#BlindedByTheLightMovie – Movie Review

Blinded by the Light – Budget of $15 million – 1 hour and 54 minutes


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In 1980, Javed and his best friend Matt shared the same birthday.  Matt’s parents got him a bike and Javed’s got him a Rubix cube.  Matt gave Javed a notebook that he would cherish and collect annually.   For the next 7 years, Javed wrote in his notebooks about life, his family, and his poetry.  Today, Javed feels controlled by his father, is harassed on the street, and is awkward around females.  As a Muslim Pakistani teen, he is spat on, chased, and told to keep his head down in Luton, England.  Javed wants to be the average English teen.  However, at home, his father is a GM factory working and his mother is an at-home seamstress.  Every dime the family makes goes to Javed’s father Malik.  Javed finished his summer job and heads back for another year of school.  On the first day, Malik tells Javed to stay away from the girls and follow the jews.  Javed accidentally bumps into Foops causing Foops to drop is cassette tape.  Javed immensely apologizes and ask Foops who’s the artist.  Foops’ only response: “The Boss”.  Later, Foops gives Javed 2 cassettes – Born in the USA and Darkness on the Edge of Town (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Javed doesn’t believe a man from the USA could ever understand how he feels, Foops tells him to give Bruce a chance.  At the lowest moment in his life, Javed puts on his walkman and presses play.  The fateful decision will give him the courage to reach for his dreams, talk to his crush, and stand up to his father.  As he gains the world, Javed loses himself.

Inspired by the biography Greetings from Bury Park: A Memoir, this coming-of-age movie is littered with the shameful bigotry and xenophobia in the 1980s England (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Set to the music of Bruce, you see the words penetrate Javed’s soul as the lyrics float around him during major turning points of his life.  You cheer as he stands up to his dad and hateful people.  However, he makes a mistake most teens make.  He believes he has to shed his complete self to become a success and accepted.  Javed learns to appreciate his family and friends for all they have done for him.  But that realization will take him to New Jersey and back.  Bruce Springsteen fans will fall in love with this movie.  It manages to find the perfect lyrics for Javed’s emotions while stressing the true message of Bruce’s music.  For all viewers, don’t be too angry at Malik.  While he had a hard shell, audiences will see a side of Malik that Javed’s character never sees.  You will gain compassion for the hard-working, family-oriented man. While this movie shines on the big screen, you won’t have the urge to buy it.  And the music is more memorable than the movie itself like Yesterday.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Talk about a dream, try to make it real – Bruce Springsteen

Makes lots of money. Kiss a girl. Get out of this dump – Javed

1st day. Start at the top and stay there – Malik

He’s everyone’s boss – Roops

You owe me – Shazia

You are the head of this family – Noor

Thanks for standing up for me – Matt

Stop doubting. Keep writing – Ms. Clay

I’m interested – Eliza

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