#ShangChi – Movie Reviews

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 12 minutes

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Shaun works as a valet with his best friend, Katy, and any chance they get to lollygag, they take it.  After spending all night at a karaoke bar, they meet up at Katy’s family’s home to go to work.  They talk on the bus about their futures and their family’s expectations.  A man approaches Shaun and tells Shaun to give him his pendant.  Shaun refuses, and the gang of men fight.  During the fight, Razor Fist cuts the brake lines.  And the bus careens down the San Francisco streets.  With unstable motion, the bus knocks out the driver.  Katy gets into the seat during the fight.  Together, Katy and Shaun save the passengers and fight off the men.  But they take Shaun’s pendant.  Shaun goes home with Katy following behind him.  He tells Katy that he has to find his sister, Xialing, and save her from their father, Wenwu.  This detail stuns Katy because she never knew Shaun had any family.  He tells Katy that he is getting on the next flight to see Xialing, and Katy doesn’t hesitate to go with him.  On the flight, Shaun explains that his name is Shang-Chi.  And love, pain, and revenge blanket his family history.  For thousands of years, Wenwu grew power exponentially thanks to the ten rings he found or stole, depending on which legend you believe.  Then, Wenwu learned of a forest called Ta Lo with mythical creatures that possessed unknown strength.  Wenwu wanted that power for himself.  He travels to Ta Lo and finds a beautiful woman, Jiang Li.  Wenwu tried to used the ten rings to subdue and defeat Jiang Li, but she brings him to his knees.  Jiang Li protects Ta Lo and all its strength.  The two fell in love and tried to stay in Ta Lo, but they ex-communicated Jiang Li and stripped her of her powers.  After Jiang Li died, Wenwu raised Shang-Chi to be an assassin while developing the ten rings gang.  When Shang-Chi turned 16, Wenwu asked Shang-Chi to avenge his mother.  Shang-Chi left and never came back.  Now, Shang-Chi must save his sister before Wenwu comes for her.

Don’t worry about the synopsis because there is still more story to go.  The brief overview is only 30 minutes into the movie.  Like with any Marvel movie, there are curveballs thrown each step of the way.  This movie separates itself with a storyline that doesn’t focus on good or evil but grief and loss.  In the beginning, everything is more realistic, but as the story delves deeper into Ta Lo, it becomes more magical, like Dr. Strange.  Soon you are lost in a world of creatures, myths, and magic.  If you ever risk forgetting the universe, the plot mentions the Thanos snap, Wong, and well, let’s leave those surprises for later.  The graphics are the best yet for the MCU, and the bus fight scene is one of the best. It puts Captain Marvel and Spider-Man to shame.  And let’s never forget the fight between Wenwu and Jiang Li.  Their combative dance of love and power is a force to be reckoned with.  And, while this should go without saying, stay past the end credits to see some familiar friends and get a quick laugh.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Is that all – Jiang Li

I’m an Asian Jeff Gordon – Katy

You left us for dead – Shang-Chi

Did America make you soft – Xialing

We should work together – Razor Fist

Have you been practicing your English – Wenwu

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