#AvengersEndgame – Movie Review

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame – Budget of $350 – 400 million – 3 hours and 1 minute

Marvel's Avengers: Endgame

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So, normally this would be where the overall plot will go.  But some don’t want to know.  If you would like to know, click here.  The password is AEndgame1! Of course, there are no spoilers, just the overall plot. But, it’s up to you to venture read it. Otherwise, let’s go to the next paragraph.

Just wow.  The end of this saga is well worth every minute and dollar.  Once will never be enough.  The graphics are amazing.  The storyline is out of this world.  And you will be engrossed from beginning to the end.  You will LITERALLY (YES LITERALLY!!!), cry, laugh, scream, be flabbergasted, cover your eyes, jump up and down, and breathe a sigh of relief.  Torches are passed, dreams come true, and new lives will be molded.  This movie will move all fans and non-fans alike.  There is homage paid to Stan Lee and a loving, respectful send off to OUR Avengers.  Do you need to see the other movies to understand this one? YES!!!! All 21!  Do you need to stay past the end credits? No.  Are there moments in the trailer that are not in the film? Of course.  That’s what the Russo brothers love to do. Will you want to see it again? You’re damn right. Does format matter? See it in every format because once will never be enough.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars (It should be 10 stars)

I couldn’t save the kid – Iron Man

I am inevitable – Thanos

It was between him and a tree – Nebula

Good job, Hawkeye – Hawkeye

That really is America’s Ass – Captain America

Well, I get emails from a raccoon, so … – Black Widow

He’s pissed caused he thinks he failed, which he did – Rocket

Don’t say that name – Thor

So, he’s an idiot – War Machine

And I will kill Thanos – Captain Marvel

I think someone peed my pants – Ant-Man

Uugh. Smash. Smash – Hulk


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