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A Predator Returns – Review

A Predator Returns – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Courtney and her friends decide to take a well-deserved break and hop on a boat.  They take a fun swim, but Courtney adds a challenge.  She wants to go to the island, but it’s off-limits.  With a shrug of Courtney’s shoulders, they get the dinghy and go.  While playing in the water, Courtney cuts her hand, and her friends see sharks.  While they make it to the island, Courtney only makes it to the dinghy.  Her friends swim to the boat, but David finds her first.  David gets all four out of the water and takes them to the lighthouse.  Courtney begs David not to report them because she could lose her scholarship.  He concedes, and Courtney calls him a hero.  Before Courtney leaves, she gives David her phone number.  A day later, David decides to do the noble thing and burn Courtney’s number.  He wants to stay in control and not make the mistakes of his past.  But as he feeds his sharks, he hears a buzzing.  It’s Ryan calling Courtney’s phone.  Courtney left it on the island, and David promises to return it.  The property return becomes their first date, and she slowly starts to fall for David.  Courtney believes she found her knight in shining armor, but she is the latest prey on this stalker’s list.  And with one revelation, Courtney will have to become Beatrix Kiddo and kill David (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

The third installment in the Stalker’s Prey series is creepier than the first two.  His toxic behavior knows no bounds.  Even when he gets the girl, he goes too far to keep her.  Hacking her phone, framing her for murder, and killing her friends are only the start of David’s horrific plan to get his new ‘Allison.’  With a higher body count and higher calling, David must keep Courtney in his life.  Even his mother can’t get in his way.  This movie will make you cringe in the best way possible.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I thought I heard a kitty cat – David

The next time I ask to go to a creepy island at night, tell me to take a seat.  Several in fact – Courtney

It’s creative chaos – Ryan

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Tracking a Killer – Review

Tracking a Killer – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Haley dresses for track practice when her mother, Michelle, gives her an early birthday gift: a pair of expensive sneakers.  Haley can’t wait to wear them to practice.  At practice, Haley sees her friends, Abby and Elaina, stretching and joins them.  Elaina asks to try on Haley’s new shoes, but Haley says no.  Then, Elaina starts to make verbal jabs, in fun, that she is faster than Haley.  The three girls line up at the start line and run at their Coach Chris’s command.  During the run, Abby gets into Haley’s lane, forcing her to run into Elaina.  Both girls fall, and Abby wins.  Haley erupts, and Coach Chris calls Haley over.  After an incident, the school forced Haley to attend anger management classes.  The coach asks her if it helps, but Haley says no.  He tells Haley to try harder to keep her anger in check and ends practice.  Before Haley gets in the shower, she hears Abby and Elaina purposely planning to go out without her.  But Abby has to cancel to spend time with her boyfriend, Dylan, who Elaina believes is controlling.  Abby doesn’t know that Dylan canceled his plan with Assistant Coach Gina to be with her, but Gina wants to see Dylan soon.  After Haley finishes her shower, she hears a loud bang and slowly enters the locker room to find the sound’s origin.  She finds Abby on the ground with a head wound and calls for help.  After Abby’s funeral, the police visit Haley to asks more questions.  The medical examiner concluded that Abby’s death wasn’t an accident like previously believed.  It was murder.  They found a shoe print on Abby’s face, and it matches the shoes Michelle got Haley.  Haley tells the detective she lost her shoes, and Michelle allows them to search her home.  The detective comes out of Haley’s room with the shoes in an evidence bag.  The police officers put Haley in handcuffs, and Haley’s lawyer, Luke, gets Haley house arrest while awaiting trial.  With the police’s laser focus on her, Haley will investigate the crime to find Abby’s killer.  Lucky for Haley that her ankle monitor is faulty.

It’s not the mystery that keeps you on edge, but it’s Haley’s close calls and bursts of anger.  The most insignificant incidents set Haley’s rage off like a bomb.  You will believe you have the killer figured out in the first 30 minutes.  Well, you are right, and you are wrong.  The premise and mystery are good contenders, but the final fight scene is laughable.  If you decide to watch, you will have to pay attention but don’t cancel your plans.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

And now I’m late for a meeting – Michelle

I’m not here to have fun, I’m here to win – Haley

Haley, this is bad – Elaina

It’s your mom or the police, you decide – Gina

A little bit of legal advice, you might want to stop talking – Luke

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Sorority Sister Killer – Review

Sorority Sister Killer – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lacey sits with the police and recounts her last encounter with her former best friend, Tara.  During a party, they argued on the roof.  Lacey said her peace, walked away and went into the bathroom to cry.  While in the bathroom, she heard someone banging on the door, but she yelled for more time and wiped her face.  Then, Lacey hears screaming.  Lacey went to the roof, and she saw Tara’s shoe.  Lacey looked down and saw Tara dead on the ground.  The cops believe there is more to the story, so Lacey takes them back to their first day in college, just a few short months ago.  Best friends, Tara and Lacey, shared a dorm and couldn’t wait to rush Kappa together.  Because Lacey’s mom, Britney, pledge Kappa, Lacey is a legacy.  The Kappa girls welcome Tara and Lacey with a scavenger hunt and open arms.  Among the sorors, they meet the president, Courtney, and the house mom, Lana.  With Lacey and Tara, Bella will pledge too.  Bella, like Lacey, is a legacy because Lana is her mother, and Courtney is her older sister.  After a quick Kappa mixer, Lacey, Bella, and Tara walk to their dorm.  At the dorm, Bella tells Lacey and Tara that she doesn’t care about the sorority.  She is only rushing for Lana and Courtney.  The first night of rushing, the sisters name-call and fat-shame pledges.  Lacey decides she is not ok with this treatment.  She stands up to Courtney and walks out.  She hopes Tara will follow, but Tara stays.  Lacey leaves in tears and finds Rachel, president of the Deltas, walking past the Kappa house, and they start to talk.  Lacey’s moment of bravery will be the catalyst to Tara’s death and Lacey’s arrest.  Good thing Lacey has Britney in her corner to keep her out of jail.

This movie is one of Lifetime’s biggest and well-written misdirects.  You are so focused on other characters and their bad behavior that you may completely miss the murderer.  Now don’t get to ahead of yourself, this movie still gives you the much-needed dumb cop cliché.  With so much evidence pointing to Lacey, the police refuse to look any further.  This forces Lacey and Britney to spring into action and solve the crime together.  And this movie will end the way it started, with someone falling off the roof.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Guys, we are suppose to be sisters. Not mean girls on crack – Lacey

Lex is not a puppy, he’s a pitbull – Tara

It’s social suicide – Courtney

Just ignore it.  Come on, screw it – Rachel

I hope you can keep these assumptions to yourself – Britney

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Poisoned in Paradise: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery – Review

Poisoned in Paradise: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After spending the day on Jeff’s boat, Dr. Zee heads to the bank, and Jeff goes to a local coffee shop.  At the bank, Zee can’t believe the balance on her ATM receipt.  It shows that she has $100,000 more in her account.  She goes inside to report the issue and runs into her old friend, Noah.  Noah’s sister, Lauren, is the bank’s CEO, and he assures Zee that Lauren can help.  Lauren directs Zee to the bank teller, Hazel, and Hazel starts to gossip about the sibling’s relationship.  Lauren’s father left her the bank, and Noah decided to take Lauren to court.  The news stuns Zee because Noah acted like he didn’t care earlier.  At the coffee shop, Jeff gets a shock too.  Katie approaches him because she read about him in the local newspaper.  Katie knows he isn’t a cop but solved several cases.  Katie hints to Jeff that she is in a difficult situation and needs help to get out.  Jeff tells Katie to get ahead of the problem and go to the police, especially the Chief.  She thanks him and leaves.  At their next fishing outing, Zee and Jeff see a fallen scooter running on the side of the road.  They go to investigate, and Jeff finds a backpack along the shoulder.  Then, Zee finds a body.  It’s Katie.  When the Chief arrives, Jeff tells him about his earlier encounter with Katie.  He feels a duty to investigate this crime.  When Jeff and Zee examine the contents of Katie’s bag, they find an ATM receipt with over $100,000.  Katie was a waitress, so Zee believes her banking error and Katie’s maybe the same.  This rabbit hole of crime will include a microwave, flash drive, and greek mythology.  Can you solve it before Zee and Jeff?

Based on the mystery series by Philip R. Craig, this film is the best so far (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This plot will throw experience Sleuthers for a loop.  Unlike most movies, the mystery doesn’t hand you the killer by process of elimination.  It’s slowly unveiled with the crime as you watch without giving the killer’s identity.  You discover it moment by moment with Zee and Jeff.  Don’t be surprised if you hit the rewind button.  Also, you get a captivating fight scene between a main character and a killer.  Now, don’t worry.  This installment includes more nuggets of information about who shot Jeff.  So keep your notepad handy.  In case you were wondering, here is a recipe for Kouign-Amann.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I got involved in something I shouldn’t have – Katie

Whatever problem you got caught up in, you’re better to get ahead of it – Jeff

And then your dad would have to arrest you – Noah

No, running will only make it worse – Dr. Zee

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Cooking Up Love – Review

Cooking Up Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Before Zoey presents her ideas to Colin, the CEO of BBQ Bill’s, her boss, Rick, tells her to keep it short and sweet.  Instead of a customer satisfaction presentation, Zoey introduces updating the menu to include healthier options.  This pivot catches Colin off guard.  He pulls Rick aside and tells Rick that he has no plans to update the menu.  Colin only wants the numbers.  After Colin leaves, Rick fires Zoey.  As Zoey contemplates how to pay her bills, she calls her friend, Shay, for advice.  Shay tells Zoey that an ingredient analyst wasn’t her dream job; it was a chef.  Shay tells Zoey to use this time to focus on her dreams.  To force Zoey’s hand, Shay enters Zoey in an amateur food truck competition.  The winning team will get a new food truck and $100,000 for their business.  Since you need two people and a food truck for the competition, Shay offers to find a frugal truck and tells Zoey to asks her retired Grampa to help.  With their secret ingredient, Zoey does some practice runs in the local neighborhood with her Grampa (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  After a few customers, Zoey gets one she recognizes: Colin.  Zoey keeps her conversation short because she believes Colin was the reason she got fired.  He tries to make peace, but nothing works until Colin buys a food processor.  She accepts.  On the first day of the competition, awed, Zoey sees that Colin is one of her judges.  She hopes he can judge her fairly.  During the food truck competition, Zoey sees a man lurking around.  Then, she remembers it’s Bradley from Rick’s firm.  Bradley tried her BBQ sauce and loved it.  Now, he wants samples to recreate it for Colin’s BBQ chain.  Will Rick’s ill-advised behavior pull Zoey from Colin again?

This movie will make your food curious with potato chip pie and quince jam, but the script doesn’t hold your attention.  Grampa’s relationship with Claudette is more appealing to watch than the main characters’.  It’s a palatable film to kill two hours, but there are better movies to watch instead.  Come for the movie and stay for the food.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You know what, your right. I don’t belong here. I’m not like you – Zoey

You know what I always say, rise above it and know your worth – Shay

You might want to water that little guy, he look a little sad – Colin

Or she could be worse – Grampa

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Sweet Carolina – Review

Sweet Carolina – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Josie works for Best Foot Forward in New York, creating the latest trending ad campaigns.  Before presenting her new ad idea to a prospective client and her boss, Victor, Josie gets a heart-wrenching phone call.  Josie’s mother, Kate, tells Josie that her sister, Ellie, and Ellie’s husband, Eric, died.  They leave behind their daughter, Delilah, and their son, Ben.  In distress, Josie packs her bags and flies to her hometown in North Carolina.  Kate and Pete, Josie’s dad, are caring for Delilah and Ben when Josie arrives.  Josie’s brother, Jeff, helps with his niece and nephew too.  Josie and her family believe that she will be there for the funeral and leave for New York, and Kate and Pete will care for the kids.  But Ellie and Eric’s lawyer throws a curveball in everyone’s plan.  Eric and Ellie made Josie the children’s legal guardian.  Pete and Kate tell Josie that they can take over, and she can get back to New York, her job, and her boyfriend, Tony.  But Josie plants her feet firmly into the ground and says no.  She declares she will find a way to balance her life in New York while staying in North Carolina for the kids.  It’s not long before Josie uncovers that managing work is one thing, but managing recently-orphaned children is an entirely different animal.  Josie is lucky to have her former flame, Cooper, there to encourage her.

This instant Hallmark classic is about finding joy during loss.  After losing their parents, Ben and Delilah aren’t magically ok.  They experience bursts of anger, sadness, and difficulty transitioning to a new life in an old environment.  Throughout the movie, these children go through the stages of grief realistically.  Also, the writers expressed that these stages aren’t linear.  These stages could run in parallel or circular.  Each family member grieves but finds their way with hope and each other.  This film could be a learning tool for dealing with grief as a family because no one invalidates or dismisses anyone’s pain.  And issues get handled with discussions, not lectures.  It’s the perfect movie for a cry and smile.  The film has a love story for Josie and Cooper, but it’s not the focal point.  It’s Josie’s connection with her family, especially Delilah and Ben.  Have tissues by your side and see if you spot the reference to Crossword Mysteries.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Was.  She WAS probably right – Delilah

Yeah, that’s my specialty, dad.  4-alarm eggs and bacon – Josie

I give her another month tops, Kate – Pete

Don’t you guys know how the front door works – Cooper

Bring it on. I want them to be as strong, independent, curious, and brave as you are – Ellie

Just stop trying – Ben

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