#SpiderManFarFromHome – Movie Review

Spider-Man: Far From Home – Budget of $160 million – 2 hours and 9 minutes


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With everyone back, people are trying to pick up their lives.  Everyone that did not snap away got 5 years older.  Leaving some younger siblings older than their elder siblings.  While the ones who were snapped away didn’t age and have to repeat their grade.  The effect is called The Blip.  This phenomenon left many homeless and displaced.  In a world missing Iron Man, everyone is looking for Spider-Man to become him.  However, Peter Parker is looking for a way to tell MJ how he truly feels on their summer European Vacation.  He has a 6 step plan:

  1. Sit next to her on the plane
  2. Use a dual headset jack so they can listen to music/movie together
  3. Buy a Black Dahlia necklace
  4. Take her to the Effiel Tower
  5. Tell her how he feels while giving her the necklace
  6. Hopefully, she will say it back

Peter wants to leave Spider-Man in Queens and enjoy his time away.  But Nick Fury has other plans.  Two beings attacked earth.  A being made of earth attacked Mexico and a being made of wind attacked Morocco.   Nick knows the next attack can happen soon and needs Spider-Man’s help.  Only one problem, Peter is ‘ghosting’ him.  After a being made of water attacks Italy, Spider-Man helps a new hero while wearing a Venitian mask.  Italian news is calling the man Mysterio.  After Peter and Mysterio defeat the water being, Nick meets Peter in his room and strongly suggest they talk somewhere private.  Maria updates Peter on the Elementals.  While Mysterio was able to defeat 3, he will need Peter’s help to defeat the last one: Fire.  Fire is the strongest because it can grow stronger by absorbing metal.  Once it’s strong enough, it can pull fire from the Earth’s core and take out the entire planet.  That’s what happened to Mysterio’s Earth in another dimension, killing his family.  Now, he wants to save our Earth.  Nick tells Peter he must to go to Prague to fight and Peter says no.  He knows people will be curious if he disappears from the trip. Nick lets him leave.  Peter believes he will enjoy the summer with MJ until the trip gets an upgrade: To Prague.  Peter knows Nick has highjacked their vacation.  Good thing he has Stark’s glasses and EDITH by his side. Can Peter trusts his reality?

This movie is a superhero movie includes 3 love stories with occasional acid trips.  With any Marvel movie, knowing the enemy is only half the battle.   The other half is knowing and believing yourself.  And for a teenager, it’s twice as hard.  The special effects are getting better with each movie but there are definite moments when you can tell the scene is 100% CGI.  Nick Fury continues to dominate every scene, while Happy and May provide great comic relief.  Be ready for a cameo that will make only parents gasps.  And there are two post-credit scenes that will set up the future of Marvel.  Fair warning, in order to truly get the nuances of this movie, you need to see the following films: Iron Man, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  See this movie in IMAX rather than Dolby.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t forget step 7. Don’t do any of that – Ned

It’s my Blip Beard – Happy

Sorry, I thought you could sense that with your Peter Tingle – Aunt May

Boh is my new superpower. It’s like I was born to say that word – MJ

Don’t ever apologize for being the smartest person in the room – Mysterio

Another person touches that door, you and I are going to another funeral – Nick Fury

I love Led Zeppelin – Spider-Man


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