#FatalAffairMovie – VOD Review

Fatal Affair – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 29 minutes


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Recent empty-nesters, Ellie and Marcus, left the city and moved to a gorgeous home with a private beach.  Ellie is leaving her legal firm to start a practice of her own.  She attends her last meeting at the firm, but the presence of an old college friend, David, catches her off guard.  David works for a technology firm and plans to use his expertise to gain access to a corporate spy’s emails.  Ellie planned on meeting her friend, Courtney, for drinks and decides to invite David to come too.  He happily obliges.  After they get to the club, Courtney calls with disappointing news.  She can’t make it, leaving Ellie and David alone.  They talk about their lives, their families, and their college days.  Ellie learns that David divorced his wife and has no children.  Ellie admits, although she loves Marcus, she feels unsatisfied in her marriage.  David invites her to the dancefloor, and they almost kiss.  She retreats to the bathroom and tries to cool off.  David runs after her, and they have a passionate make-out session in the bathroom.  Just before they start having sex, Ellie stops David dead in his tracks.  She tells him this was all a mistake and goes home.  David text the next day for forgiveness, but Ellie ignores his calls and blocks his number.  With her life back to normal, Ellie invites Courtney for dinner, and Courtney brings a plus one: David.  Stunned, Ellie isn’t sure what to do, but David pretends like they are meeting for the first time.  When Ellie and David are alone, she tells David to make up an excuse and leave.  She tries to warn Courtney about David, but its too late.  David took a preemptive strike and told her Ellie was the aggressor in the bathroom.  With a bit of investigation, Ellie will uncover David’s dark past, dirty secret, and long-time obsession.

Fatal Affair is a mix of The Perfect Guy, Enough, The Good Son, and Fatal Attraction (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It provides two cliffhangers and some fun close calls.  So, how does the movie differ from a Lifetime movie? There isn’t a nosy best friend, co-worker, or neighbor, just one woman who made a wrong decision.  Also, the cops are not morons.  Don’t be fooled; this obsession didn’t happen overnight like the trailer would have you believe.  David’s obsession has lasted for decades.  Also, the music in the trailer isn’t the one in the movie, so don’t the surprise.  This story of an obsessive stalker isn’t new, but it’s acted very well.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s our time, you’re stuck with me – Marcus

I just believe some things are worth fighting for – David

No, I don’t trust you – Ellie

Was she? Was she compromising anything – Courtney


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