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Revenge Delivered – Review

Revenge Delivered – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Victoria Brooks is an awarded OB/GYN at St. John’s Hospital.  With Dr. Peter Evans’s assistance, Victoria will guide three young doctors through their residency programs.  Claire is a bright student with a can-do attitude and quick leadership skills.  Luna is a guarded Dartmouth graduate with a minor in psychology.  Noelle took a year-long sabbatical from medical school, but she is ready to start the program.  However, Claire and Luna feel that Noelle has an unfair advantage because Victoria is Noelle’s mother.  After the residents leave, Victoria finishes her paperwork when the printer jams.  She runs to the printer to check, and a message prints off that reads, ‘I know what you did 10/22/95.’  Victoria remembers that day because she had to choose between saving a mother or a baby.  Victoria saved the baby’s life, and the mother died.  Victoria passed the father, Russel Myers, in the hospital, and she could feel his rage.  To this day, Victoria worries about what happened to that baby girl after she went home with a resentful Russel.  The next day, during a practice run, Claire takes charge while Noelle and Luna assist.  After the dry run, Victoria takes Noelle aside to scold Noelle for not controlling the room.  Noelle’s frustration grows as she heads home.  She knows her mother is tough, but she hoped Victoria would understand that they are different people.  Victoria leaves work and finds her car vandalized.  She takes pictures of the damage and finds a rock with a note.  The note reads, ‘Next time, it won’t be the window I break.’  Victoria calls the police and tells them she suspects Russel of the attacks.  Detective Garcia takes Victoria’s hunch seriously because Russel has been off the grid for eight years.  But Victoria’s stalker is closer than she thinks and ready to deliver revenge.

This movie is the definition of a slow burn with a low body count.  But the last 30 seconds makes watching the film worth every minute.  With a suicide attempt, an uncomfortable dinner, and an unfortunate tattoo, this movie points the viewer in several directions at one time.  It’s easy to point fingers when everyone acts like they have something to hide.  Don’t get distracted while watching this film, or you will miss the tiny hints to the killer’s identity and the twist.  Be ready for part two.  And hats off to the wardrobe department for Dr. Victoria’s stunning looks.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Sometimes, I just need a little bit of space – Noelle

Oh please, one drink doesn’t make you collapse – Victoria

Why’d you stop at one – Claire

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Daddy’s Perfect Little Girl – Review

Daddy’s Perfect Little Girl – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After losing her biological mom to an abusive boyfriend and her adoptive mom to cancer, Ella wants to keep her dad, Nolan, all to herself.  Since he worked overtime for the past few weeks, Nolan promises to take a long weekend from work and take Ella to adventure camp.  She is elated.  Then, he gives Ella a bigger surprise.  His employer booked her favorite TV star, Juliette Lee, for a commercial.  Ella begs to go on set to meet Juliette, and Nolan says yes.  At the commercial shoot, Juliette brushes off Ella’s selfie request and pays more attention to Zander, the son of the set designer, Cecily.  Ella’s rage boils because she believes Zander is stealing Juliette.  Ella knocks over a lighting fixture to get Nolan’s attention.  Later, Nolan tells Ella he has a date with Cecily, but he has to cancel adventure camp because his boss, Gabrielle, has to help her mom find a home in New York.  Ella likes Cecily, but Zander and Gabrielle are on her hit list because they are taking what she wants, Juliette and Adventure Camp, respectfully.  And each day, that list grows.  What will it take for Nolan to see the flaws in his perfect little girl?

This movie is ‘Bad Seed‘ with a history of trauma (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The writers ensure watchers understand that Ella has a history of abuse and trauma after witnessing her step-father, Gino, kill her biological mother.  And Ella’s step-mother, Carol, died of cancer before they could bond.  And at some point, Nolan mentions Ella sought counseling for help with her emotional instability.  So it’s easy for the viewer to understand why she forms such an unhealthy bond with Nolan.  She is willing to poison, self-harm, and kill anyone who may take him away or their time together.  This film is one to watch in horror as this little girl manipulates Nolan every step of the way.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t know honey. Some people just like to make people miserable I guess – Nolan

Daddy, you never stay home with me – Ella

Sorry if you got hurt, but I know you’re faking it – Zander

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Just What the Doctor Ordered – Review

Just What the Doctor Ordered – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After escaping from jail, Dr. Beck hides in an abandoned house until the heat dies down.  But he waited too long.  Maggie buys the home with her daughter, Alex, moves in, and starts to unpack.  As Dr. Beck watches from the attic, he starts to obsess over and fantasize about Alex.  Maggie leaves town for a convention, leaving Alex alone in the house, or so they think.  In the middle of the night, Alex grabs her heart and falls to the ground.  Dr. Beck comes out of hiding and saves her life.  Then, he calls 911 but remains anonymous.  Later, Alex and Maggie learn that Alex has the same heart condition that took her father’s life.  She needs to get a heart transplant, or she will die in six months.  Dr. Beck stands by the cardiologist’s office and hears Alex’s diagnosis.  He vows to find her a new heart and perform the operation to save her.  But first, Dr. Beck needs a way to infiltrate Alex’s life beyond his peeping tom capabilities.  So, he finds the at-home nurse recommended by the hospital, attacks her, and assumes her identity.  Now, Dr. Beck is Nurse Chris, and he will do anything to save the newest love of his life, Alex.

The sixth installment brings all the creepiness you would expect from the series.  Dr. Beck is up to his obsessive tricks, but his delusioned wingman isn’t in tow.  It seems that his time in the psych ward did him some good.  But his stalker behavior knows no bounds.  As he tracks, manipulates, and fantasizes about Alex, he will kill anyone in his way, including a cop.  You will enjoy this spine-chilling installment into the Stalked by My Doctor franchise and look forward to more in the future.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Guess I’m moving out – Dr. Albert Beck

Ok doc.  I’ll need my hand back, eventually – Alex

Irresponsible. All of you – Maggie

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Designed with Love – Review

Designed with Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Skye voices her disgust with her company’s fast-fashion approach to making clothes.  The brand, Claw’d, started gluing their seams and using cheap materials.  She believes that fashion should express a person’s creativity and joy, not the latest trends.  Skye’s boss gives her a pink slip and a box for her belongings.  With new motivation, Skye decides to start a clothing line called Maybelle Fashion.  As she shops her dresses all around town, she gets a call from her recent ex-boyfriend, Patrick.  For years, he promised to marry her when he got a promotion.  But after he got a new title, she didn’t get a ring.  So she ended it, but he still wants to help.  Patrick showed his boss her designs and he loved them, but she doesn’t have the sale’s history or following.  To show her brand has staying power, Skye must sell 10,000 pieces and gain 10,000 followers.  If she does that, Patrick’s boss’s company will finance Skye’s clothing line.  In Skye’s excitement, Skye doesn’t see Jason walking in her path and bumps into him.  She spills coffee on him and promises to clean his jacket.  The next day, Skye goes to Mo’s auto body shop to return Jason’s jacket.  Jason’s sister, Maureen, also known as Mo, runs the shop and teases her brother.  Jason is an entrepreneur with a nose for business.  He helps startup businesses and sells them when they make a profit.  His only failure is his food truck called Taco Burger.  Skye gives Jason his jacket, sans stain, and tells him about her business.  He offers to help, but she says no.  She wants to do it independently.  But Mo tells Skye that Jason has a truck with nothing to sell and Sky has something to sell without a way to get it to the customer.  By having a mobile boutique, they can get Skye’s clothes to customers and gain followers.  In a month, she will have the financial backing to get her clothing line of the ground.  As they work together, Skye will learn the nine rules of entrepreneurship and sell out.  With Jason by her side, Skye will have to give up fame to find the designer she lost.

This cute movie is about business and staying faithful to one’s calling.  As Skye talks about how fashion should make someone feel, she doesn’t talk about trends.  She doesn’t care about trends or celebrity endorsements, only the customers.  She asks Mo to try on outfits without looking at them.  Skye thinks rules hinder people’s ability to find the correct clothing for themselves.  By pushing the rules aside, Skye believes her clothes will make anyone feel confident.  However, as Skye falls into the same traps her previous employer did, it’s Jason that helps Skye see her vision.  Skye’s vision will inspire you to look through your closet and try something new.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m just doing my job – Patrick

Did anyone get the license plate on that rainbow – Jason

Well if it helps, I’m not a man – Mo

Here’s a point, how much do you think a new transmission will be – Skye

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Hearts Down Under – Review

Hearts Down Under – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

While people still come to her mother’s restaurant, critics say Caroline’s food lacks passion.  Then, Caroline gets sad news that her Aunt Doreen passed away and left Caroline her café in Australia.  Caroline’s mother, Denise, tells Caroline to take the trip and get away from the restaurant and the critics.  Caroline takes Denise’s advice and heads to Australia to sell the Seagull Café.  At the Seagull Café, Caroline orders everything on the menu and takes note of what she does and doesn’t like about the food.  After trying everything, Simon, her B&B host, comes over to her table and asks for her opinion.  Without hesitation, she tells him everything wrong and asks the waitress to bring the chef.  The waitress points to Simon.  Even though Caroline worries she hurt Simon’s feelings, she doesn’t apologize for her critique.  Caroline tells Simon and the staff that she will be selling the café to a franchise.  The manager, Marla, has an idea.  Marla tells Simon to woo Caroline to make her want to stay.  Marla hopes that with an incentive to stay, Caroline won’t sell the café.  Simon refuses to help Marla, but he does offer to help fix the place if Caroline tries to negotiate job security for the staff while taking over his chef duties.  Caroline agrees and gets into the kitchen.  With Doreen’s recipes, Caroline discovers the passion for cooking she lost.  But what a New York Cheesecake vs. Meat Pie cook-off, Caroline will find her love for Simon (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Too bad her ex-boyfriend, Nathaniel, is on the way.

Yes, this movie is a girl-finds-boy-while-finding-self story, but it unfolds differently.  Caroline knows she has feelings for Simon, but she chooses not to act on them.  She wants to put the café first.  Caroline keeps him at arm’s length while cooking for the town and gets closer to Simon’s dog.  She puts business first and refuses to let love overcome her focus.  That tiny change makes this movie stand out among the Hallmark catalog.  And thanks for shooting in Australia with Australian actors.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You know, I don’t worry – Caroline

Actually, I hear he’s quite decent but not as adorable as his dog – Simon

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