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Nightmare Best Friend – Review

Nightmare Best Friend – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nightmare Best Friend

Katy loves being a wife and a mother but she sees pictures on social media of her friends traveling.  She misses that life.  She hears a ping on her computer.  Her high school best friend Gina tagged her in some old photos.  Even though Gina is older, they were in the same classes because Gina’s chaotic childhood home caused her to be held back.  Also, when Katy’s mother died, Gina got her out of bed and back into life.  On one of the pictures, Gina post ‘See you soon’.  Soon after, Katy gets a knock on her door.  Gina is there in full party girl mode.  They joke about driving off together and Katy’s husband, knowing she misses the wild side of life, tells her to go on a girls trip with Gina.  After a “surprising” introduction to Gina’s boyfriend Ray, Gina and Ray sneak off to talk.  Gina tells Ray that Katy is not ready and to give her another hour.  Ray and his brother Tommy kill an innocent bystander in the commission of a robbery.  The gun with Tommy’s fingerprints was left in the building.  If the cops find it, they will dust it for prints and convict Tommy.  Katy works in that building.  So they want Katy to break in and get the gun.  And if she tries to tip off the police, Tommy will kill her family.

How many times can people hold a gun and not shot the assailant? This movie will answer that question for you.  This movie does have a lot of ‘hold your breath’ moments as Katy enters her place of business and goes into an active crime scene, it loses its luster in the last 10 minute.  The eye-roll inducing mistakes are too generic for Lifetime.  Katy has been thinking on her toes every second of this movie and that’s all wiped away in the last 10 minutes.  So be prepared for an intense movie with a less than deserving ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Hey, watch where you’re going Neanderthal – Gina

I couldn’t resist the opportunity. That’s all – Ray

A complication? A man is dead – Katy

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A Midnight Kiss – Review

A Midnight Kiss – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Midnight Kiss

Mia and Jake are nervous about running the family catering business without their parents but they are going full steam ahead.  They feel their parents have worked long and hard.  They deserve to retire and take that dream vacation.  Well-known fashion designer Kate calls Mia.  After witnessing their successful holiday party, Kate wants Mia and Jake to plan a party for her.  There will be 100 to 125-ish people and it must be elegant, fun, and memorable.  If this party fails, it could ruin Kate’s brand.  Mia and Jake feel confident they can do it until they hear the hitch.  The party is in 8 days, New Year’s Eve.  Mia wants to call their parents but Jake doesn’t want to ruin their vacation.  With reservations, they take the job for double the pay.  They start to plan and feel good about it until Jake hurts his leg.  It was hard enough for 2 people doing the work of 4.  But with Jake’s leg, Mia feels overwhelmed.  Jake has a suggestion.  His college friend David is in town waiting to hear if he won a filmmaking contest.  He has known the family and its business for years.  Jake ask David to help.  He agrees and promises to take the back seat to Mia along with being her helping hand.  David’s off-the-cuff thinking helps open Mia’s horizons.  Seeing so many of her talents, David wonders if Mia has made the right career choice.  With support and great advice, the two spark a romance that the world can see but will it survive this party and David’s ambitions?

This movie is so funny and equally romantic.  David isn’t changing Mia’s mind about the business, she has always wanted something different.  The catering business feels more like a duty than a choice to her.  David sees how much she loves her family and knowing them, he knows they will support her choices.  He just wants her to see it, too.  While the Mia and David love story is wonderful, it still can’t top Barb and Gary’s ‘love at first crash’ story.   That will make you go ‘awwwww’.  This is one to watch with anyone you love.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Hey, Mia.  What’s with the golf club? – Jake

Actually, I was pushed – Mia

Yes, mom.  They’re treating me like one of the family – David

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The Wrong Teacher – Review

The Wrong Teacher – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Wrong Teacher

High school literature teacher Charlotte has gained a book deal but lost her boyfriend Scott.  She goes to her local bookstore to relieve her writer’s block and meets a charming young man named Chris.  After an intriguing conversation, she gives Chris her phone number.  Later, Chris asks her out via text message.  Her best friend accepts for her.  They have a great first date.  They talk, laugh, and drink.  Charlotte realizes she needs something in her classroom and they both go back to get it.  In a few seconds, they are having sex on her desk.  The next day, Scott calls because he went by to visit but she wasn’t home.  In a call with Scott, she keeps her answers vague; then goes to work.  In the middle of her lesson, a new student walks in the room.   It’s Chris.  She is absolutely stunned.  After class, Chris says she didn’t do anything illegal because he is 18 but she can still lose her job, her license, and her book deal if people learned she slept with a student.  She tries to break it off but he has picture and video.  She has to find a way to stop Chris before her world crumbles.

First, Chris has some serious game.  He has a long list of teachers in his scrapbook.  Second, you will become more furious with Charlotte with every mistake she makes.  Going into someones home and touching things without gloves.  Also, giving a loaded gun to a drugged person.  It’s just too much.  Luckily, her mistakes are offset by Lee and Lydia.  You will laugh out loud when they say exactly what you are thinking.  So DVR this one and watch later.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I can’t believe I’m doing this – Charlotte

Did you hear that? I’m good – Chris

It looks to me like he his helping himself just fine – Lee

What the hell were you thinking – Lydia

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When Calls the Heart: The Great Christmas Blessing – Review

When Calls the Heart: The Great Christmas Blessing – Hallmark – 1 hour and 30 minutes

When Calls the Heart: The Great Christmas Blessing

Elizabeth awaits her baby with nervous anticipation.  She is happy to be pregnant but wishes her husband were still alive.  These feelings of uncertainty have stopped Elizabeth from decorating the nursery.  She loves her friends help, she doesn’t want to burden them.  So she keeps the incomplete nursery a secret.  Abagail is coordinating the town’s Christmas Eve meal with each person preparing a dish that has a special meaning to their family.  However, people are changing their meal choice at the last minute leaving holes in the menu or too much of a food group.  She is trying to keep her cool but it’s getting harder with each passing day.  Rosemary has a long list of items to complete for the Christmas Feast and it keeps getting longer.  With the town juggling so much, Grace and Lilly come to town with 8 children.  They recently lost their orphanage and were traveling to a new one but their wheel broke.  It will take time to fix it so the town welcomes the children and 2 women with open arms.  They even put wishes on the tree for them.  However, Bill questions their story.  He does his research and learns that Grace and Lilly left with 7 kids, not 8.  Lilly and Grace’s tale will live you misty-eyed and 2 miracles will arrive on this Christmas Eve.

Based on the novels by Janette Oke, this Christmas injection into the series is strong (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You don’t have to be a long time fan to watch and enjoy the holiday installment.  You will have a new appreciation for the frontier spirit and hospitals when the movie is done.  And it’s a reminder that Jack is not forgotten.  So Hearties and newbies, sit back and enjoy this film with the whole family

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You really like this story – Elizabeth

I know how to count to 8 – Abagail

It’s like every time I cross off a to-do, three more appear – Rosemary

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Christmas Made to Order – Review

Christmas Made to Order – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Made to Order

Gretchen needs a few more clients to quit her job and work solely on her decorating business Holidays Made To Order.  For any holiday, she will come to your home, office, or store and decorate for that holiday based on your traditions and specification.  While completing a job for an office lobby, she blankets Steven with snow.  Steven isn’t a Scrooge, he is just a workaholic.  In order to make partner, he will only visit his family on Christmas and fly back home the next day.  But his sister has some news.  A pipe has burst in her home and it isn’t fit to host the holiday celebration.  She asks him to do it.  He regretfully says yes. He hasn’t done any decorating and doesn’t have the time.  Then, he remembers Gretchen.  He hires her to decorate his place from inside to outside.  The family is thoroughly impressed with Gretchen’s work.  But they are saddened when Steven has no activities planned and can’t spend time with them.  To help, Steven hires Gretchen as their Christmas Ambassador.  The family can see the connection between Steven and Gretchen in 24 hours.  Can these two broken hearts let love in?

This one will bring a tear to your eye.  Paige and Gretchen are following the same path in life.  They are afraid to go after what they want.  Paige is afraid to let her parents down and Gretchen worries about letting herself down.  Seeing them be vulnerable allows Steven to open up about his fears.  The growth in each character’s, Paige’s singing voice, and the family’s honesty will leave a mark on your heart.  In a good way!   You won’t forget this Christmas special.  And while you watch, can you spot the Mr. PenaVega?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I enjoy Christmas. It’s the only time of the year I don’t answer my phone on the first ring – Steven

Are you always this harsh on Christmas? Or only when you’re covered with snow – Gretchen

You know the front of your house is decorated, right? – Kirsten

This is way more fun – Ben

Oh, good idea – Ellen

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3 Holiday Tails – Review

3 Holiday Tails – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

3 Holiday Tails

Lisa just moved in with 3 puppies.  Her neighbor Katherine’s dog is curious and runs into Lisa’s apartment.  Katherine has been married to Rodney for decades.  She’s enjoying retirement.  Lisa is ready to start a new life but still has pictures of her ex-boyfriend David.  Lisa and David were friends for years but started dating in college.  Lisa ended the relationship because David wasn’t mature enough.  After moving in, Lisa is taking her and Katherine’s dogs for a walk.  One of her dogs runs away and knocks over a man.  Lisa’s startled to see it’s David preparing to propose to his girlfriend Kelly.  When David gets up, the dog and the ring are missing.  Lisa apologizes but Kelly thinks she did this on purpose and walks away.  That night David meets with Lisa and asks her to talk to Kelly to smooth things over but are they really done?

Another one for the kids.  While the Lisa/David/Kelly saga is interesting, you know how it will end.  Especially since Kelly is a social climber and materialistic.  It’s Mira’s relationship that will make you pay attention.  This little girl is mirroring the issues Lisa has from her father’s abandonment.  Once Lisa sees herself in Mira, she knows she needs to make a change.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

As far as I can tell, enjoy herself thoroughly – Lisa

You’re not over him – Katherine

She doesn’t remember all the stuff – David

She just said you were a ditch – Mira

You know, something with value – Kelly

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Christmas Bells are Ringing – Review

Christmas Bells are Ringing – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Sam has followed her mother’s footsteps and become a freelance photographer.  Lately, she feels the need for a more secure 9-to-5 photographer’s life.  The editor has a photographer position open but 2 other photographers have applied for it.  She must create a spread the customer will love.  This will guarantee her the job.  Sam creates the spread, turns it in, and heads to her family’s summer home.  Normally they only spend summers here.  Nevertheless, her father and her soon to be step-mom have decided to sell the home during Christmas.  So the family will spend their final days creating new traditions, having a wedding, and selling the home.  When Sam arrives, she almost runs into Mike.  Mike is a past love, handyman, and travel agent.  He has decided to leave Cape Cod behind to see the world.  He offers to be her guide but she turns him down.  Later, the editor calls.  They like her work but they like the others too.  They want her to create a new spread with a Christmas theme.  The only restriction, it has to be something that has never been seen.  Sam mentions she is on vacation and the editor thinks that will help.  So, Sam takes Mike up on his offer.   While Sam becomes closer to her dream, Mike starts to question his.

While the love story between Mike and Sam will happen, it’s the love between Sam and her stepmother Hanna that warms the heart.  Both are carefully treading the waters of their relationship.  Hanna doesn’t want Sam to think she is replacing her mother.  But she thinks of Sam as her daughter.  Sam doesn’t want Hanna to feel pushed away.  But she doesn’t want to stray from her mother’s memory.  As the two women talk, they continue to peel the onion.  It’s this type of communication that should be present in everyday life.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Me? I’m happy, very happy. Look at that smile – Mike

Hey, I was learning and I was being responsibly cautious – Sam

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