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Stalked by My Husband’s Ex – Review

Stalked by My Husband’s Ex – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kristen is happy.  Her boyfriend, Ryan, has proposed.  She will gain a husband and a precious little girl named Lisa.  Then, Ryan has something to confess.  He believes his ex-wife, Nina, is calling him from a blocked number.  When Lisa was a baby, Nina drove drunk with baby Lisa in the car.  That was the last straw, Ryan took Lisa and left Nina.  Nina was declared unfit, and he got sole legal and physical custody.  Lisa doesn’t remember Nina, and Ryan never talks about Nina to Lisa.  But Ryan worries that Lisa and Kristen could be in danger.  Ryan thinks he should see Nina and calm her down, but Kristen convinces him that’s a bad idea.  She believes it will all blow over with time like she has done with ex-boyfriends in the past.  Kristen couldn’t be more wrong.  During their engagement party, Nina throws a drink in Kristen’s face and maces Ryan.  Now, the couple is on high alert.  Just one problem: Nina is secretly messaging Lisa through Instagram.  Nina is hell-bent on getting Lisa back, even if it kills her.

This one is worth the watch because there are no stupid people, bratty kids, or moronic cops.  The main characters have an unlucky sequence of events happening to them, so you get a compelling storyline with characters you care about and a fun twist.  And the twist comes out of nowhere unless you are paying close attention.  This movie is a mix of today’s social media and classic stalking.  Nina private messages Lisa through Instagram, but Ryan and Kristen know her password and how the internet works.  Stalked by My Husband’s Ex isn’t your typical Lifetime movie with the same characters.  And the end puts a satisfying conclusion to each character.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

She’ll be better off with me – Nina

She’s worth it – Lisa

You gave up on yourself.  You gave up on us – Ryan

It’s not your job to help her through this – Kristen

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Coins for Love – Review

Coins for Love – TVOne – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Madison is still living paycheck to paycheck.  She got a job as an editor’s assistant, but the pay will be low during her 6-month probationary period.  Until then, she is still driving a rideshare car and doing volunteer work when she can.  Alec got the job as a sports commentator on Hard Balling.  However, he is butting heads with his co-host and overspending.  With his increasing schedule, his life is harder to manage.  His friend tells him Madison was his driver a few days ago.  So, Alec calls Madison and asks her to work as his assistant again.  She lays down the terms, and he agrees.  They start getting closer and almost kiss, but Madison puts an end to the love and keeps it professional.  Then, their past comes calling.  Alec’s ex-fiance is back to win his love and to fire Madison.  Madison’s ex-husband Jake is ready to be a good man to her and a father to his kids.  Will Madison and Alec have a future or get stuck in the past? It all comes down to the word ‘acrimonious’ and a gunshot.  

The sequel for Coins for Christmas builds off the last movie and gives the audience some potential for a third.  It’s great because the characters’ internal struggles didn’t get solved in the first movie.  They are still learning and growing with each moment along the way.  They are rebuilding their lives and finding the flaws in their critical thinking.  With this introspection, they can conquer the past and focus on building their future.  By the way, it helps to see the first, but it’s not required.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

See, this is what I told you.  I need you here – Alec

I can’t really afford to relax – Madison

Let her go, baby.  She understands  – Shelly

I promise you can believe in me again – Jake

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Mile High Escorts – Review

Mile High Escorts – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lauren is taking a break from school and working as a flight attendant.  She hopes to earn money for graduate school and attend with her boyfriend, Chris, next year.  Her best friend, Ashley, takes a job as a flight attendant too.  After a few flights, the job doesn’t live up to the hype.  They don’t get the Paris, London, or Australia flights they wanted.  They get domestic routes.  After missing her hotel shuttle, Lauren gets a ride from another flight attendant named Hannah.  Hannah wines and dines her and puts Lauren in an expensive room.  Hannah explains she works for a private jet company, and the flight attendants offer concierge services.  These services include shows, dinners, and nightcaps. Lauren’s pay will be handsome, and she can get tips, which can include cash, jewelry, and clothes.  Lauren turns Hannah’s offer down but keeps Hannah’s business card.  When Ashley hears about Hannah’s job offer, she can’t believe Lauren didn’t take it.  Then, Lauren’s life falls apart.  First, her hours are cut in half. Next, she catches Chris cheating, and he kicks her out of his home.  Then, she discovers her father is having money troubles.  Finally, she still needs money for grad school.  She decides to take Hannah on her offer and Ashley is right by her side.  Hannah introduces them to the owner, Franklin, and his son, Eric.  Franklin likes Lauren and Ashley, but their is something about Lauren that catches his eye.  With a few flights behind them, Lauren can cash in without taking her clothes off.  But when Franklin dies and flight attendants disappear, Lauren is in unspeakable danger.

Lauren’s character is different because she doesn’t jump into the business headfirst.  She plans on being a regular flight attendant until she has so many obstacles in front of her that she sees no way of making the money she needs faster.  At first, she keeps her customers at arm’s length and doesn’t sleep with many of them.  She only has a physical relationship with one of them.  She saves her money, but the lure of fast cash starts to derail her plans.  She gets sucked into the fast-money lifestyle quick.  This movie does push a “happy hooker” narrative but changes pace with the changing of the guard.  Franklin, a man who saw the protection of his “girls” as his top priority, dies, and his son, Eric, a man who sees money as his top priority, takes over, and the business and clientele changes overnight.  Then, the reality of what these women do is at the forefront of this movie and shatters the “happy hooker” stereotype.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

What men don’t know, can’t hurt you – Hannah

Oh yeah, I’m a total bitch – Ashley

While society deem what we do a crime, it’s a victimless one – Franklin

You have to stop babying these women – Eric

Has anyone ever told you you’re cute when you’re protective – Lauren

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