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Death on the Nile – Budget of $90 million – 2 hours and 7 minutes

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Hercule Poirot sits at a jazz club and watches a love story develop.  Jacqueline introduces her fiancé, Simon, to her friend, Linnet.  Jacqueline asks Linnet to give Simon a job, and Linnet does.  To celebrate, Jacqueline asks Simon to dance with Linnet.  Later, Hercule tries to enjoy dessert in front of a sphinx.  Then he sees a man flying a kite from the middle of the pyramid.  Hercule runs to the man to admonish him but stops when Hercule sees it’s Bouc.  Bouc doesn’t work on the Orient Express.  Instead, he is a professional son.  Bouc takes Hercule to meet his mother, Euphemia, and they invite Hercule to a wedding party.    

At the party, Hercule sees Simon with his new bride, Linnet.  Stunning Linnet wears a $2 million Tiffany necklace and a smile for her guests.  For Hercule, this is act two for their love story.  Hercule listens as Bouc tells Hercule about Linnet’s godmother, nurse, cousin, ex-fiancé, school friend, and personal entertainment.  But a hush falls over the crowd when Jacqueline walks into the room.  Linnet backs away in fear and walks out of the room.  Later Simon and Linnet approach Hercule to request his services to stop Jacqueline.  During each leg of their trip, she appears unwanted to spoil their fun.  Hercule doesn’t believe he can do anything because Jacqueline hasn’t broken the law.  At the market, Hercule spots Jacqueline and attempts to plead to her better nature.  Jacqueline tells Hercule that she will never give up, and she has the perfect thing to fix a broken heart: a 22.  Hercule tells Simon and Linnet that they should end their trip, go home, and stay on the property until Jacqueline calms down.  But Simon refuses to let Jacqueline ruin their vacation, and he decides to gain distance by renting a ship, The Karnak, to travel the Nile.  And they invite Hercule to come aboard.  

With everyone on board, Linnet takes a moment to pull Hercule aside.  She wishes they had gone home because she doesn’t trust anyone on the ship.  They travel to the rock temples at Abu Simbel, and Simon grabs Linnet for some alone time.  Then a rock comes close to killing the couple, but Hercule doesn’t think it is an accident caused by the sand storm.  They board the boat in fear and find a shock.  Jacqueline awaits their return.  Linnet wants Jacqueline to leave the ship immediately. But Jacqueline bought a ticket.  After night falls, Linnet takes a pill and resigns to her room.  Simon grows tired of Jacqueline’s actions and makes his feelings known.  Jacqueline grabs her gun and shoots Simon in the leg.  Others pull them apart and Linnet’s school friend, Rosalie, kicks the gun under the couch.  Linnet’s ex-fiancé, Dr. Linus, tends to Simon’s leg, and Linnet’s godmother’s nurse, Mrs. Bowers, calms Jacqueline down with morphine.  

In the morning, Linnet’s maid, Louise, finds Linnet dead with a gunshot to the head and her necklace missing.  They grab Hercule and ask him to look into the murder.  At first, everyone blames Jacqueline, but Mrs. Bowers says she never left Jacqueline’s side.  Simon doesn’t know anyone else who would hurt Linnet.  However, Hercule remembers that Linnet was afraid of everyone on the Karnak.  Hercule swears to find the killer before they hit land.  

Based on Death on the Nile: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie, this movie doesn’t pick up exactly where the first one left off, but it does bring the films together (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You must watch from the beginning because the writer explains Hercule’s famous mustache and wartorn start.  Within 30 minutes, the plot introduces all the characters and their connection to Linnet.  You don’t get to the juicy details of their relationship until Hercule’s interrogations.  This movie has scandal, double-cross, and manipulation to keep you engaged in the plot.  This chapter in the Hercule series is better than the first and will make you want more.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

What do you think of my kite – Bouc

You’ll remember my name now – Rosalie

Linnet, I’ll die if I don’t become Mrs. Doyle – Jacqueline

Money is the only thing a lady can rely on – Euphemia

I am not wrong – Hercule Poirot

I don’t think I ever loved you – Simon

I will buy the whole country – Linnet

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