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Cheer For Your Life – Review

Cheer For Your Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cindy and Allison got a spot on the senior cheer team.  Last year, their friend, Lisa, made the team, and Lisa started coaching them to help them gain their place on the squad.  Now, Cindy and Allison have to get through initiation week to solidify their spot.  The senior cheer team calls themselves the Queen Bees.  And for initiation week, there are four rules.  The first rule is talk and you die.  Anything that happens must be a secret from family, friends, and teachers.  The second rule is don’t be late.  No matter what the Queen Bees put you through the night before, make it to practice on time.  The third rule is that we say what is fair.  Queen bees can change rules at their discretion.  And the final rule is we decide what is fun.  They will do anything for their enjoyment, and recruits will have to take it.  On their first day, the football team sprayed them with a fire extinguisher.  And they still had to practice.  After practice, Cindy finds Lisa dead in the locker room showers.  The police classify it as an accident and move on.  When the Queen Bees go back to hazing the next day, Cindy and Allison feel something is off.  Then Allison becomes the scapegoat, and she wants to leave the team.  Cindy refuses to walk out with Allison, so Allison stays.  Cindy tells Allison that hazing is normal, but they have no idea how strange, dangerous, and evil it will become.

It’s astounding how many times people use tradition to mask abuse.  This movie covers peer pressure, hazing, suicide, rape, and drugs.  If you have triggers, be ready or skip this movie.  This film separates itself from others because the lead isn’t trying to pull others away from the squad.  It’s Allison.  And this causes concern for any Lifetimer.  Typically, someone murders the nosy friend, neighbor, or sister at the halfway mark.  Cindy’s character goes through a deprogramming of sorts.  First, she will do anything to belong.  As she starts to think critically, she becomes disenchanted and starts asking questions.  While the characters will frustrate you, it’s still a compelling watch for character development.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Hey, it’s high school. Every club is a drama club – Cindy

That’s because we are awesome – Kylie

It’s not nothing you guys – Allison

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Party From Hell – Review

Party From Hell – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Denise and Ashley are relaunching their app, Pupil, with a new interface in a few days.  With billionaire Peter and his $7 million backing them, they hope to get their sales out of a slump.  Denise and Ashley are not only partners but sister-in-laws.  Denise is married to Ashley’s brother, Josh.  Denise wants to have a party for the relaunch but doesn’t want Ashley in charge.  She doesn’t believe Ashley has the style to throw a party for a billionaire, but all the local party planners are not available.  Denise drives home and gets rear-ended by another driver.  Molly, the driver, admits to texting while operating a vehicle, and Denise doesn’t get mad because she’s guilty of it too.  They exchange cards, and Denise sees Molly works as a party planner.  Molly is new to the area and rebuilding her clientele.  Molly gives Denise a reference and asks Denise to call any time.  Later that night, Denise checks Molly’s references and listens to a glowing recommendation.  Denise gives Molly the job.  Denise thinks everything is falling into step for the relaunch, but Molly will rain fire and brimstone on Denise’s family, marriage, friends, and job.

No one should be this naive.  Difficult to believe that Denise would believe Molly over Ashley.  She has known Ashley for years, but Molly a day.  But that’s Lifetime! There are two prominent jumpscares in this movie.  However, the rest of the film will frustrate you as Molly easily weasels her way into Denise’s life with one reference.  If you cheer for Molly, this is a movie to watch.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I might have slightly chipped at one of them – Denise

You’re stuck between hurting her feelings and impressing a billionaire – Molly

Picture Disney villain – Ashley

Beauty could save the world – Peter

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Always and Forever – Review

Always and Forever – BET and BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

At Brian and Nicole’s wedding, the happy couple gets messages from their friends.  Tammy threatens to hurt Brian if he breaks Nicole’s heart.  Summer and Miranda give their good wishes to the couple.  The only friend not in attendance is Brandi.  Four years later, Brian and Nicole are successful and happy.  While Nicole feels that Brian is away too much, he assures her that he will be home more when he gets a promotion.  Nicole is an attorney with an impressive win-loss ratio.  Before going to work, Nicole goes to her favorite coffee shop and gets the same order.  As she sits and sips, Brandi walks in and sits down.  Brandi works helping animals in Africa and dates a doctor.  They make plans to spend time together and part ways.  The next day, Nicole sees a newscast about a woman who committed suicide, and it’s Brandi.  Nicole can’t believe Brandi would harm herself when everything was going so well for her.  But Brandi was just the first of many.  Brandi is the first step of someone’s master plan for revenge.  How many will survive in this bloody need for payback?

If you are a Lifetime fan, it doesn’t take much to piece who is behind it all.  But you don’t know how many people are involved in this plan.  It took several people and a thorough agenda to bring it all together.  As you eliminate suspects one by one, the script does a pretty good job and throwing your attention in another direction.  You may even suspect the lead for a while.  But in the end, you are right.  And the actor or actress behind the criminal changes to let you see the cracks in their mind.  Get your popcorn ready.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

At least you know I’m consistent – Nicole

Well girl, growing up in the hood you learn a thing or two – Tammy

But we had each other’s backs though. No matter what – Summer

I love you – Brian

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The Wrong Cheer Captain – Review

The Wrong Cheer Captain – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kate video calls with her friend, Emma, before the big day.  Coach Johnson will pick the next cheer captain.  While all the cheerleaders get a vote, the coach makes the final decision.  Kate believes Emma will win, but Emma worries the new girl, Anna, will get the position.  Kate tells Emma that Anna is too new and none of the other cheerleaders will pick her.  So it comes as no surprise when the captain picks Emma.  Anna congratulates Emma, but Kate feels that Anna is fake.  Kate is right.  After the announcement, Anna goes to Coach Johnson and requests to be captain, but the coach says no.  Coach Johnson sees that Anna has the technical skills, but she lacks the dedication.  Anna leaves the coach’s office in a huff, but the coach isn’t the only obstacle stopping Anna from going to the top of the pyramid.  Mr. Olsen, the calculus teacher, tells Anna that she is falling behind.  If she doesn’t maintain a C+ average, she will lose her spot on the squad.  At a pool party, Anna makes one more desperate attempt to be captain.  She approaches Emma to request they go to the coach and offer being co-captains.  Emma says no and leaves furious and frustrated.  Emma tells Kate, and Kate laughs at Anna’s gull.  Emma walks away to help with the party while Kate sits and talks to Emma’s boyfriend, Shane.  Soon, people are screaming because Emma is on the floor and won’t wake up.  Emma dies of an overdose, but Kate doesn’t believe it.  Kate knows that Emma would never do drugs, and Kate tries to convince her mom, Carol.  But her mom won’t listen.  Kate and Shane will investigate what happened to Emma and who is responsible for Emma’s death.

Ms. Fox gives us another ‘The Wrong’ gem with the much-needed tagline at the end.  As Kate uncovers the truth behind Anna’s wrongdoings, you know Anna has done worse in the past.  The plot doesn’t try to hide that Anna misbehaves, but you watch to see Kate uncover it all.  As she reveals the truth behind Emma’s death, Kate gets hardcore motherly advice.  While it’s misguided, it comes from a loving place.  While not original, the actresses and actors make this movie one to watch.  Sit back and enjoy the show.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Have you ever known me to be wrong – Kate

There are people who avoid trouble. And there are people whom trouble seems to follow – Ms. Simpson

I don’t know if they believed me but they let me go – Shane

You know exactly what happened to her – Carol

Well, I hope you’re right – Emma

Am I in trouble – Anna

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Love’s Match – Review

Love’s Match – UP tv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Leah, also known as Ms. Cupid, has a success rate of 92% with the test algorithm she created with her brother, Casey.  Her clients come to her matchmaking service, take the exam, and wait to find their perfect match.  With her book near completion, Leah worries about the other clients that never found true love.  While working with one of those clients, Kelsie, Leah sees an unruly patron demanding to talk to the restaurant’s owner.  Kelsie, the owner, tries to calm the man down, but he continues to make a fuss.  Another patron, David, intervenes and defends Kelsie and the staff.  Kelsie makes a date with David.   But something seems off about this scene to Leah.  She recognizes the unruly patron from somewhere.  And when Kelsie gets the date, a handsome man with an earpiece walks by and addresses Leah as Ms. Cupid.  The next day, Leah goes for a run and sees the hot guy with the earpiece and the unruly patron with him.  It all comes to her.  The earpiece guy is Peter, another matchmaker, and the patron is an actor.  Peter uses the actor to set up situations for his clients to meet their crushes.  However, business for Peter is slow because he works on word of mouth.  If people know his face, then targets will spot him and know it’s a setup.  He wants to work with Leah to get more clientele.  But Leah says no.  She worries that his trickery is playing games with people’s affection.

Nevertheless, he offers to help Leah match anyone in her remaining 8%.  At home, Leah looks at Grace’s picture.  Grace is one of Leah’s most unyielding matches.  So when Peter comes to Leah with a proposition, she jumps at the chance.  Each will try to find a match for Grace.  If he wins, she will hire him.  Using his information, Leah can update her algorithm and book.  As they compete, the matchmakers start to fall in love with each other.  Unfortunately, Peter is hiding a secret that could end their relationship before it gets off the ground.

As you watch this film, you know Peter is hiding a bigger secret, and you think you know what it is.  You sit on the edge of your seat, waiting for the plot to prove you right.  And trust and believe it will.  It’s obvious what the big secret is, but it takes two hours for the big reveal.  Once you learn you are right, you no longer care about any of the couples.  This movie mixes Hitch’s hijinks with Matchmaker Mysteries’ love connections, but nothing sticks out about the movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The film is a great way to kill 2 hours.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t know about you but I feel both wowed and wooed – Peter

Only because I believe in exploring all options for this business – Leah

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Pom Poms and Payback – Review

Pom Poms and Payback – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jessie, Sharlene, and Annabelle are ready to enjoy their senior year, both in school and on the cheer squad.  Jessie anxiously awaits to hear back from Stanford.  With a 4.0 GPA and several electives, Jessie’s boyfriend, Roger, thinks she will get in.  However, he worries he won’t.  And that rejection will cause their breakup.  Annabelle’s boyfriend, Damon, went to college last year and promised to fly back in time for the senior ball.  Sharlene and her boyfriend, Jason, plan to go to New York after graduation.  He will work on Broadway, and she will go to college.  The girls are on cloud nine.  That is, until the dance.  Jessie doesn’t get into Stanford, but Roger does.  When she checks, Jessie sees that Roger changed her grades in the school’s database.  Annabelle can’t find Damon at the party.  When she calls, he says he left a message saying the airline canceled his flight.  But when Annabelle checks online, there were no flights canceled by the airline.  Sharlene waits at her house, but Jason never shows.  She locates his phone at the school.  When Sharlene finds Jason, he is making out with another girl.  At the next practice, none of the girls can focus.  They can’t believe their boyfriends hurt them.  Their coach, Coach Evergreen, gives the girls a pep talk, but they don’t know if she told them to get even or get over it.  So, they decide to get even.  While they think they are in control, the girls are puppets on a bigger stage.  But who is the puppet master, and why?

Halfway through this film, the plot gives away the perpetrator.  At that moment, you watch to see what that person will do next.  In the beginning, you get a flash of the past that leads to misdeeds.  But don’t let this throw you off.  It’s only half the reason why someone is destroying the girls’ lives.  While the body count is low, you get a decent watch with despicable characters.  In the end, the only victims are the boyfriends.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Results ladies, not excuses – Coach Evergreen

Acting is my passion, not a job – Sharlene

Did Coach Evergreen tell us to get revenge or the exact opposite – Jessie

Because I don’t wanna be a part of your game – Annabelle

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Sweet Pecan Summer – Review

Sweet Pecan Summer – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amanda works for Winsome Cosmetics as a product developer.  Along with her friend and co-worker, Sasha, Amanda pitched an idea to her boss, Jackie.  While her boss loved it, the CEO turned it down.  Seeing Amanda’s disappointment, Jackie tells Amanda to take a break and regroup with new ideas.  Amanda knows just the place.  Before the meeting, Amanda got a call from her aunt Carol.  Carol hurt her wrist and needs help harvesting the pecans before the festival.  At first, Amanda thought she would be too busy to assist, but that changed.  Amanda heads to Carol’s farm.  On the farm, Amanda can see that little has changed since she was a kid.  Before Amanda can settle in, Carol drops a bomb on her.

Carol wants to move to South Carolina with her boyfriend, Walter, and sell the pecan farm.  In disbelief, Amanda offers to wade through a slew of realtors to find the best one for the job.  But Amanda doesn’t want the land to go to a developer.  She would like it to go to a family who will keep the farm as is.  Before Amanda loses hope in finding the right realtor, Carol gets a knock at her door.  It’s JP, Amanda’s high school sweetheart and the man that broke her heart.  After an injury ended his baseball career, JP moved back to town and started working at his father’s real estate company.  Amanda can’t believe Carol would consider JP for the job after their messy breakup, but this move is just business for Carol.  While Amanda wants to say no, JP is the only realtor to agree with Amanda’s terms.  She will get final approval of the posting, and the land will go to a farming family.  JP agrees, but they have to do things his way because he is good at his job.  As they find the right buyer for the home, they find the truth about themselves.  JP and Amanda lack something in their professional lives.  Helping each other through this will bring them together.

Aunt Carol is one of the funniest busybodies on TV.  Any moment she has to nudge Amanda and JP together with words of wisdom, she will do it.  Your jaw will drop with every innuendo she makes to the couple.  Another driving force is JP’s friend, Chris.  He says everything parents say and think about their kids.  You will laugh in disbelief every time he talks about his kids.  While these comic reliefs are refreshing, they don’t take away from the love story between Amanda and JP.  They enhance it.  And to make matters better, JP and Amanda are lost in their jobs.  They motivate each other to find a better way to have their dream while earning a living.  This film is easy-going and funny.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

My mom put you up to this – Amanda

There’s the but – JP

Sometimes we fight hardest to avoid what’s best for us – Aunt Carol

Do you want em? They got all their shots and everything – Chris

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