#SecretsOfDumbledore – Movie Review

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 22 minutes

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Newt finds a Qilin about to give birth.  In the magical world, the Qilin can see into someone’s soul, and they use it to pick their next leader.  After the creature gives birth, Credence attacks Newt, kills the mother Qilin, and steals the newborn calf.  When Newt wakes up, he realizes that the Qilin gave birth to twins.  He vows to keep this one safe until the Supreme Mugwump election. 

At Grindelwald’s fortress, he delights in Credence’s find and praises Credence.  Queenie stands in the doorway and watches in horror as Grindelwald slits the baby Qilin’s throat.  He looks into the pool of blood and sees into the future.  Grindelwald sees an oncoming attack from Newt, but Grindelwald contrives a way to win.  He gathers his allies and heads to Germany.

Dumbledore requested that Newt bring Theseus to him because he needs to explain something to Theseus.  Dumbledore tells Newt and Theseus that Grindelwald wants to make a power play and take over the magical world.  But Dumbledore knows that Grindelwald will attack the muggle world if Grindelwald takes control.  Dumbledore can’t fight Grindelwald because they made a blood pact years ago.  Any attack on Grindelwald will cause Dumbledore a slow and agonizing death.  Newt and Theseus are ready to join, but Newt wants some familiar reinforcements.  Newt asks Professor Eulalie HIcks to find Jacob and bring Jacob to their train.  

Playing the damsel in distress, Eulalie finds an emotionally broken Jacob with a bakery to match and convinces him to leave the baker and fight for the magical and muggle world.  Jacob hopes this will lead him back to Queenie.  

On the train, Newt lays out Dumbledore’s plan.  Dumbledore knows Grindelwald can see into the future.  So Dumbledore wants to confuse Grindelwald by creating multiple ploys to bewilder Grindelwald’s visions.  Each member of the team has a different mission and proceeds to Germany.  

In Germany, the magical world prepares to vote for its next leader.  However, the Supreme Head of the International Confederation of Wizards, Anton Vogel, has an announcement.  He decided to clear Grindelwald of all charges, stating a lack of evidence.  Grindelwald can roam the world as a free man.  But that’s not enough, and Dumbledore knows it.  Grindelwald wants total control of the magical world so he can start the war he always wanted.  Dumbledore will need Newt and his friends to stop Grindelwald’s climb to power.

The third installment of The Fantastic Series doesn’t offer fans new magic (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, this film has more drama than a daytime soap opera and new beasts.  And if you haven’t seen the first two films, don’t worry.  Eulalie gives a 30-second synopsis of Jacob and Queenie’s relationship that explains the first two plots.  With rumors to be the third of five movies, the ending leaves some story points open-ended.  And be prepared for the scariest and funniest prison break of the year.  This moment will be a hashtag soon.  While this movie is better than the first two, it feels like something is missing.  If you are a fan of this series or the wizarding world, see this movie on the big screen.  And yes, you will get plenty of scenes with Niffler and Pickett (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Love, arrogance, naivety.  Pick your poison – Dumbledore

I want to come home – Credence

Do what is right, not what is easy – Newt

I don’t tell him.  Not everything.  Not always – Queenie

A little more. Perfect. 3. 2. 1 – Eulalie

It’s working on me right now – Jacob

And what would happen if you were to harm him – Theseus

Prove your loyalty – Grindelwald

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