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Jingle Around The Clock – Review

Jingle Around The Clock – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jingle Around the Clock

Elle and her friends started a tradition in college to have one Christmas bash together after her parents passed away.  Elle insists on working alone to plan every party.  Before she can start planning, her company sees the competition’s newly released ad.  It looks exactly like the one they created.  Elle offers to work on a new design.   Her boss worries she his burning the candle at both ends but she insists she can do it.  See creates a new ad but the client in New York, Max, wants more.  She has to come up with a bigger better idea while planning the party.  Looking for inspiration, she spots Nancy’s ornaments.  She sparks a conversation about Nancy’s business expanded she sees an attractive, coffee man she has had a crush on for days.  Nancy’s son is Max.  He has lied to both companies.  He told the NY office he was in Chicago and told the Chicago office he got delayed coming into town.  He wanted to continue business while spending time with his family.  Elle agrees to keep his secret but with his help.  She decides to produce videos on social media and encourage users of the cookware and post their own videos.  So she has to shoot videos, complete the campaign, and throw a party.  It will take a miracle, love, and help to get Elle through this pressing time.

This movie is a great reminder during the holidays.  Its ok to slow down and ask for help.  With so many women and men taking the brunt to the responsibilities, it leaves people disliking or even hating the holiday season.  Don’t pull an Elle.  Take a step back and let someone else do the work.  It may not be the way you do it but it will be perfect.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I am a professional. He is also a professional – Elle

Mom, she can … you are not whispering quietly at all – Max

Leave me out of this and can you two have this conversation at another book – Nancy

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A Golden Christmas – Review

A Golden Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Golden Christmas

Years ago, Jessie found a small dog in the woods that lead her to a young boy.  They met in the woods every day that summer.  He was her best friend and first crush.  She never saw the boy or the dog after that summer.  In addition, they never exchange their real names, so she can’t find him.  Now an adult, she is back at her parents home near those exact woods.  She didn’t tell her parents but her intentions are to buy their home.  As she is about to make the announcement, they informed her the house is sold.  They sold it to Michael and his daughter.  Jessie is devastated and angry her parents sold “her home” from under her.   They can’t believe she is angry when they didn’t know she wanted it.  Jessie is determined to convince the man to change is mind or run over him.  She doesn’t know one small fact, Michael is her childhood crush.  Luckily the dog knows all.

This movie is sweet with an adorable dog that leads the way.  The only problem is the dog is the best part of the movie.  The rest is just doesn’t leave a lasting impression.  The movie isn’t horrible, it just doesn’t require your full compassion or understand.  And this is only maximized as Jessie acts more like a spoiled brat than a grown woman.  So watch this one for the cute dog.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

This is my house – Jessie

As a matter of fact, the dog had a supporting role – Michael

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Christmas at Grand Valley – Review

Christmas at Grand Valley – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas at Grand Valley

After another rejection, Kelly believes her paintings will never make their mark.  She decides to go home to Grand Valley to lick her wounds and regroup.  She is happy to hear her cousin, Mikey, got promoted.  But that happiness fades when it is revealed that his lodge might be shutting down.  A corporate bigwig, Leo, is coming to down to evaluate its earning potential.  To make a big impression, Mikey ask Kelly to take over the Christmas Camp for kids.  She says yes to help her cousin.  However, the big wig is coming with his two children, Max and Emma.  And they will be a part of the Christmas Camp.  When Kelly finds out who Leo is, she has some few choice words for him.  Even if it takes two or three tries for her to say it.  Can Kelly, Max, Emma, and Mikey show Leo the importance of the lodge?

The kids save the day.  Wiser than their years, Max and Emma are a joy to watch on screen.  Emma, a budding artist, and Max, a cowboy, is encouraging to see the two discover themselves and what they want from life.  One extremely funny aspect is when Leo points out the ‘turn back’.  The moment the woman walks away and then turns back with a point.  It’s such an iconic moment in all Hallmark movies that having it pointed out will make you laugh all day.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I got a long reach. All the way to Chicago if need be – Frank

So, now I’m the bad guy – Leo

Christmas hasn’t changed – Kelly

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Web of Lies – Review

Web of Lies – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Web Of Lies

Whitney is a social media influencer.   She has decided to leave LA and go home to Boston because she was stalked by an internet troll.  She hopes to gain some control over her media presences and, in turn, gain control over her life.  That’s when she gets an offer to do sponsored content of H2-Almond.   She knows it will grow her brand but she has always chosen items she liked, not because she was getting paid to like them.  Plus, she is getting tired of the fake friends and “Insta-moment” parties.  She has discovered that fame is nice but it’s just fake.  Her sister tries to help her navigate her obligations but she asks Whitney to consider the deal.  However, Whitney is getting strange text and comments.  The troll is a mystery, but he could be her stalker.  Luckily there is some man candy next door to help.

Another movie to get a break from the Christmas onslaught but its just boring.  Thirty minutes into the movie the mystery of the stalker is solved and you no longer care.  Plus, Whitney comes off as a whiner.  “Oh look at me.  I am famous but I don’t want to be.  So, look at me” attitude will make your eyes roll to the back of your head.  This movie shouldn’t even be background noise.  It should be skipped altogether.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

She’s meticulous – Megan

Does Megan not realize she’s on speakerphone – Mia

Two hypothetical children – Whitney

Same thing happened to middle school Mike when he tried to talk to girls – Mike

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A Christmas Kiss – Review

A Christmas Kiss – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas Kiss

Before her boss can give any more demands, Wendy’s friends decide to get glammed up and paint the town red.  Just as the final touches of her makeup is being applied, Wendy gets a call from her boss Priscilla.  She wants her lights turned on and her heat turned up before she returns home.  To keep her job, Wendy heads to her boss’s home.  In the elevator, she sees a handsome man.  The elevator starts to shake and, out of fear and confusion, the two kiss.  The electricity is instant.  Wendy runs out of the elevator to tell her friends.  It’s hard to believe the ‘safe choice’ Wendy kissed a stranger and never got his name.  At her boss’s home, Wendy is back to the reality of meeting menial demands.  Then Priscilla introduces Wendy to the man she hopes will be her fiance Adam.  Instantly, Wendy knows that Adam is the man she kissed on the elevator.  But Adam doesn’t recognize her un-glammed.  Wendy’s friends tell her to let Adam know but she wants to keep her job.  So when Adam asks Priscilla to design a party for him, Wendy has to work it too.  It will take stolen ideas, a broken nose, and flutters to expose Priscilla’s conniving ways.

This movie is too funny.  You will say OMG out of shock and joy.  The relationship Wendy has with her friends, Tess and Caroline, are what we all strive to have.  And just when you think you can’t take any more comic relief, you are introduced to Charlie.  That man that holds no punches and gives the best advice.  This will instantly become a holiday favorite for you.  It may be too much for kids under 10, but the rest of the family can enjoy.  So be ready for anything to happen.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You are Lady Gaga’ing me – Wendy

If he continues to be clueless, I’ll just crack his nuts – Tess

Confusing knots with flutters – Charlie

I prefer fruit cake – Adam

Your designs are repellent – Priscilla

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A Christmas for the Books – Review

A Christmas for the Books – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Joanna has written a book called “The Love Audit”.  It creates a point system for affectionate actions.  If your lover is low on the scale, you should voice your opinions to get your needs met.  If they don’t meet your expectations, leave them.  With the success of her book, producers want to give her a TV show.  But they want to meet her mystery boyfriend who inspired the book first.  Just one small problem.  Joanna and her boyfriend broke up months ago because of the book.  Now, Joanna has to throw a party, create a speech for a seminar, and find a boyfriend.  Joanna begins a conversation with Ted and asks him to play the part of her boyfriend.  He doesn’t want anything to do with Joanna. The love of his life, Valorie, broke up with him because of Joanna’s book.  She offers to coach him through the book if he pretends to be her boyfriend.  What could go wrong?  Well, Valorie could show up.  And Joanna could become attracted to someone else.

This movie has a consistently moving storyline.  If you watch, you have to be all in.  If you miss one moment, you will miss everything.  It’s the fast pace that makes it so enjoyable to watch.  While most drag on the loves story, the love story constantly challenges its characters with more obstacles.   The ending is predictable but the ride is memorable.  The jokes are a bit pun-ish but it doesn’t ruin the movie.  Watch this one with hot cocoa close.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Wow, that’s a lot to unpack over cocoa – Joanna

So this is what a hit tv show can get you. Nice to know – Ted

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Small Town Christmas – Review

Small Town Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Small Town Christmas

Nell book, A Small Town Christmas, has readers clamoring for more.  During a live interview, she reveals it was inspired by a real town name Springdale.  Her manager decides to book a small book tour in that very town.  Nell will do a book signing, local radio spot, a book club reading, and judge a gingerbread contest.  Then she can head home.  Once she touches down, she meets Brad at the airport.  Brad is a venture capitalist that wants to introduce the town to new development while keeping the small town feel.  Since Nell got the last rental car, she offers Brad a ride.  In addition, Springdale has one hotel.  So they are both staying there.  As Brad and Nell bring their bags in, Nell is spotted by Emmitt.  Emmitt and she worked together but on their first official date, he stood her up and disappeared.  She never knew why.  Emmitt assumes Brad and Nell are together and his hopes of reconciliation are dashed.  With more misunderstandings, they must communicate to get their love on track.

So this HMM movie is 2 Hallmark movies in one.  It has the “big developer in town” storyline and the “meeting with the old boyfriend” storyline.  The only difference is they are not the same person.  And Brad small town dreams sound great until the final designs are revealed.  Its the love of Springdale and its values that bring the couple to an understanding so they can hash things out.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t know you could milk an almond – Emmitt

I will be your navigator – Brad

That’s why you left – Nell

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A Christmas in Royal Fashion – Review

A Christmas in Royal Fashion – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas in Royal Fashion

Kristen is determined to be just like her boss Melanie, driven and at the top of her game.  Melanie is given a job to woo a client in Boston and leaves Kristen in charge of the Christmas Charity Ball.  The ambassador for Edgemoor will be attending since King Frederick of Edgemoor founded the ball.  When Kristen meets a well-dressed man, she is thrown for a loop.  King Frederick has not been happy with his son’s antics, so he has sent him instead of the typical ambassador.  Prince Patrick has been sent to attract good press and more attention to the cause.  Prince Patrick assumes Kristen is Melanie and with a nudge from her friend Jill, Kristen doesn’t correct him.  Now Kristen has to run the show, keep the Prince on schedule, and be Melanie without Melanie finding out.  But one phone call will send Kristen’s world crumbling down.

Have tissues nearby.  The scenes with Amy will bring a tear to your eye.  This story is as funny as it is compassionate.  Watching the Prince grow as he spends more time with Kristen is enjoyable.  Especially when he eats a sub for the first time.  Keep this one on the DVR because you will want to watch twice.  Add 2 more minutes to your DVR recording so you can get all of the wrap-up.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I am not worried about you, I am worried about me – Melanie

Being a prince isn’t cheap – Patrick

I want to get ahead but just not that badly – Kristen

You liked her because you thought she was someone important – Albert

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Hometown Christmas – Review

Hometown Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hometown Christmas

Noelle is leaving Chicago behind and headed back to Louisana.  She is surprising her family by moving back home for good.  Every year, her mother put together a live nativity scene and the town loved it.  But since her death, it has fallen apart.  After finds her mother Nativity binder, Noelle decides to continue her mother’s legacy.  She knows it will be interesting but she has no idea how hard it will get.  With moth-eaten customs, snarky actors, a fake camel, and a flooded set, Noelle will be pushed to the brink.  And if that wasn’t enough, she is working with her ex-boyfriend Nick.

A good storyline with a decent cast.  You will wonder what more can happen to Noelle and Nick.  But through each hardship, there is a blessing.  It may be hard to see at the beginning or in your storm, but its there.  That is the lesson inside this movie that makes it stand out.  It’s seeing the everyday struggles and imperfections that create a good holiday movie.  And stay tuned for a song by Beverly Mitchell.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Agree to disagree, Pop – Will

You don’t own the place, Nick – Noel

It’s the thought that counts – Jen

Well, this is fun – Nick

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A Gingerbread Romance – Review

A Gingerbread Romance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Gingerbread Romance

Taylor has her eyes set on the promotion to head her company’s architecture firm in Paris.  She feels like a shoo-in but her boss still thinks she has to prove herself.  So she offers her a job designing a gingerbread house.  Not just any gingerbread house but a giant one, big enough to walk inside.  Confused and doubtful, Taylor takes the job and goes to a meeting with the chosen baker Annabelle.  When Annabelle learns Taylor can’t cook, she leaves Taylor for her rival Bradford.  Taylor frantically looks for another baker and remembers last year’s Christmas party’s baker Adam.  She finds Adam and his daughter Brooke.  Adam works in a small town bakery but has dreams of owning his one day.  After some light begging, Adam agrees to work with her.  It’s not long before their styles clash.  She wants a modern home and he wants a traditional home.  He wants the gingerbread to tastes good, she thinks it doesn’t matter because no one will eat it.  If they don’t work together, Taylor won’t get a promotion and Ben won’t get his bakery.  Are they losing something bigger?

Please let these house be real somewhere in the world.  The storyline is overdone but the giant gingerbread competition adds a new element.  Baking tips and design tips are given throughout the movie.  Taylor and Adam have amazing chemistry but it is Brook that will make you fall in love with this story.  And Adam’s story of a single dad is heartbreaking.  You will want the best for his character.  This is a movie to DVR and to save for later.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Linda, I’m an architect, not a baker – Taylor

Free time? That’s something I don’t have – Adam

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Coins For Christmas – Review

Coins For Christmas – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Coins For Christmas

Madison is having a rough start to her Christmas season.  Her boss fires her after deciding to close his bookstore for good.  Then, her ex-husband Jack faulted on his taxes and the IRS suspended her accounts.  She sits down her kids and tries to ease their minds about their financial changes.  Jack comes to visit and promises to help once a few deals come through.  However, Madison has heard these promise before.  Her friend Laney tells her about different apps people used to make money.  Apps like Uber, Task Master, and Runner (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She can set her hours and put her earnings on a money card to pay bills and buy Christmas gifts.  She starts working on all three apps and gets hired by Alec.  A former football player who is going broke in his first year of retirement.  He hasn’t changed his spending or the attitude that drove away endorsements and jobs in the past.  It doesn’t take long for Madison get fed up with his 2-block request, extra stops, and his arrogance.  Later, she gets a Task Runner job.  Her requester is Alec.  She does the job quickly but he complains about the prices.  She quickly leaves but she has made an impression on him.  Now Alec wants to hire her as a personal assistant.  How long can an arrogant, bad guy keep an unsure, nice girl on the payroll?

Madison’s children, Jackie and Chloe, are true examples of good kids.  They don’t whine about their mother’s money problems.  They start to look for jobs and offer to help.  Jackie even sells his toys to help.  Seeing their growth in a few short minutes will warm your heart.  Don’t worry, this isn’t the 5 retelling of A Christmas Carol.   This is an entirely new story for the holidays.  And the icing on the cake is a hero’s surprise and an honest Santa.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

These kids are big. They don’t need toys, they need jobs – Marcus

Why you guys talking about dad like he’s dead – Chloe

You have a career ending mouth. So here we are – Hank

I’m funny but you’re fired – Mr. Cannon

People get paid to work not talk – Alec

To whom much is given, much is required – Madison

Damn, damn, damn – Laney

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Northern Lights of Christmas – Review

Northern Lights of Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Northern Lights of Christmas

Zoe is a proud and successful pilot.  She dreams of having her own school one day.  She gets the call, her old flight instructor and friend Otto’s estate is ready to be signed off.  She is stoic.  Her plans are to fly to Alaska, sell the property, and come home in 2 weeks.  It’s no surprise, the town is the same as she left it.  Full of Christmas spirit and charming, the town’s Christmas festival has lost its star when Otto died.  She wants to bring the Christmas Festival back to its former glory but Alec will be the biggest barrier.  He is angry that she is selling Otto’s ranch.  However, he is not angry about losing his job, he is angry because he doesn’t believe the new owners will love it the same.  So they come to an agreement, they both have to approve of the buyer or Zoe can’t sell.  During this process, Zoe asks for Alec’s help to get the festival going.

Based on Sleigh Bell Sweethearts by Teri Wilson and Mia Ross, this movie follows the typical Hallmark format (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). This is ok if you have something to keep the viewer watching beyond its predictability.  This movie just doesn’t do it.  Even the secondary love story doesn’t keep your interest.  With so many holiday movies this season.  This one can be skipped.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

Who drives a motorcycle in December in Alaska – Zoe

I don’t mean to be blunt but are you staying or selling – Alec

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Country Christmas Album – Review

Country Christmas Album – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Country Christmas Album

Country singer Tess creates hit songs but doesn’t like to go on the road.  Boy band singer, Derrick hasn’t had a hit in a while.  If the two don’t work create a chart-topping album, they will be dropped by the label.  The only issue is it has to be a duet album.  The two get in the studio and quickly clash.  Tess wants more modern, original songs meanwhile Derrick wants the traditional songs.  Derrick sees Tess as driven but cocky.  Tess sees him as talented but afraid.  But they start to connect in the studio and in private with Tess’s daughter Mazzy.  As the album starts to create buzz, both will get opportunities that could affect their budding romance.

The music is catchy and the couple has real chemistry.  But the star of the movie is Ben.  Their sound engineer and producer will make you laugh out loud.  The takes this movie up a notch and separates it from the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  You will look forward to each one of his scenes.  And don’t be surprised if a song or 2 is stuck in your head for a while.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Make it your wheelhouse – Pete

So you like your grits to be more like cream of wheat – Derrick

Mortified but yes I will live – Tess

Nope. We sing first and talk later – Ben

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