#FourGoodDays – Movie Review

Four Good Days – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 40 minutes

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Deb wakes up to the sound of frantic knocking on her door.  Before she gets out of bed, she knows who’s there.  It’s her youngest daughter, Molly.  Molly became an opioid addict at 16-years-old after an injury.  Molly begs Deb for a place to stay because she wants to detox, but Deb says no.  The last time Deb let Molly stay over, Molly stole her step-father’s, Chris’s, guitar.  Molly repeatedly pleads to Deb when Deb notices Molly keeps covering her mouth.  Deb asks Molly to put her hand down, and Molly exposes her missing row of teeth.  Deb is exhausted at the state and sight of Molly, but Deb doesn’t cave.  She tells Molly to stay away until she is clean and shuts the door.  Throughout the night, Deb checks her front steps and sees Molly sleeping.  In the morning, Deb offers to drive Molly to Clear Horizons Detox center for help.  Molly begs and lies to Deb with the hopes of detoxing in Deb’s home, but Deb holds firm.  With Medicaid, Molly can detox for three days, and then she can leave.  After three days, Deb goes to the detox center to pick up Molly, and the doctor pulls them into a room.  Since heroin has a 97% relapse rate and this detox is Molly’s 15th try, the doctor believes she would be a prime candidate for opioid agonist therapy.  It is a monthly shot that won’t let the patient get high from opioids during that month.  But the patient must be drug-free for a week to start and continue the therapy.  When Molly learns she has to stay clean for four more days, she has a meltdown.  The last three days felt like hell, so Molly has no idea how to get through four.  But Deb offers to stay by Molly’s side and let her move in to keep clean.  When the past, lies, and neglect boil to the surface, can Molly and Deb survive four days clean and with each other? Based on ‘How’s Amanda? A story of Truth, Lies, and an American Addiction,’ this movie will provoke all the feelings you have when watching Intervention (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  At first, you see the aftermath of decades-long heroin abuse.  Then, you learn her addiction started with a prescription with unmonitored refills.  Next, you get the backstory of abandonment and neglect.  Finally, you get the lies and manipulation of today.  Deb scrutinizes everything Molly says and does through the filter of an addict.  While this movie shows Molly in the depths of her addiction, it displays the impact it has on the people around her and Deb.  Deb takes her anger out of Chris and ignores her other daughter.  Be warned that this movie could trigger someone just recovering or know someone who is recovering.  This movie holds nothing back about addiction and the ripple effect of pain it causes. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars Are you done or are you out of drugs – Deb I just want now to be now – Molly

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