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My Husband’s Killer Girlfriend – Review

My Husband’s Killer Girlfriend – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After taking time off for her divorce, Leah has to prove she is a team player by going on a business trip.  She doesn’t want her ex-husband, Adam, to know she is leaving town, so she hires a nanny, Valerie, to care for their daughter, Emma.  Valerie has solid references and agrees to start the next day.  A few days after Leah lands, she can’t get Valerie or Emma on the phone.  Leah tried to video chat, call, and text but nothing.  So Leah heads on the first flight out and goes back home.  Detective Santos stops Leah before Leah can enter her home.  A neighbor called the police because she could hear Emma crying inside.  Based on Emma’s condition, she was locked in a room without food or water for days.  Also, someone broke into Adam’s home and stole his $60,000 coin collection.  Det. Santos wants to bring Leah in for questioning, but Leah tries to get into her car to see Emma.  At the police station, Det. Santos shows Leah a woman’s picture, but Leah doesn’t recognize it.  Det. Santos says it’s Valerie, the real Valerie.  Also, officers found the coins in Leah’s garage.  The detective thinks Leah made up the nanny story to steal the collection and leave town.  Leah tries to explain what happened but Det. Santos has lots of circumstantial evidence against her.  Since nothing is concrete, Detective Santos lets Leah go but tells her not to leave the city.  If the state arrest Leah, Emma will go to Adam or the state.  Leah panics and starts an investigation.  She questions the neighbors and the administrative assistant at Adam’s job, but Leah gets nothing but Adam’s current location and a call to the police.  She heads to the restaurant to see Adam celebrating with his co-workers with a woman by his side.  When the woman turns around, Leah is stunned to see Valerie, but Adam calls her Cathy, his girlfriend of six months.  Leah accuses Adam of setting her up to take Emma away with Cathy’s help.  After a few harsh words from Cathy, Leah slaps Cathy twice.  The police attempt to arrest Leah, but she pushes him down and runs out the door.  Leah is on the run and fighting to prove her innocence.  If she doesn’t, she will lose Emma and her freedom forever.

In Leah’s attempts to circumvent Adam’s judgment, she opens herself up to ridicule.  She never told anyone she was leaving town or checked the nanny’s images.  Everything she does to prove her innocence adds to her charges and puts her square into Det. Santos’s crosshairs.  Leah will elude authorities, hack into government systems, hold a cop hostage, and break into a hospital before the credits roll.  As she sinks deeper into criminal behavior, you will be on the edge of your seat.  You want Leah to uncover the truth, but at what cost.  Be ready to scream at every character in this movie from beginning to end.  So, put your phone on vibrate and be prepared to dedicate two solid hours to this psychopathic thriller with canapés.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Be careful what you wish for – Leah

You are a horrible mother. You are a horrible person.  And you don’t deserve anyone as good as Adam – Cathy

No offense, but you’re a fugitive – Kevin

Take your mask off – Det. Santos

This isn’t happening – Adam

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Deceitful Dating – Review

Deceitful Dating – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

While working, John eyes a new neighbor moving into the home across the street and walks over to introduce himself.  The neighbor, Alice, sees his wedding ring and asks John about his wife.  John tells Alice that his wife, Sarah, died six months ago.  While it’s been an emotional time for him, it’s been rougher on his two daughters, Chelsea and Sophie.  He relies on Sarah’s best friend, Jillian, to help him with his girls.  After John fixes a water mishap in Alice’s home, she thanks him by offering to cook dinner.  While John tries to be casual, he takes off his wedding ring.  They have a great dinner, and he invites Alice over to meet the girls.  Sophie is cordial, but Chelsea makes a quick exit to meet up with her boyfriend, Derrick, and her best friend, Rose.  After meeting with them, Chelsea senses Derrick is cheating on her.  With a confidence boost from Jillian, Chelsea confronts Derrick, and he admits to sleeping with Rose.  Chelsea tells Alice and Jillian about it, and they advise her to leave Derrick.  Later, Chelsea runs to the hospital because someone attacked Rose and stole Rose’s wallet.  The police think it was a simple mugging, but Rose doesn’t believe that’s true.  Rose remembers the attacker was a woman with dark brown hair, just like Alice.  Chelsea starts to dig into Alice and uncovers she lied about her past.  Determined, Chelsea will unveil Alice as Rose’s attacker and get Alice out of her father’s life for good.

Now Lifetimers, you better make sure to pay attention to the small details.  The attacker will unveil themselves in small mannerisms and their tone.  This plotline adds a nice twist but follows the same movie clichés with bratty teens, dumb cops, and love gone wrong stories.  That’s why the final face-off comes to such a Deadpool conclusion (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Before the twist, you will lose interest and stop paying attention.  So, give the first and last 30 minutes your full attention.  The rest is background noise.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Give me strength, Sarah.  Give me strength – John

Besides, no matter how much they loved her, kids are resilient – Jillian

What’s a water line – Alice

The things you remember when you think you’re going to die – Rose

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My Father’s Other Family – Review

My Father’s Other Family – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minute(s)

Since Shelby didn’t know much about her late father’s family, her boyfriend, Luke, bought her a DNA kit on her father’s birthday.  She takes the test in front of him and waits for the results.  Shelby’s friend and business partner, Jen, thinks the kit was a kind gesture, but she wishes Luke got her an engagement ring.  Shelby brushes off Jen’s quip and sees a message from the testing center.  Her results are back, and she can’t wait to show Luke.  But it’s Shelby that’s in for the biggest surprise.  The results show Shelby that she has a half-sister named Rose on her father’s side.  Her father, Alan, never mentioned having any other children, which leaves Shelby hurt and confused.  She looks up Rose’s name on the internet and finds an article where Rose was a witness.  Rose is just a few towns away, so Shelby decides to go and see her.  Shelby, an award-winning chef, goes to the diner where Rose works as a waitress.  Rose explains that her father was always in and out of her life.  Then he stopped coming around, and she has no idea why.  When Rose’s mother, Thora, got sick, Rose had to dropout of high school and work two jobs to support them.  Shelby matches the timelines and realizes that Alan stopped coming because her mother died.  Alan dedicated his life to Shelby.  After the sisters meet, they want to spend more time getting to know each other.  Shelby and Rose decide to go out to a bar, and Rose invites Luke along.  As they connect at the bar, a man rummages through Shelby and Luke’s home and finds Shelby’s will.  He leaves, but Shelby can tell someone moved something.  A week later, Shelby visits Rose and Thora’s home.  They eat, drink, and play cards.  Shelby leaves, but a man attacks her.  When Shelby reports the crime, the detective tells her she is in danger because the attacker didn’t attempt to take anything.  So, the attacker was after her.  Shelby has panic attacks and stops focusing on work and home.  Shelby hopes having Rose by her side will help, and she gives Rose a job in her restaurant.  Who is the attacker, and why is he after Shelby?

This movie feels like the typical Lifetime movie, but give it a shot.  Yes, it has the parking lot attacker and the food allergy, but viewers get two intriguing plot twists.  Within the first hour, you don’t know who to trust.  It will be easy to guess what will happen and let your mind drift but don’t stray too far, or you will miss something important.  This movie is a fun watch for a day that you need to kill 2 hours.  But it is not a must-see.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

What if I don’t like the answers I get – Shelby

Judging by the car you drive, you have a career.  I have a job – Rose

Shelby ,the only one with any responsibility in this situation is your father – Thora

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Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill – Review

Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Angie Dove’s father, Nick, was asked to do some private investigation work for the Oswald Museum.  A thief stole several items from staff offices and the curator, Lucia, worries the thief could become embolden and take an exhibit.  Lucia takes them to the latest victim’s office, and Nick hears something strange.  They walk into the room and see a record player spinning.  As they walk around the room, they find Dr. Clinton Jennings dead on the floor.  When Angie gets close, she can smell almonds.  Nick tells Lucia to call 911 and instruct everyone to leave the room.  Detective Kyle arrives and tells Angie that the smell of almonds on a victim is often a sign of cyanide poisoning.  Angie’s producer, Paige, takes Angie away from the crime scene to discuss the next match for the show, but Angie gets sidetracked when she sees Clinton’s assistant, Myra, crying.  Angie walks over and talks to Myra about Clinton.  During their conversation, Angie notices Myra fidgeting with her necklace.  Angie has a sneaking suspicion that Myra dated Clinton.  Also, Myra alluded that Clinton’s former intern, Derrick, was upset with Clinton.  Clinton fired Derrick for doing sloppy work.  As Angie questions Derrick, Nick questions Clinton’s sister, Dr. Natalie, because Lucia interrupted an argument Clinton had with Natalie, but Lucia didn’t get all the details.  When Angie looks into Oswald’s latest acquisition, the Mythical Etruscan Lovers, Turan & Atunis, she learns that the museum acquired it from art dealers, Beaucamp and Aspery.  Angie believes the killer will be at the exhibit for the statues.  She will go to the exhibit and question everyone to find Clinton’s killer.  But that won’t be the only crime they solve.

Sleuthers, we get three crimes for the watching time of one.  And it will leave most of you stumped.  That’s a fact because this Sleuther tweeted a quiz, and most of you didn’t get the killer.  When so many people have devious actions, it’s hard to determine who the killer is amongst all the criminals.  With everything going on, Angie Dove gets the job done.  So sit back with your notepad and pen.  This case will have your brain running overtime with plants, laptops, and necklaces.  And be ready for a dessert not-a-date date.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

What can possibly be more important than our first bachelor – Paige

You act like this is a regular occurrence from me – Angie

Oh, by all means, take your time.  I’m retired – Nick

I always believed we make our own luck – Simon

These boxes of cookies are contaminated with cyanide – Kyle

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Starting Up Love – Review

Starting Up Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jillian’s boss told her she was out of the running for a promotion.  While her company thinks she does remarkable work as a venture capitalist, they don’t believe she has what it takes because she never started a company from scratch.  Without start-up experience, they will not promote Jillian to partner.  Jillian leaves the conference room full of rage.  As she fumes, Jillian’s assistant, Sam, walks in with sad information.  Jillian’s uncle, Robert, died.  And, much to Jillian’s surprise, he left her his cabin.  Jillian looks through the paperwork and sees she has to be there to claim the property.  So she picks up the phone and calls the executor’s number.  A man picks up the phone and says that he will be power of attorney for 40%.  Jillian knows this is outrageous and hangs up the phone.  Sam tells Jillian to use this as a vacation and clear her mind.  Jillian takes the advice but decides to use the time away to work on getting that promotion.  Once in town, Jillian meets up with her aunt, Marjory, and her other uncle, Walrus.  Marjory welcomes Jillian with open arms.  Jillian hasn’t been to the town since her father and her uncle Robert fought.  She doesn’t know what the fight was about, but it ended their relationship.  After meeting the townspeople, Marjory asks Liam to drive her and Jillian to the cabin.  When Jillian sees it, she sees dollar signs.  She only wants to sell it.  However, Marjory explains that Jillian is a co-owner along with Liam.  She remembers Liam as the 40% man on the phone.  And Liam has plans in mind too.  He wants to turn the cabin into a B&B, but Jillian won’t budge because she is a majority owner.  So, they split the difference.  They will sell it but only to someone who wants to turn it into a B&B.  After getting zero takers, Jillian calls Sam, and Sam tells Jillian that they are picking someone else unless she starts a start-up.  Jillian concludes to make the B&B her start-up.  Liam is delighted, but how long will it last when he finds out Jillian’s company wants to take it over and keep it for themselves.  Can Jillian change their minds before she loses the cabin and Liam?

While the story is well-written, it doesn’t hold your attention.  There are so many movies like this that it never sets itself apart with humor, suspense, or a secondary romance.  The most compelling character is Uncle Walrus.  Each time the cabin needs a fix or an upgrade, Walrus is the man with everything they need.  But this jack-of-all-trades remains glum and grim.  Jillian takes the time to get to know him and everything he can do.  These short moments draw your attention, not the attended love story.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

This is not a we decision – Jillian

Sometime you need to stop the work to see the right path – Sam

Don’t call us.  We’ll call you. Have a good day – Liam

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Right in Front of Me – Review

Right in Front of Me – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Carlie pulled together an A-lister’s wedding dress design without mentioning herself.  Her assistant, Jen, tells Carlie to create a line, but Carlie won’t do it.  Carlie believes her clients like her because she stays out of the limelight like a ninja.  After a wedding gets moved up, Carlie has a free weekend.  The first free weekend in a year.  Her friend, Sydney, invites Carlie to her hotel for a free stay.  Carlie jumps at a weekend of relaxing and spa treatments.  As she sits in the lobby, a waitress brings her Peking duck empanadas.  Carlie explains she didn’t order it, but the food was a gift from the chef.  Carlie takes a bite and doesn’t like the bitter flavoring.  The waitress takes the food back, and the sous chef, Nick, comes to Carlie’s table to know why she didn’t like it.  She explains the bitter taste, and he runs to the kitchen to fix it.  Nick comes back with fresh food, and Carlie loves it.  When Chef de Cuisine, Edward, walks by, Nick covers the food up.  Edward will never allow Nick to try his Filipino-inspired fusion food at the hotel, so Nick will have to wait until Edward retires.  As Carlie enjoys her empanadas, her old college floormate, Jackie recognizes her.  Jackie asks Carlie if Carlie is there for Andrea and Jason’s wedding.  Carlie ascertains that everyone from their college dorm floor got an invite but her.  However, Carlie understands that she never connected to them because she worked and studied instead of socializing.  While explaining this to Nick, he notices that she stops talking and gets nervous around Matt.  Matt was Carlie’s college crush.  They were supposed to go out their senior year but had to cancel it.  She still gets butterflies when she sees Matt.  Nick tells Carlie not to be too eager and play it cool, and Carlie tells Nick to stop waiting for an opportunity and make one.  During this weekend wedding, they will give each other advice that leads to love and better careers for both.

This movie gives a sweet look at the outsider fitting in with the popular kids.  But Carlie doesn’t reinvent herself in a snarky way.  They all knew Carlie existed, but they never got to know her.  After she helps the bride-to-be and namedrops a famous client, Carlie receives the invite and the crush.  Nick helps Carlie catch the man of her dreams, and she supports Nick’s vision.  This support is a quality Nick has yet to find in a woman.  The love in this movie comes down to Bibingka cake and a small fork.  So, have some food next to you as you fall in love with their romance and Nick’s cake.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

But you could be a bridal samurai – Jen

It’s fine. We’re professionals – Carlie

Chef yes. The chef in charge, no – Edwards

With all due respect, that was 25 years ago – Nick

This just got good – Sydney

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