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White Boy Rick – Budget of $29 million – 1 hour and 56 minutes

White Boy Rick

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Rick Sr and his son Rick Jr buy guns in Oklahoma to sell in Detroit.  While he can legally sell guns, it’s his homemade silencers that are the real problem.  Sr. uses those silencers as an upsale for his guns.  Rick Jr takes his dad’s advice and goes to the local auto body shop run by Detroit’s biggest dealer, Jackson, to sell the guns.  They buy Rick Jr’s guns but it’s his bravado that wins them over.  He is dubbed White Boy Rick and asked to come to the Skate and Roll by Booh (Jackson’s little cousin).   Rick goes home with money in his pocket but his family is falling apart.   His sister Dawn is a drug addict and is leaving with her drug-dealing boyfriend Ty.  And a gun his father sold was used in a murder.  Wanting an escape, Rick goes to the Skate and Roll and have fun.  But on is way home, three cops ask him to get in a car.   They give him money to buy drugs at one of Jackson’s house to help get dirt on Jackson.  If he doesn’t help, they will throw his father in jail.  Rick agrees and succeeds.  A few days later, the cops give him cocaine.  They tell him to make crack, get a crew, and sell it.  Any money Rick makes, he can keep.  They want Rick to get more information about the crew so they can make a better case.  But when Rick is shot, he is out of the game for 2 years.  But with one major life event, Rick decides to use his new knowledge to become the country’s youngest kingpins.

Based on a true story, it’s hard to believe everything happened in 3 short years.  Rick went from being a 14-year-old gun dealer to a 17-year-old drug kingpin.  However, when you watch the movie, you have to ask yourself one question: Who gave Ricky his start?  The cops, who gave him his first brick of cocaine to sell.  His dad, for not stopping his son and insisting Ricky do something different with his life.  The system, for not allowing Ricky back in school after he was a victim of a crime.  Ricky, for not seeing any other options for himself and his family.  Or all of the above.  A sad reality this movie points out is having more than 655 grams of cocaine in Detroit offered a stiffer penalty than murder.  So, dealers worried more about the weight of drugs they carried than the lives they took.  It was this dragnet that caught Ricky in the long run.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What do you think dad is Ricky – Dawn

I didn’t steal the car. I borrowed it. Someone stole it from me – Ricky

Be a lion – Ricky Sr.

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