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Faith Heist 2: A Christmas Caper – Review

Faith Heist 2: A Christmas Caper – Bounce TV – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Reverend Benjamin and his crew are working at the local mall to raise money for the Children’s Hospital. Marge manages the mall and convinces Himmel’s Jewelers to provide the tree topper. The Christmas Star is worth $1,000,000. While Benjamin plays Santa, Jack is his elf, who takes pictures of Santa with the kids. Gabs makes holiday treats that no one wants while Nas and Skipper set up the camera. Last year, this group pulled off a Faith Heist to save Benjamin’s church after a con man investor stole their money. They continue their acts of good to help the community. Marge’s first act was hiring Dan. After they took down the investor, Dan lost his security job. Marge hired him because he wasn’t a part of the lies. Dan won’t allow another heist to happen on his watch, so he keeps an eye on Benjamin and the entire crew. Dan is correct to be worried because someone plans to steal The Christmas Star and lay the blame on Benjamin. Can the team take down the robber before Dan pins the crime on them?

This sequel allows the characters to grow while providing Home Alone antics (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Since the movie focuses on the characters’ hopes and dreams, they don’t understand a heist is in the works. Nas wants a father figure to guide him through his crush on Skipper. But Skipper wants her father to treat her like an adult. Benjamin’s wife wants a baby, but he doesn’t think he will be a good dad. Gabs misses her husband, and Marge has a new man and anger management. The story focuses on their interconnected relationships as the heist goes on in the background. Unlike the first movie, they create a plan on the fly in the last 30 minutes. This movie isn’t a stand-out like the first, but it provides some laughs for the holidays.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Thank god – Benjamin

How about some daddy-daughter dances – Jack

Maybe we do have something here #cringemas – Nas

If you catch me on the right day – Marge

That will show him – Skipper

You gotta respect tradition – Gabs

It’s like a Snoop Dogg concert – Dan

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The Tale of Two Christmases – Review

The Tale of Two Christmases – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma created a presentation but accidentally destroyed it by removing the artificial snow. Her boss, Mr. Hayden, decides to cancel her meeting. Emma depended on that contract to become a senior architect, but now she has to settle for remodels and renovations. Emma sees Max in the elevator, and he invites her to his house for a Christmas party. For months, Emma wished Max would ask her out on a date. However, she can’t go because she has a flight to catch in the morning. Emma’s parents called earlier to discuss their family traditions. And they have her old high school friend, Drew, to help. Drew picked on Emma because she bested him at every competition. Before Emma enters her apartment, she talks to a donation Santa. Emma wishes her dreams would come true, sets her alarm for the flight, and goes to bed.

Emma wakes up in a panic. Her alarm clock lost power and didn’t wake her up. She jumps out of bed and catches a taxi. But it gets stuck in traffic, and Emma runs the rest of the way. She sprints to the terminal and asks the attendant if she made the flight. That’s when the story splits into two. In one version, she makes her plane and spends the holiday with her family and Drew. In the second version, she misses her plane and spends the holiday with Max and work.

This holiday movie makes viewers do a double take as Emma’s double life plays out simultaneously. It gets easier to tell her lives apart because she has to cut her hair in one. Now, there is some overlap in the stories. For example, her boss calls to give her a second chance to fix her presentation. In one life, she jumps to prove herself. She misses the call and can’t do anything about it in the other. Emma learns the direct effect of her actions. While the movie is different, it doesn’t keep your attention with the predictable conclusion.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, that’s me. Still got all my toes – Emma

I’m always smelling pizza – Drew

What would I do without you – Max

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The Christmas Clapback – Review

The Christmas Clapback – BET/BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Kira, Jasmine, and Tisha are hosting the Annual Christmas Cookoff. It’s bittersweet because this is the first time they will host without their mother. She started the competition and won every year. Her daughters vow to win this year and keep their family’s legacy alive. To encourage signups, they host a kick-off luncheon. They don’t have a prize yet, but they are working on getting more sponsors to create it. 

Jasmine returned from L.A. and didn’t tell anyone her career collapsed. Kira and Tisha called Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend, Damon, to reconnect with her. Jasmine doesn’t hide her fury, but Damon blames her for ghosting him. After Damon leaves, Jasmine confronts her sisters for their intrusion. Then they hear music coming from across the street. Social media influencer Aaliyah documents moving into her new home. Aaliyah named her followers ‘Peaches’ and cooks on her platforms. Tisha invites Aaliyah over to talk about herself and the cookoff. Aaliyah wants to join and offers to bring in sponsors for a quid pro quo. They agree to allow Aaliyah to sign up late. Then, Curtis, Aaliyah’s mover, enters to ask a question. After her answer, he asks Kira out, but she says no because of his employment. 

Aaliyah gets home and immediately posts for her Peaches to send recipes. Jasmine thinks the Peaches are coming after them and wants to use the competition to ‘clapback.’ The culinary rounds test the women’s loyalty to the contest and each other. Can Kira, Jasmine, and Tisha win the event for the family’s legacy without losing each other?

Viewers should keep snacks near because these women don’t mess around in the kitchen. Your mouth will water for their delectable delights. One stellar aspect of this movie is the women don’t resort to pettiness, fighting, or name-calling. They respect each other and let their food do the talking. However, their personal lives have a direct effect on their abilities. Jasmine decides if she wants to rekindle things with Damon. Tisha deals with her sisters’ judgment as she falls for Aaliyah. And Kira learns that she mustn’t judge a book by its cover. This competition sparks growth.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I know. It is kind of intimidating – Kira

I’m not going to apologize for choosing myself – Jasmine

Don’t ever accuse me of not being Team Miles – Tisha 

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows I am the competition – Aaliyah

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Steppin’ into the Holidays – Review

Steppin’ into the Holidays – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Producers of Celebrity Dance Off decided to remove Billy Holiday from the show but keep his co-host, Joanna. Since Joanna and Billy broke up, the rating took a nose dive. But her approval rating is up. Access Hollywood leaks the story, so Billy chooses to return home to lay low under his manager’s advice. Billy’s sister, Marissa, greets her brother with a headlock. She’s happy to have Billy home, but she’s put all her focus on her son, Junior. Junior is a gifted dancer but puts his education on the back burner.

On their way to pick up Junior from dance class, Billy runs into Rae. Rae is Junior’s dance instructor and owns the old studio where Billy got his start. Billy and Rae were partners until Billy went to Hollywood. The dancers are putting on a Christmas Special to raise money to take the students to a professional performance in New York. Billy wants to help lend his celebrity to the cause. At first, Rae says no, but she changes her mind for the kid’s sake and trusts Billy. Will that trust be short-lived when his manager, Irma, hears about Billy’s new show and wants to bring him back to Hollywood?

The loving bond between Billy and Marissa will bring viewers holiday joy. Marissa recognizes that Billy’s spark for dancing waned over the years. Focusing on ratings and Hollywood pressure burned Billy out. Seeing this first-hand makes Marissa worry about Junior more. He puts so much energy into dance, but it can disappear over time. She wants Junior to concentrate on his education. His rebellious nature makes Marissa question herself as a parent. Billy helps Marissa understand that she is doing an excellent job as a mother. Billy and Marissa may tease each other, but their sibling love is undeniable.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

How not in a bad way – Billy

It’s Mr. Holiday – Rae

You really got your soft hands full, don’t you – Marissa

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Fatal Family Reunion – Review

Fatal Family Reunion – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sloane leaves the recording studio after getting tragic news that her stepmother, Avery, died. Sloane returns to her family’s estate for the funeral and the reading of the will. Sloane ascends the stairs to see her face scratched out of family photos. Then her stepsister, Lexi, gives Sloane a thinly veiled insult. Lexi is a beauty influencer and uses sponsor products, including Botox, for her fans. Since her room is gone, the housekeeper, Wendy, helps Sloane to the attic. Sloane finds her old stuffed animal and steps on the balcony to reflect. She walks off the balcony and sees her stuffed animal hanging. Sloane tries to run out of the attic. But someone locked her in, causing her to panic. Soon her stepbrother, Blake, opens the door with a devious grin. Sloane screams at Blake for being immature and runs to her brother, David, for comfort. Sloane is ready to leave and return to her boyfriend, Malik. However, David tells Sloane she must stay. Avery has a stipulation that they must all be present to read the will. Sloane promises to remain until the meeting, but that’s a colossal mistake. Someone in this reunion wants to destroy the family, but will that person succeed before Sloane finds the truth?

This movie tries to add curveballs with suspicious actions, deplorable pasts, and an inheritance. However, experienced Lifetimers can easily pick the killer. It’s the ‘why’ that keeps you watching the television. Just a warning, the ‘why’ is pretty pitiful. Nevertheless, seeing Sloane piece the puzzle together is entertaining. This movie is an okay end to the 2022 Hateful and Grateful slate.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Watch out. Precious cargo coming through – Ellie

I never liked that picture of me anyway – Sloane

I gotta curl why the iron is hot – Lexi

The look on your face – Blake

Don’t let him get under your skin – David

Bad seeds grow into wicked things – Wendy

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A Royal Corgi Christmas – Review

A Royal Corgi Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Prince Edmond arrives with a present for his mother, Queen Portia. Edmond’s sister, Princess Victoria, is not amused to see an untrained corgi, Mistletoe, running out of the car. Victoria thinks Mistletoe is a poor impulse buy and tells Edmond to return it. Edmond knows how much Portia like corgis because she has two. But Victoria sees Mistletoe is untrained and older, so she tells Edmond to take the dog to the royal trainer, Alec. Alec takes one look at Mistletoe and firmly says no. Edmond thinks it’s an overreaction until Mistletoe runs loose during a ceremony and goes viral. Tradition destines Edmond to be the next King when Portia steps down in a few weeks. However, the country doesn’t take him seriously. He can improve his profile by getting Mistletoe trained as a first step. Based on viral information, he knows the woman for the job.

Cecily wrote a book about training dogs and is currently on a promotional tour. When the reporter asks about the dog on the cover, Cecily gets sad and avoids the question. Her ex-boyfriend took the dog after they broke up and won’t let her see it. Cecily’s manager, Jacob, views the video of Mistletoe’s jailbreak and tells Cecily that training the dog could raise her profile. If she gets recognition, she could start her animal charity sooner. Jacob is a royal watcher and creates a dossier for Cecily about the family.

Edmond hires Cecily and flies her to the Christmas castle. He leaves her alone with Mistletoe to work, but she corrects him. She doesn’t train dogs. She coaches owners to train their dogs. And if Edmond wants Mistletoe trained, he needs to do the work. Cecily will train Edmond to be a wonderful dog dad and a responsible king. When someone sees Edmond falling for Cecily, they will consider it a threat to the throne. They will do anything to stop the budding romance.

If you are a dog lover, this movie is for you. The corgis are cute and mischievous, and this movie’s saving grace. The plot gives usable tips for training dogs, but the film is predictable while correcting tradition. While slightly entertaining, this film will get lost in the holiday shuffle and quickly forgotten. You can save this on your DVR when you need 2 hours to kill.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, if we’re all the same, then where’s my tiara – Cecily

Don’t be so sure it’s a visit– Edmond

Someone got put in their place – Portia

Be merry – Victoria 

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#Xmas – Review

#Xmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jen owns a home decor store and puts DIY projects on social media. Her friend, Max, takes the pictures, but Jen tells him not to use her face. Jen’s sister Ali tells Jen that her favorite influencers, Hygge At Home, are having a contest. The winner gets published in their monthly magazine, added to their social platform, and a branded crossover. Jen says no because Zoe and Charlie Hygge will want perfection and a face to the brand. Jen believes she is neither.

Jen and Max go to Ali’s home to help. Ali has a young baby, Reed, with her husband, Brad, and Jen adores Reed and decides to make a joke video. She pretends Reed is her baby and Max is her husband. Then, Jen talks about being imperfect, loving the holiday, and spending time with family. Jen tells Ali to delete the video, but Ali posts it with the hashtags for the contest. Jen wakes up to quadruple the followers and $2000 in sales. When Zoe and Charlie select her in the first round of the competition, Jen decides to keep the lie going. But what will happen to her brand, Max, and her family when the lie goes viral?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive. And this web is worldwide. Jen thinks her lie will end in the first-round selections. However, followers love her imperfect and relatable posts. Soon, her mom visits to meet Max, she is knee-deep in hashtags, and they are putting a baby through a window. This movie gives insight into influencers falling down their Insta-rabbit holes for clicks, ads, and likes. Soon the lines between reality and lies get blurred, not just for Jen and Max. But for Zoe and Charlie too. They are living a lie on social media, are you?

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s the visual equivalent of the sound of my own voice – Jen

Like by many but a tad nutty – Max

Problem for future us – Ali

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A Wesley Christmas – Review

A Wesley Christmas – BET/BET Her – 3 hours and 0 minutes

Bryan and Sylvia prepare for their adult children, Chris, Cydney, and Todd, to come home for the holidays. Bryan calls Cydney to tell her a secret about Sylvia but hangs up before finishing his statement. Cydney phones Chris to see if he knows what’s going on with their dad. Chris doesn’t know but informs Cydney that Chris won’t make it to see the family. He is too angry to look at Todd. Todd invested in an app without Chris’s knowledge and lost half a million dollars. Cydney tries to calm Chris down, but it doesn’t work. 

Later, Cydney gets phone calls from two men: Jefferson and Omar. Both are dating Cydney, but Jefferson is in love with her. Cydney’s roommate, Ryan, enters the apartment and complains about her boyfriend’s holiday plans. They planned to go on a trip, but now he can’t find his passport. When Cydney realizes he doesn’t need it to travel to a U.S. territory, she offers to let Ryan visit her family. Ryan thinks they can work things out but asks for the Wesley’s address just in case. 

Chris tells his wife that he wants to stay home for the holidays. But she won’t hear it because their twins are going to college next year. She wants them to spend as much time with the family as possible. Chris keeps his issues with Todd private and relents to his wife. 

Todd comes home and finds his wife, Janelle, packing her bags. Their marriage isn’t living up to her dream, so she wants to leave him and find someone to take care of her. Todd pleads with her to give him more time, but she is tired of his excuses. Over the years, several of his business ventures failed. She doesn’t want to wait to be rich. All three children and their baggage will descend on the Wesley family. And their aunt Glo, uncle Jerome, and displaced Marcus will add gasoline to this fire. Will the Wesleys survive the holidays?

This movie has comebacks, messy family ties, and a bad BBL to keep viewers laughing. However, stories about PTSD, grief, and betrayal will strike a chord with anyone. This movie mixes serious topics with funny moments with ease and care, and let’s not forget the spiciest moment in a holiday film. The writers provided a solid plot without depending on holiday tropes. There were no sappy love stories, magical bells, or children to extract emotion from the viewer. Hopefully, the Wesley family will get a part two next season.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Well, it’s on my bucket list – Bryan

So, we hiding things now – Sylvia

Damn Cyd, you can’t hold water – Chris

I’m not a pimp – Cydney

Is that a tumor -Glo

The Bible? What chapter was that? 2nd Contradictions – Todd

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My Southern Family Christmas – Review

My Southern Family Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Alice brainstorms ideas for her magazine’s featured article because it could launch her career into the stratosphere. However, she feels all holiday-themed articles are overdone. So Alice goes to their home to continue her brainstorming session. She finds a memory box at her parents’ home and asks to take it. 

Inside the box are pictures of her biological father, Everett, before he left their family. As she goes through it, Alice gets a call from Jennifer. She married Everett and had two children, Mary Margaret and Amelia. The town picked Everett to be the new Père Noël. But he almost didn’t accept it because he felt undeserving of the title. Jennifer thinks making amends with Alice will ail Everett’s troubles. Alice is unsure and asks for time to think.

Alice researches Père Noël at work, and her boss sees it over her shoulder. He assumes it’s her article pitch. Alice makes up something on the spot, and her boss wants her to delve deeper into the man behind the costume. Alice agrees to interview Everett, then talks to her parents. They understand why she wants to go but warn Alice to be careful. 

Alice meets Jennifer at Jennifer’s home. Jennifer got a room at the town’s bed and breakfast to make things comfortable. The owner’s son, Jackson, is the town liaison and record keeper. Jennifer and Alice talk until Everett, Mary Margaret, and Amelia come home. Jennifer told Everett a reporter was coming to town but didn’t inform him of her lineage. She wanted to leave that to Alice. When Everett introduces himself, Alice calls herself Campbell to keep her identity a secret. Will Everett let Alice down or be the man she always dreamed he was?

This reunion film covers the feeling of loss and abandonment with little conflict. The plot explains Everett’s actions and allows Alice to unveil herself in her time and way. She interviews the townspeople to comprehend Everett and his hardships. Everett isn’t an evil man but broken. While this movie has a cute love story, it’s not needed. So get your cajun eggnog ready and watch with the family.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

How did you find me – Alice

Do we hug – Jennifer

They’re my everything. I couldn’t imagine life without them – Everett 

Remember, you’re in control of how this goes – Mr. Wallace

Well, it takes one to know one – Jackson

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Baking All the Way – Review

Baking All the Way – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Julia’s latest cookbook is ready to print, but the book is missing a standout cookie to wow readers. Julia meets with her publisher, Delphine, and requests more time to find a gingerbread cookie like her mom, Evelyn, made. Julia tried to re-create the recipe but fell short. So, Julia created a contest. The winner earns a spotlight in her new cookbook. Delphine agrees to the extension but can’t promise the due date.

Julia returns to her bakery and her sous chef, AJ, convinces Julia to try one more cookie. Julia opens a basket from Homestead bakery and tries a cookie. It’s her mother’s recipe. Julia gets in her car and drives to meet the owner. Julia checks into the local bed and breakfast. Then, she enters the Homestead bakery and meets Irene. Irene’s son, Christopher, owns and operates the bakery. Julia presents Christopher with her idea, but he doesn’t want to give up the recipe because it’s a family secret. She doesn’t understand why he won’t to be a part of the contest because he sent an entry. Christopher has no idea who sent the basket, and neither does Irene or his daughter, Abby. Abby mentions that the bakery has fallen on hard times. Christopher tries to play it off, but the bank calls and asks for a payment. Julia offers to use her marketing expertise to raise his revenue by 50%. Christopher will let her print his gingerbread recipe if she makes the goal. Can Julia save Christopher’s company in exchange for the recipe?

This story feels ordinary, but the miracle connection at the ending saves the plot from being mundane. While the acting is spot on, viewers know what will happen to Christopher and Julia because he is a widower. However, someone pulls Julia’s strings and uses Christopher to do it. Abby is a tremendous, well-written character. She is spunky without being bratty, and she loves to negotiate. While the movie slows down in the middle to grow the love story, it offers plenty of gingerbread treats to keep you on the internet.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

So that means I got all my good qualities from you – Christopher

I sure hope so – Irene

But you’re the one who said, ‘we need as many customers as possible this month’ – Abby

Nothing is impossible – Julia

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When I Think of Christmas – Review

When I Think of Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sara returns home to celebrate Christmas with her mom, Anna, at their home one more time. Anna plans to move to a condo after the holidays. After taking a few work calls, Sara assures Anna that she will focus on the holidays and family. They attend a lighting ceremony and run into Ted. Ted is an old family friend and Anna’s real estate agent. They have a few laughs before the mayor comes to the microphone and announces this year’s events. The town is excited about the Christmas concert because Josh will be the concert’s producer. Josh grew up in the city and became famous. Sara had no idea Josh would be there. Sara attempts to say hello to her ex-boyfriend before seeing him wave at another woman in the crowd. They haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Josh and Sara exchange a polite greeting before parting ways.

Later, Sara asks to see Anna’s condo, but Ted still has the key. Sara goes to Ted’s office to get it, and Josh is there. They talk about work and the past. Sara had the same passion for music as Josh but left that world behind for a stable legal career. Sara and Josh have a few run-ins that end horribly, but something sparks in Sara when she finds old cassette tapes of her parents singing together. Sara’s father was a struggling musician, but when he died, Anna left the music world and chose a reliable path. Sara worries she is doing the same thing, so she asks to play piano for Josh during the auditions. Josh lost his previous pianist and now asks Sara to be a permanent addition. But Sara gives excuses of why she can’t help. Then, the two sing, and the passion ignites. But now Sara wonders if she made the right choices in life. She worries that she wasted time on law instead of pursuing music. When she gets a chance at law partner, will she stay in Oakcrest with Josh or return to New York?

Let’s start taking responsibility for our choices. Sara blames everyone but herself for her choices in life. She saw her mom struggle to make ends meet before and after her father died. So when Sara came to a fork in the road, Sara decided on something more stable: law. She could have left with Josh and started a music and love life with him, but she didn’t. Now, she has success and security. Josh, however, is on the tail end of fame. His limelight is dwindling, but he blames himself. He understands that he lost his love of music within the business. Hearing Sara cry and blame everyone else for her successful choices is bothersome. Of course, she comes to this revelation at the end. But she is unlikable by that point.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

What a waste that was – Josh

Change can be good – Sara

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The Case of the Christmas Diamond – Review

The Case of the Christmas Diamond – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Olivia invited her best friend, Andy, to spend Christmas with her family in their mansion. Olivia stops Andy from getting her bags and calls on the butler, Bridget, to do it. Olivia enters the home, and it takes her breath away. Olivia’s mother, Margaret, descends the stairs and examines the Christmas Diamond Bridget sent to get cleaned. Margaret tells Andy to go to a hotel, but Olivia threatens to leave if Andy can’t stay. Magaret relents. Olivia’s brother, Liam, takes an instant liking to the charming brunette after bumping into Andy while talking on the phone. Olivia’s uncle, Gary, Gary’s wife, Leonora, and their daughter, Harper, give Olivia dismissive smiles. Olivia warns Harper that Gary only comes around when he wants to ask for money for his business ventures. Harper is the definition of entitled and now wants to be an influencer. Leonora takes any chance she has to look down her nose at others. Olivia introduces Andy to their chef, Raphael, and he promises to make anything Andy needs for her stay. As Andy gets comfortable, Liam’s ex-fiancée glides into the room. Margaret invited her to patch things up with Liam. Margaret likes Amelia because she comes from a well-respected and wealthy family. Andy’s feeling of unwelcomeness grows until Jackie comes into the house. Jackie is Andy’s favorite crime writer. And as an aspiring writer, Andy can’t wait to pick Jackie’s brain. 

Before the festivities begin, Olivia collects everyone’s cell phones. Margaret wants to have their full attention. Andy hears something moving around outside and finds Santa. Well, Gary dressed as Santa bringing in games. The family tradition is the new person picks a game for everyone. Andy picks Whodunit, but Margaret has another game in mind (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She wants them to decide who gets her Christmas Diamond. After a spirited debate, Margaret deemed none of them worthy. And she keeps it. The power goes out as Margaret locks the Christmas Diamond in the safe. Margaret notices the Christmas Diamond is gone when the lights come back on. Now, Margaret refuses to let anyone leave the premises until she gets her Christmas Diamond returned. And she knows who to blame: Andy. Andy proclaims her innocence until someone finds the Christmas Diamond in Andy’s luggage. Everyone suspects Andy except Jackie. Andy asks Jackie to use her sleuth-writing skills to clear her name. Jackie agrees, but only if Andy assists. If Andy doesn’t find the culprit soon, Margaret will gift her handcuffs for Christmas.

There is nothing like a good mystery during the Holiday season. This Agatha Christie-style tale with a ticking clock will raise your interest (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). And let’s not forget all the shade. This family does not hold back their savage comments, especially Margaret. You will be spitting out your Sugar Cookie Martini multiple times. Unlike other romcoms this holiday season, this movie has something for everyone. It has scandal, money, and enthralling characters. Of course, the film has a guardian angel because it’s Christmas. Hopefully, this won’t be the last movie for this crime duo.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Maybe I like spending Christmas with General Tso – Andy

We look down on everyone – Olivia

What’s wrong with you – Liam

We’d love to have you – Margaret

Forget game night. Looks like we got ourselves a real mystery – Jackie

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A Show-Stopping Christmas – Review

A Show-Stopping Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Riley is working on this year’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol, but she has yet to find a Bob Cratchit (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). So, Riley will have an open casting call for the town and promotes it on social media. Riley gets a call from the Otona Theater’s owner, Regina. She wants to visit the set tomorrow and asks Riley to stop auditions. Regina decided to sell the theater to a condo developer for seven figures. She plans to close the theater before the holiday and wants to cancel the play. Riley protests because it’s not what Regina’s late husband, Jake, would do. Regina refuses to budge, and Riley sulks in the theater. Riley looks up at the theater lights and asks for the ghost of past, present, and future to change Regina’s heart. In the distance, Riley sees a man. Sam notices Riley from the YouTube video, but she thinks he is there for an audition. He tells Riley he is there to pick up the contracts his aunt Regina left behind. Then, Riley remembers that Sam is an award-winning actor from Hollywood. He got his start in the business early and never got a chance to perform in his uncle’s theater. Riley wants to use Sam’s star power to boost donations to keep the theater open. With each rehearsal, they grow closer. Will Riley back away when she finds out Sam has a vested interest in closing the theater?

This movie tries to stand out with a villain’s heartfelt speech, but it falls short within the onslaught of holiday programming. Viewers get the adoring couple with something to save. But before the love, we have a misunderstanding. Regina’s speech, which is 100% truthful, is the only part of this movie that will stick out in your mind. Everything else is forgettable. Keep this one as background noise for your holiday activities.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

That is a lot of questions – Sam

That was hardly a conversation. That was an injunction – Riley

How dare you – Regina

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The Deadliest Lie – Review

The Deadliest Lie – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sam works at a law firm and creates an impeccable strategy for their client, Jaden. Jaden is going through a messy divorce, and his soon-to-be ex-wife claims emotional distress. Sam decided to weaponize her social media to prove otherwise. Sam’s boss, Monty, loves the tactic but thinks men would be more suited to present the strategy to Jaden. Then, Monty asks Sam to work over the weekend to devise a plan for Sam’s idea. Sam is furious and confides in her friend, KiKi. KiKi is a paralegal and loves to have a good time. So, she asks Sam to consider having fun tonight. Sam promises to think about it and goes home to her son, Tony. She tells Tony their weekend at the lake house is off because of work. Upset, Tony says he will spend their weekend with his dad and leaves the house.

Sam and KiKi go to the club, and Sam meets Clay. After a few drinks, Clay tries to take Sam home, but Sam says no. So, Clay attacks. Out of nowhere, a woman comes up from behind and knocks Clay out. She is gone before Sam can thank her. Sam tries to focus during work, but the attack stresses her too much, and she leaves. She walks past a lounge window and sees the woman, Giselle, sitting at the bar with several men surrounding her. Sam wants to repay her, so Giselle asks for a ride home. Giselle invites Sam inside her home for a cooked meal, and Sam humbly obliges. The two women talk, smoke, and flirt all night. Giselle will give Sam newfound confidence to stand up to Monty, bigotry, and the mirror. When Sam’s life starts falling apart, is her new friendship too good to be true?

This twisted, fatal attraction will have you screaming at the screen. Sam is in danger, but she is too busy riding the high of power to understand. Giselle interjects herself in every part of Sam’s life. Giselle makes herself an aunt to Tony, enters Sam’s work, and pushes dating advice on Sam. Just as you can get into a romantic relationship too fast, you can do the same for friendships too. Sam dives headfirst with Giselle and changes her clothes, attitude, and connections. Sam is a moth to a flame. Take this movie as a somewhat predictable warning, and prepare for part two.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

No wonder why you didn’t call the cops – Giselle

Excuse me, I’m speaking – Sam

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Christmas Lucky Charm – Review

Christmas Lucky Charm – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jessica watches two cute guys, Mitch and Liam, move into the gallery business next to her bakery. She can’t help but notice Mitch. Jessica walks into her bakery to finish making the wedding cake for her ex-boyfriend, John, and John’s fiancée, Emily. Jessica tells her friend, Allie, that the cake will be her gift because she is happy John found someone after their breakup. 

Jessica eats and mingles during the reception as Emily’s make-up artist talks to her. He tells Jessica that Emily and her friends dubbed Jessica the Christmas Lucky Charm. Anyone who dates Jessica’s ex-boyfriend is guaranteed a ring by Christmas. Emily wanted to test the theory and flirted with John while he was still dating Jessica. Now, Jessica is standing at their wedding reception. Furious, Jessica takes the cake right before the cutting ceremony and leaves the reception. She returns to her apartment and vows to stay single. While this is a lucky charm for others, it’s a curse for her. Allie pledges to join forces with Jessica after having a bad breakup.

Jessica starts on the baking for the next day when Mitch walks in the door. He loved the cake at the reception and wants to know if Jessica will cater some of his upcoming events at the gallery. They start to flirt, but Jessica remembers her vow. Later, Mitch asks to get a coffee together, but Jessica says no. Then she tells him the truth about the Lucky Charm after a store owner asks to profit from it by making a candle. Mitch thinks the lucky charm is ridiculous and tells Liam. Liam believes Jessica is scamming Mitch, so he asks her out on a date. She gives Liam the same excuse, and Liam humbly accepts. However, he meets Allie, and they start to date. Jessica thinks her Lucky Charm curse worked again. So, Mitch offers to help. He will fake date Jessica so people can’t use her to find love. Jessica agrees. But what will Jessica do when she realizes that fake dating is becoming genuine love?

Based on A Lot Like Christmas by Jennifer Snow, this movie has what most don’t: accountability (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Jessica attempts to take the high road by making her ex-boyfriend’s wedding cakes. However, she discovers the New Brides’ Club was using her for marriages and did something worthy of a Reddit post. She examines her love life and discovers it’s more than a curse. It’s honest and responsible. Mitch won’t let the rumors scare him away. He sees Jessica and the jinx for what it is: happenstance. This movie is funny and charming for any season.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. You’re welcome – Jessica

You should at least charge them extra – Allie

That is not how creativity works – Mitch

Let me guess, you’ll be finished your tasting shift by then – Liam

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Long Lost Christmas – Review

Long Lost Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Six months ago, Hayley lost her father and only has her mother, Patricia. Hayley has no siblings and longs for a family. Hayley’s personal life is in emotional turmoil, but her professional one is rising. Lolly called and asked Hayley to decorate part of Showcase House for charity. Each interior designer gets a room to decorate, and people buy tickets to see it. Hayley wasn’t Lolly’s first choice. But with the short notice, very few designers can do it.

While helping Patricia decorate, Hayley finds Patricia’s childhood memory box. Inside is a picture with the words ‘Gordon and Patricia’ written on the back. Patricia admits that Gordon is her older brother. He aged out of foster care when her parents adopted her. She wished he would return to her, but Gordon never did, and she felt abandoned. Seeing the hurt in her mother’s eyes gives Hayley an idea. 

Hayley asks her friend, Sarah, to help her find Gordon online. After a few Gordons, Hayley believes she has the right one and drives to meet him. Gordon works in construction and creates a cabin community with his partner, Jake. Hayley lies and pretends she wants to rent a cabin for a party. Later, she meets Gordon’s daughter, Brianna. Brianna makes furniture and believes Gordon should retire. Then, Gordon could let Jake take the reins. Hayley never feels comfortable revealing the truth. She stays longer to ensure Gordon is the man she is looking for before revealing herself. The longer she remains in town, the closer she gets to them. Hayley gives Brianna a job, falls for Jake, and connects with Gordon. Can Gordon handle the truth? Can she?

Based on Long Lost Christmas by Joan Kilby, this movie has love, joy, and healing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, Hayley’s horrible behavior overshadows it. After spending days lying to them, she gets upset at one lie Gordon says. Why would he open up his entire life and history to a stranger he met two days ago? Also, Gordon apologizes for her horrendous behavior. She is gaslighting him or being childish. Either way, it ruins the movie.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Scary how easy this is for you – Hayley

He’s all yours if you want him – Brianna 

You’re such a girl – Jake

Maybe its time to take a risk – Gordon

I needed a push, and you gave me one – Patricia

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Three Wise Men and a Baby – Review

Three Wise Men and a Baby – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Barbara raised three sons, Taylor, Stephan, and Lucas, alone. Taylor works as an app game designer. He is superb at his job but doesn’t get along with his teammates or boss. After another negative comment, Taylor’s boss, David, fires him. He goes home early to Barbara’s basement. Stephan does therapy sessions for people and their pets after writing successful books. Fans want him to do speaking engagements, but he has a panic attacks in front of groups of people. He meets his latest patient, CeCe, at his home behind Barbara’s house. Lucas is a firefighter who works crazy hours. His co-workers joke about his stunning good looks and wonder if he will ever finish his house. The builders have been working on it for almost a decade. Lucas lives in his old room in Barbara’s house until the contractors complete his.

The firehouse gets a knock at the door during a late night shift. Lucas finds a baby, Thomas, with a note. The mother has no one and asks Lucas to take care of the baby until Christmas. Lucas declares Thomas isn’t his baby. The chief says it’s too late to call social services, and no one in the firehouse can take Thomas. So, Lucas takes the baby home. Barbara is ecstatic to have a new baby in the house and promises to help care for Thomas until Barbara gets a phone call from Louise. Louise is Barbara’s dearest relative, and she hurt herself. Barbara has to leave her sons with Thomas for a day. The men say they can handle the responsibility for 24 hours. However, Louise suffered a concussion, and now Barbara has to stay longer. Lucas, Stephan, and Taylor are in for the battle of their lives.

Wow! Just wow! This movie has excellent comedic timing, a cute baby, and a charming role reversal. The beginning carefully unveils that Barbara’s sons live at home. Each became stagnant over the years for different reasons. This baby makes them have honest conversations about their lives, each other, and their father, and this film doesn’t force a falling-in-love moment, unlike most holiday movies. It’s a pure comedy with feeling. The conversations, disputes, and quips are authentic, and the film is an instant classic. Record it and save it to watch every year. It will be your favorite.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Nice truck. Did it come with an unearned sense of self-confidence – Taylor

Funny how busy everyone gets as soon as I mention Christmas – Barbara

Oh, just in time for dinner. What are the chances – Stephan

Like I said ten times, he’s not mine – Lucas

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