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Those Who Wish Me Dead – Review

Those Who Wish Me Dead – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 40 minutes

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After seeing his friend’s home turned into an arson target, Owen takes cash out of his bank account, grabs his son, Connor, gets in his car, and drives away.  Owen decides to go to Ethan’s house.  Ethan is Owen’s brother, the sheriff of a small town, and has a baby on the way with his fiance, Allison.  Owen explains to Connor that he found a problem while working as a forensic accountant.  Owen and his friend reported the error.  Now, someone murdered his friend in the arson, and Owen knows he is next.  Owen writes a note and gives it to Connor.  He tells Connor not to read it.  And if anything happens to him, Connor should give it to someone he trusts.  On their drive to Ethan’s, Patrick and Jack start shooting at Owen’s car.  Patrick and Jack are the same hitmen that killed Owen’s friend.  Owen’s car careens into the woods, and he knows he has very little time to save Connor.  Owen tells Connor to take the note and hide in the woods.  When the coast is clear, Connor needs to find a creek because creeks lead to rivers, rivers lead to towns, and towns lead to people.  There Connor can find help.  Connor leaves the car and Owen slams on the gas.  Seeing someone is alive, the hitmen take more shots at the vehicle, and Connor watches Owen die.  Believing their mission is complete, Patrick and Jack leave the scene.  Connor starts to run and runs into Hannah.  Hannah is a firefighter with a painful past.  One day, she evaluated information incorrectly, and several firefighters and civilians died.  She warns Connor that he is going the wrong way, and if he wants to live, he will go her way.  Connor decides to follow Hannah and give her his note.  With Owen’s written word, Hannah knows Connor is in danger.  And the ‘danger’ has something horrible up its sleeve.  Patrick and Jack listen in to the police radio calls.  And when they hear that police found only one body in the car, they know Connor is alive.  They have to finish the job or their boss, Arthur, will make them pay.  So, the hitmen start a fire to preoccupy the police while they find Connor.  With the hitmen after them, Connor and Hannah will have to go into the fire to save themselves.  

Based on Those Who Wish Me Dead by Michael Koryta, this movie provides action, but it’s nothing new (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While Hannah and Connor are the main focal point of the story, it’s Allison versus Patrick that will keep your eyes glued to the TV.  This soon-to-be momma bear is dangerous with a door, bear spray, and a gun.  All this while being quick-witted.  While you fall in love with that action, you never feel a growing concern for Connor or Hannah in the woods surrounded by fire.  One endearing aspect of this film is that it shows another side of depression.  After losing people on the job, Hannah becomes a risk-taker.  She puts her life at risk because she is suicidal.  Allison’s battle and Hannah’s expression of depression are the watchable points of this film.   

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

If you did the right thing then why are you so scared – Connor

I do not have sex with men I’ve seen s**t in the woods – Hannah

Give it to someone you trust – Owen

It’s a zero-sum game. Treat it that way – Arthur

You’re pointing it the wrong way – Jack

It hates you back – Allison

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Profile – Review

Profile – Budget of $2.3 million – 1 hour and 45 minutes

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For years, hundreds of newly-Islam-converted teens and women, from London, traveled to Syria after falling for a Jihadist man they met through social media.  While reporters know that social media is the latest recruitment tactic, no one knows the complex network to get these females into Syria alone.  While some are married off, others become sex slaves or terrorists.  And when they try to escape, they are killed.  With no money in the bank, Amy pitches the idea to find how the network operates to her chief editor, Vick.  Vick loves the story, but Vick needs something in a few weeks, or she will kill it.  Amy creates a Facebook profile and sets up recording software on her laptop.  After setting up her account, Amy goes through Friends lists of anyone spreading extremist material.  She friends their friends, and soon Abu contacts her.  She goes through his profile and believes he is a terrorist.  When he wants to talk via video chat, Amy starts to freak out.  She calls Vick to voice her concerns about the project.  So Vick sweetens the deal.  If Amy can get the story, Vick will give Amy a full-time position.  Currently, Amy doesn’t have enough money to pay rent or move into a new apartment with her fiancé, so she needs a stable full-time job.  She pushes her fear to the side and makes a video chat date with Abu, a terrorist.  While her profile is fake, the danger and feelings become real.

Based on In The Skin of a Jihadist by Anna Erelle, this film has the cinematography of Searching and the anticipation of Unfriended, which should make for a winning combination (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  However, something doesn’t resonate with the viewer.  That’s because social media experts will see the mistakes Amy makes during her chats.  These mistakes lead you to her real identity and location.  Also, the viewer knows Abu wants to trap her.   While she relies on a tech guy to help her record her chats, hide her desktop, and mask her phone number, it’s the little things that give her away.  Yes, Abu is a terrorist, but this movie is a blueprint on how dark romance happens so fast on the internet.  Abu figures out Amy’s vulnerabilities and uses them to gain her trust.  This tactic is how predatorial relationships work.  If you want a matinee movie for the weekend, this is a good one to watch.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I was worried about you today – Amy

Everyday I fight to stop the killing – Abu

Did you record the video – Vick

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