#TheWomanInTheWindow – VOD Review

The Woman in the Window – Budget of $40 million – 1 hour and 40 minutes

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Anna tells her therapist, Dr. Carl, that she watches her neighbors.  While she thinks this is wrong, he believes it’s hopeful.  If she is watching the world, then she may want to become a part of it.  Anna has agoraphobia. Now separated from her husband, Ed, Jane gave custody of their daughter, Olivia, to him.  Anna has a tenant, David, that lives in the basement.  He takes care of odd jobs like the trash.  While watching, Anna spies Alistair and Jane Russell’s moving truck across the street and researches the family.  One day, Ethan, the Russell’s teenage son, stops by to deliver a gift from his mother.  She allows Ethan to come in and notices that he is shy and troubled.  Her years as a child psychologist make her attuned to these needs. He leaves, and she continues to watch.  During Halloween, kids egg Anna’s door.  She tries to accost them but faints when she opens the door.  As Anna awakens, she sees a woman standing over her.  The woman tells Anna she is Ethan’s mom and Anna uneasily welcomes Jane into her home.  However, after a few drinks, Anna lets Jane walk about her home unattended.  Jane drinks, draws, and gossips with Anna.  Then, Jane leaves and heads across the street.  Later, Anna watches Alistair’s home and sees someone attack Jane.  With a knife in her stomach, Jane screams and pounds on the window for help.  Anna calls 911, reports that Alistair killed Jane, and waits for the police to show up.  The police question Anna about what she saw, but the line of questioning leaves Anna confused.  Then, a woman walks in claiming to be Jane Russell.  This woman is not the same woman Anna ate and drank with earlier.  Ethan and Alistair tell Anna that she never met Jane.  Next, the police assure Anna that the Jane in front of her is the real Jane.  And knowing Anna’s history of mental illness, the police believe her medication has unforeseen side effects.  But when Anna sees the drawing the first Jane left, it gives her new hope.  Anna will put her life in danger to find out what happened to the real Jane and save Ethan from his murderous father.  

Based on The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn, this movie can lead you down the rabbit hole if you don’t know the clues to look and listen for while viewing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Once the story gives the recap, you will spot everything you missed.  This movie does a compelling job of keeping you guessing about each of the characters.  For example, what caused Anna’s agoraphobia, what does David have, and what is the truth about Jane Russell.  This movie ends with every question answered, so don’t expect a part two.  While it does get your attention, there are moments the film will lose you.  Whether it’s pointless dialogue or lackluster characters, your mind will wander.  Unlike Knives Out, this movie will not make you want to rewatch it for unseen clues (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  One watch is enough to entertain and move on.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Why not make today, the day you go outside – Ed

Let’s try this, people who attempt suicide lose the right to joke about it – Carl

It’s not really therapy if there’s a knife at your back – Anna

I didn’t want to offend him – Ethan

Oh, you’re a shrink.  That’s a twist – Jane

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