Margot Ms. Westervelt, and Tyler corrects Elsa. Elsa is shocked that Tyler brought someone else, but Elsa gives Margot Ms. Westervelt’s spot. Elsa shows them around the island, where the staff live and work with a regimented schedule. The employees have grown, raised, and farmed all the food they will eat from the island. They have everything and use every cooking technique. 

After their amuse-bouche, Chef Julian enters and welcomes everyone. He explains that he doesn’t want them to eat the food. He wants them to taste, savor, and relish the food. Merely eating the food is an insult to him. After a memorable bread course, Margot doesn’t feel right about the meal and wants to talk to Julian. Tyler shuts her up because he is paying. Upset, Margot runs to the ladies’ room to smoke a cigarette. Julian enters and asks Margot about herself because he wants to know if she is on their side or the others’. He assures her that her decision will secure her fate. Margot rolls her eyes at the pretentious chef and rejoins Tyler. She thinks the chef is another elitist, but he is a man on the edge with a dangerous obsession with his dying passion. But tonight, Julian will make everything right.

As the story plays out, the editors wrote the meal on the screen for your viewing pleasure. For the connoisseur, everything looks delicious. For the layman, the food and the customers are snooty. With each course, Julian unveils how each customer and staff member impacted his life. In one dish, he reveals his mistake. This dark comedy will bring a devilish laugh from the depths of the darkest part of your soul. Viewers will see Julian as a Jigsaw character until he reveals his scheme (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Some deserve to be there, others are unfortunate by-products, and others made a choice. After each careful reveal, you will laugh. So have your comedy appetites ready and come into the theater with a dark frame of mind. It will go down easier that way.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Then my palette will die happy – Margot

Nature is timeless. Enjoy – Chef Julian

You will get less of what you desire and more than you deserve – Elsa

I want him to like me – Tyler

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