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A Predator’s Obsession – Review

A Predator’s Obsession – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Alison sits on the beach with her boyfriend, Carson, and takes pictures of her little brother, Kevin, tubing.  She zooms in and sees a shark’s fin next to her brother.  She screams ‘shark’ and runs into the water to save her brother.  Daniel, the helmsman, sees the commotion on the beach and looks back to see Kevin fall into the water.  He turns the boat around to get Kevin.  The shark nicks Kevin but Alison was able to get the shark to focus on her.  Kevin swam to the boat and Daniel jumped in to help Alison.  Daniel and Alison got to the boat safely.  Their rescue made the evening newscast and Daniel can’t stop thinking about her.  Daniel looks up Alison’s information online and goes to her house.  He stands outside and hears Diane, Alison and Kevin’s mom, talking to her boyfriend Todd.  They make plans to invite Daniel over to say thank you.  Daniel makes his way to Alison’s bedroom and gets a surprise.  He sees her kiss her boyfriend and says I love you.  Daniel vows to make Alison his.  He will use a spear gun, shock collar, and a tracker to get a ring on her finger.  The first step in his plan, he has to move in.

Sequel to Stalker’s Prey, this movie continues the craziness it’s fans know and love so well (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It brings up Daniel’s, formerly Bruce, past during the movie but you don’t have to watch the first one to understand what is going on.  You see the ticking timebomb in Daniel but you are intrigued by it.  He is not just stalking Alison, he is stalking his past.  This movie will surprise you and leave you wanting a part 3.  This may be Lifetime’s teen version of Stalked by My Doctor.  Add this one to your saga collection.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t have anything against Carson. I just don’t have anything for him either – Rhiannon

Oh, it’s a look hun – Suze

I thought I look bad. I can’t even tell that’s him – Alison

I really don’t think psychopaths go around saving people’s lives – Diana

Don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. – Daniel

I trust you. I don’t trust him – Carson

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My Daughter’s Psycho Friend – Review

My Daughter’s Psycho Friend – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Sierra is getting settled into her new home with her father.  Her mother will be joining them after she settles some business in Colorado.  Sierra hears a knock at the door.  Her neighbor, Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn’s friend, Alexis, have come to introduce themselves.  They invite Sierra to a skating party to introduce her to future classmates.  At the party, Alexis points out some of the people who wronged her.  One, in particular, stole her boyfriend.  She tells Sierra to watch Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn sprays something on the girl’s skate and distances herself without being noticed.  The girl’s skate suddenly stops and the girl falls to the ground.  Sierra laughs.  But she states to Alexis and Kaitlyn that she laughed because the girl wasn’t hurt.  They invite Sierra to Alexis’s house for some more fun and drinking but she says no.  At the house, Alexis starts to cyberstalk Sierra.  And they learn some dark secrets about her past.  The next day, they invite Sierra to another party at Alexis’s house.  Although her mom will be gone, Sierra says yes and doesn’t give her dad all the details.  At the party, Alexis decides to play a prank.  She puts something in Jake’s drink.  He gets dizzy and walks away.  No one sees him walk out the door and into the pool.  Later, Jake is found at the bottom of the pool.  He is unresponsive to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  Jake dies at the scene.  While police gather information, Alexis’s mom comes home.  She is furious at Alexis for having a party that she will be responsible for because of underage drinking.  On the first day of school, Alexis tries to frame Lance for Jake’s death.  Sierra confronts Alexis for the prank and calls her out in front of all of her friends.  Sierra doesn’t care if Alexis admits involvement in Jake’s death.  She knows a toxicology report will be done and everything will come to light.  Too bad Alexis put the drugs in Sierra’s locker.  With Sierra’s past and the drugs in her locker, will anyone believe Sierra? Especially when she doesn’t believe herself.

This is one to watch.  If you ever wonder how kids can get so deep into something so wrong, this movie explains it all.  This movie is a great teaching tool for Pack Mentality   (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  In a pack, there are three personality types:

  • The alpha: the oldest and the leader of the group
  • The lieutenant: fiercely loyal to the alpha, which the alpha demands
  • The follower: the newest member, questions the alpha and hasn’t cemented their loyalty to the alpha

Following these dynamics, Alexis is the alpha who demands loyalty from her lieutenant, Kaitlyn.  Sierra is ‘the follower’ personality.  Unlike most Lifetime movies, it doesn’t take much for Sierra to start questioning Alexis and her sanity.  This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat with shock, humor, and close calls.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You’re a genius – Kaitlyn

You can’t call me Lexi. You haven’t earned that right – Alexis

I just find it funny that Lexi, the queen of the school, is the most insecure – Lance

Actually, I didn’t laugh but all your so-called friends did – Sierra

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Revenge for Daddy – Review

Revenge for Daddy – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lisa is trying to get back into the swing of things after breaking up with her boyfriend Bobby.  He cheated on Lisa with her co-worker Simone.  While the two women are cordial at work, they take shots at each other outside of work.  If heartbreak isn’t bad enough, Lisa’s father was killed by a hit and run driver a year ago.  Her friend, Abby, tells her to get out and start dating.  Lisa shocks Abby by telling her she signed up for online dating.  While looking at profiles, Lisa stumbles onto a man’s profile.  She dubs him, Mr. Wonderful.  At work, she jokes she found the man of her dreams and photoshops a picture of them together (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While she and Abby have a good laugh, Simone uses her computer admin rights to log into Lisa’s computer, grab the picture, and post it on the company social site.  On another side of town, Michael gets a ping on his computer.  Facial recognition software recognizes his face on a social site.  He finds the picture and laughs.  Then, he starts to look into Lisa’s hobbies and interests.   He discovers they have a lot in common.  Lisa gets ready to rock climb and sees a familiar face, it’s Mr. Wonderful.  He introduces himself as Michael and admits the accidental meeting is on purpose.  She apologizes for the picture and offers to buy him a protein drink.  They start to hit it off but Abby warns Lisa to take it slow.  On a night out, Abby, Bobby, Michael, and Lisa are all out for a late-night company get-together.  Nina and Simone come later.  Nina tells Lisa they need to talk later, then walks away and enjoys the festivities.  When Michael asks Lisa to dance, Lisa says no but tells him to dance with Nina.  The two get close on the dance floor and Simone tells Lisa to watch her man.  Soon, Lisa is woozy.  She starts a fight with Nina about the way she was dancing with Michael.  Cooler heads prevail and everything seems ok.  The next morning Abby can’t find Lisa and continues to call.  Lisa is awakened by her vibrating cell phone on a lawn.  She looks around.  In horror, she finds Nina’s body next to her with a knife in her chest.  Lisa must find who killed Nina.  Her roadblocks: an ankle monitor on her leg after her fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.

This movie is a great mystery with plenty of strong suspects.  The plot allows you to unravel the clues with Lisa as she proves her innocence.  When you discover the who, the why will have you reaching for the rewind button.  You won’t believe how the story makes a full 360.  This is one to DVR so you can give it your full attention.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You can’t beat everybody at everything – Abby

Who puts a ‘D’ in handkerchief – Lisa

Mr. Wonderful my online identity. So, that’s how this all started – Michael

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Into the Arms of Danger – Review

Into the Arms of Danger – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


After her father’s death one year ago, Jenny is tired of her helicopter mom, Laura.  Succeeding a party, Jenny’s car wouldn’t start, she called Laura to inform her she would miss her curfew.   Jenny waited for roadside assistance, but Drake was able to lend a hand and get her car running.  Laura came to the party, then quickly and rudely shooed Drake away.  Embarrassed, Jenny unloaded on her mom but apologized the next day.  Before Laura leaves for a conference, she goes over Jenny’s schedule.  Jenny only plans to have her friend Nicole over and binge watch TV.  After Laura leaves, Jenny changes her mind.  She decides to see Drake’s band perform instead.  When her mother finds out, she calls Jenny on the phone.  Jenny answers the call while driving and they start to argue.  During the argument, Jenny has a car accident.  The car is stalled and Laura tells her to call an ambulance.  Laura decides to leave the conference and go home to Jenny.  When Laura gets home, she can’t find Jenny at home or the hospital.  The last time she talked Jenny, Jenny said she could see the ambulance close by but the local EMTs never picked up her daughter.  Laura doesn’t know the horrible truth.  A fake ambulance, with 2 fake EMT workers – Guy and Clyde – picked up Jenny.  They drugged her, ankle-cuffed her to a bed, and imprisoned her in a house.  She is told to change her clothes for Momma.  Jenny is a surrogate for Momma’s daughter, Lizzy.  Jenny must play the part or pay the consequences.  Can Laura find Jenny in time? Can Jenny escape her abductors? Jenny will discover that her mom is not so bad after all.

Score one for mom!!! She never gives up.  Even with imbecilic police, who label Jenny a runaway, she keeps working to save Jenny with Drake by her side.  Yes, Jenny does act like a brat but she is a teen trying to gain independence.  Laura needs to learn to let go and Jenny needs to learn to appreciate her mom.  While it’s a tough way to learn their lessons, each of the characters experience growth.  After being with Momma’s twisted family, they will both learn these lessons.  Momma, Clyde, and Guy are the creepiest family ever put together in a Lifetime movie.  The actors’ chemistry as a dysfunctional family will make your skin crawl but pull you into the plot.  You know there is more to Lizzy’s story, so get ready for the twist that ends with a gunshot.  Then, be prepared for your heart to be ripped out of your chest twice.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Since we don’t know you, I’ll get the drink – Nicole

Thank you for your help. You can go now – Laura

I don’t need you to take care of me anymore – Jenny

You don’t want to keep momma waiting – Clyde

Do as your told and you’ll be alright – Guy

Momma’s always right – Momma

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Advance and Retreat – Review

Advance and Retreat – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Ten years ago, Camp Counselor Allison left Camp Sunny Trails with a broken heart.  She caught her boyfriend, Cody, kissing Simone.  Before the kiss, she couldn’t decide if she wanted to come back to the camp next year or work at a summer internship program.  With that one kiss, her decision was made: internship.  Today, Allison works for Hillridge Marketing for a team lead, Vanessa, who constantly steals her ideas and disguise it as teamwork.  Allison loves her job but she thought she would be doing more than selling restaurants and frozen food.  Her boss, Nathan, calls for everyone’s attention.  He has decided to change the company retreat.  Instead of going to a beach resort, they will be going to an adventure camp called Camp Viewpoint.  As she travels to the camp with her co-workers, she asks her boyfriend, Bryce, for the camp’s brochure.  Instantly, she recognizes Dan, her old camp director.  Camp Viewpoint was Camp Sunny Trails.  As they unload from the bus, she quickly spots Dan and hugs him.  Dan tells her she has more reunion to make.  She turns around and sees Cody.  Cody owns the camp, just like he said he would 10 years ago.  She is stunned.  She needs to focus on this retreat to get a promotion.  She talks to Cody and they agree to be civil.  When Allison learns Cody’s secret, she is drawn to help him and rediscovers their love.

While this UPtv movie follows the Hallmark formula, there are jokes, plot twists, and subplots to keep you tuned into the movie.  While Allison is dealing with impressing Nathan for the promotion, she has to help her pregnant friend, calm Bryce, keep Vanessa at bay, and encourage Joy.  Each hurdle is necessary for the story.  Plus those hurdles help Allison grow and discover where she wants to be in life.  This movie is a good watch that takes a second to poke fun at itself.  And enjoy the love story of Milo and Joy.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Ok, break this up. Whatever this is – Milo

If this isn’t a competition, how is it suppose to be fun – Bryce

Well not everything changes – Dan

I never expect to still see you around here – Allison

It’s like a romance novel or a TV movie – Laurie

I liked it. It was a chance to get away and be someone else for a while – Joy

Then again actions can be misinterpreted – Cody

Didn’t realize you were so strong. I just hope I can keep up – Vanessa

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