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Evil Stepmom – Review

Evil Stepmom – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Annabelle worries that her dad, Tim, is lonely after her mother, Hannah, died.  Tim pulls double duty for his girls as their soccer coach.  Annabelle creates a dating profile for Tim under the disapproving eye of her sister, Gabriella.  When Tim’s picture pops up on the website, Bethany alerts Caroline quickly.  Caroline and Bethany look Tim up and see he is worth $9 million.  They come up with a plan to meet him by enrolling Bethany in soccer.  While Bethany practices with Annabelle and Gabriella, Caroline approaches Tim and introduces herself.  She is a single doctor and mother of Bethany.  Bethany’s father abandoned them, and now, Caroline is balancing work and home.  Tim invites Bethany and Caroline to have pizza with his family after practice.  While Annabelle and Bethany click, Tim and Caroline connect.  These connections leave Gabriella out in the cold.  In a few days, Bethany and Caroline invade Gabriella’s home.  Gabriella has a sneaking suspicion that Bethany and Caroline are up to something.  She has to find a way to break the bonds that bind Tim and Annabelle to Caroline and Bethany, respectively.

Seriously, someone give Tim the worst dad ever cup. His actions, or inactions, to Gabriella’s pleas, are disturbing.  No matter what evidence Gabriella produces, Caroline has a lie ready or beat Gabriella to the punch.  Caroline uses guns, drugs, sob stories, and a sonogram to keep Tim in her clutches.  After a while, you will want Caroline or Bethany to kill Tim because you will be frustrated by his naivete. This movie comes to the typical open-ended Lifetime solution but let’s hope this movie ends with part 1.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Well, my solution is a lot more fun – Annabelle

Guess what? I found you the perfect guy – Bethany

I’m a doctor, death doesn’t make me uncomfortable – Caroline

I’m not ready to date anyone yet – Tim

There’s something off about Caroline – Gabriella

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Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After – Review

Morning Show Mysteries: Murder Ever After – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

While getting a tumultuous introduction to her new co-host, Carlos, Billie gets a call from her friend, Maggie.  After receiving a distressing call from her father, Ryan, Maggie went to his home to check on him.  She found Ryan unconscious and on the floor with items belonging to his estranged wife, Phoebe.  Ryan suffered a stroke, and doctors don’t know when or if he will wake up.  Billie manages to convince Maggie to leave Ryan’s bedside to get a change of clothes.  Once at Ryan’s home, Billie surveys the clues.  She follows the clues to the basement and finds a skull.  Billie calls the police immediately.  With Detective Wally along, the new head of homicide, Detective Sergeant Tyrell Pierce, looks in the basement for clues.  Tyrell observes the ground has lye, a chemical that can dissolve a human body in 3 hours.  And he finds a gold watch.  Tyrell and Wally ask Maggie about the timepiece, and she lies.  On the kitchen counter, Tyrell sees a photograph of a woman wearing the watch.  He inquires about her identity.  Maggie explains the woman in the picture is Phoebe.  After a New Year’s party, everyone believed that Phoebe left Ryan to be with Jay Messner.  At the time, Jay was married to Pam.  No one ever heard from Phoebe or Jay after the party.  Now, Tyrell and Wally believe Phoebe is the unidentified body in the basement, and Ryan killed her.  Billie must prove them wrong.  Good thing she has an unwanted partner.

Based on The Morning Show Mysteries by Al Roker, this film is a new start to an HMM favorite (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With a new detective and a new host, it’s hard not to sit up and pay attention.  Tyrell isn’t a dumb cop that follows Billie’s lead while pushing her to the side.  He is one step in front or behind her at all times.  Also, Tyrell becomes wary of Billie’s involvement when Tyrell learns she is a reporter.  But seeing how people open up to Billie makes Tyrell believe he can use her.  Carlos is a reporter that loves ratings and exposure.  While he does take risks on air, he keeps Billie on her toes.  Now Sleuthers don’t worry because the show will give Ian the proper send-off for his character and daughter.  Also, the show says goodbye to Billie’s restaurant.  She will be a host full-time.  These changes will leave more opportunities for the viewer to get to know the show’s staff.  This crime keeps you guessing, so have your murder board and labeler ready to narrow down the culprits (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

The man sounds like he should come with a warning – Cassandra

Guys, no gossip – Billie

So, why do they make you bake – Carlos

So, this is a Trojan horse – Det. Price

Truth doesn’t always go with justice, especially in court – Maggie

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A Mother’s Lie – Review

A Mother’s Lie – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Twenty years ago, Chuck impregnated his girlfriend, Katherine.  Katherine’s mother, Joyce, convinced Katherine to keep the pregnancy a secret from everyone, including Chuck.  Katherine gave birth to their baby girl at her family’s lake house.  After the birth, Joyce came up to the room and told Katherine her baby died.  Heartbroken, Katherine still keeps this secret.  Today, Chuck and Katherine are happily married, but their daughter, Haley, has leukemia.  She needs a bone marrow transplant, or she will die soon.  Joyce used her influence to create the Hollingsworth Pediatric Cancer Foundation.  She hoped it would find a match for Haley, but nothing has worked.  With only six months to live, Haley needs a miracle.  Joyce will provide it.  Twenty years ago, Joyce lied to Katherine when she stated the baby died.  That baby is alive and well.  She is a college student named Libby and works part-time but got life-altering news.  She no longer qualifies for her scholarship and needs money now.  Libby and her best friend, Will, try to brainstorm but come up with nothing.  While at work, Libby sees a well-dressed woman walk into the shop with flyers for a bone marrow donation drive.  The drive is for a girl named Holly.  And any match will be awarded a generous sum, plus all medical expenses paid and a recovery hotel stay.  Libby puts up two flyers in the coffee shop and decides to see if she is a match.  Low and behold, she is a match for the girl and will have enough money to pay for her education.  Unbeknownst to Libby, she will be donating bone marrow to her little sister.  Now, Joyce has to keep Libby away from Katherine, Haley, and Chuck.  Or the meeting will expose Joyce’s 20-year lie.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.  Joyce’s lie steamrolls through this family as she tries to save Haley’s life.  You could forgive this, but Joyce uses Haley’s illness to implant doubt into Katherine’s mind about Chuck’s willingness to be a father.  Then Joyce tries to make Chuck think he isn’t the father of Haley.  Even though keeping this lie has hurt Katherine, nothing will stop Joyce from lying.  And she does it all under the guise of a mother’s love.  When Joyce’s lies turn deadly, you will praise the mother’s love that brings this family together.  But the ending leaves you wondering, will there be a part 2?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

And they said this would last – Katherine

That was just your mother – Chuck

You can and you must. There is nothing a mother can’t do for her child – Joyce

How many times is the answer to your prayers the answer to someone else’s – Libby

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