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V.C. Andrews’ All that Glitters – Review

V.C. Andrews’ All that Glitters – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Paul brings Ruby and her daughter, Pearl, to his sprawling estate called Cypress Woods.  Inside, Ruby sees a proposal written with rose petals.  She loves Paul but says no because they are half-siblings.  Paul doesn’t care, and the town doesn’t know their history.  So, Paul believes they can hide the truth from the world if they keep their lineage a secret.  He tells Ruby she can have a life with money, painting, and peace for Pearl.  With sadness and regret, Ruby turns him down and heads back to her family home on the bayou.  She hopes to make a living like her grandmère, by selling goods, until Buster comes to collect what her grandpère promised.  Ruby attacks Buster, grabs Pearl, and elopes to marry Paul.  Now, Ruby and Paul reside together but in separate bedrooms.  They will keep the lie of husband and wife but stay in different rooms to avoid incest.  However, if either finds love outside of the home, they can pursue that passion.  Everything goes well until Giselle blows into town with news.  Giselle plans to see Beau, their first love, in New Orleans.  He broke off his engagement to his Parisian heiress, and Giselle wants to help him.  The information leaves Ruby in pure shock and confusion.  Ruby tries to forget Beau but her painting expresses her feelings.  Then she gets a letter from Giselle detailing how she and Beau are married.  Heartbroken, Giselle breaks her vow and starts a physical relationship with Paul.  Ruby attempts to forget Giselle and Beau until she gets a call that her step-mother, Daphne, died.  Now Giselle and Ruby must work together to keep the money away from Daphne’s late husband, Bruce.  After meeting, Beau invites Ruby to his private loft in the French Quarters for a romantic affair, and she can’t say no.  Afterwards, Ruby comes home to a devastated Paul.  He knows Ruby loves Beau, but he begs her to break it off and stay with him.  Seeing Paul’s suffering, Ruby agrees.  Days later, Ruby gets a call that Giselle fell ill after a mosquito bite, and she won’t get better.  Beau says they have a second chance because no one knows Giselle is sick.  Ruby can switch places with her twin, and they can have a life together with Pearl as one big happy family.  But the switch will need to happen within a day so Beau’s staff won’t see.  Paul agrees to the swap and will lie to everyone that his wife, Ruby, fell ill, and he sent Pearl to leave with her aunt and uncle until Ruby gets better.  Ruby plays the part of the viper-tongued Giselle in public and Ruby in private.  After a suicide, Ruby’s secrets come back to haunt her, and she could lose Pearl in a custody war.  

Based on All that Glitters, this installment gives you V.C. Andrews’ twists and turns with a wild twin swap (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Seeing Ruby slip into Giselle’s vitriol comments like a glove is disturbing as it is entertaining.  Even the people around Ruby notice that Ruby takes on Giselle’s role with great simplicity.  V.C. Andrews shows the audience why in great detail.  Playing Giselle, Ruby feels strong and in control.  This feeling gives her power like she has never felt, and she has something to lose if she doesn’t keep up the act.  But with great power comes great responsibility and treachery.  Let’s hope the fourth installment keeps the drama coming (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

No amount of money can buy happiness – Ruby

Beau. You want Beau – Paul

Of course  you won’t.  Look at all you have to lose – Mrs. Tate

Your little love child just ruined my outfit – Giselle

You try living without it – Bruce

We can make our own fate – Beau

You can’t hide your heart, Ruby – Abby

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V.C. Andrews’ Pearl in the Mist – Review

V.C. Andrews’ Pearl in the Mist – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Giselle and Ruby head to the Greenwood School for Girls, run by Mrs. Ironwood, for boarding school.  While Ruby is excited, Giselle is bored.  Giselle declares she doesn’t want to room with her twin, so she tosses her bags to Samantha and tells Samantha to take them to their room.  Later, Abby walks into the room, and everyone notices she is slightly darker than the other girls.  But Ruby jumps at the chance to make Abby her roommate.  Before Ruby has a chance to settle in, Mrs. Ironwood calls Ruby to her office.  Daphne, Ruby’s stepmother, warned Mrs. Ironwood about Ruby’s bayou past.  Mrs. Ironwood lets Ruby know she will keep a close eye on her because she thinks bayou girls are low-class and promiscuous.  Ruby airs her frustration to Abby, and Abby can relate.  Abby reveals that her skin color is not a tan but a result of her mixed heritage.  Mrs. Ironwood looks down on her too.  A few days later, Mrs. Clairborne, the school’s benefactor, invites the girls to her home.  Mrs. Clairborne heard of Ruby’s artistic talents, and she allows Ruby to view her art collection.  As Ruby eyes the priceless paintings, she hears a piano playing.  Ruby walks into a room and meets Louis Clairborne, Mrs. Clairborne’s blind grandson.  He likes Ruby’s sweet ways but tells her to rejoin the girls before she gets in trouble.  Later Ruby’s reprimanded for walking throughout Mrs. Clairborne’s home, but she doesn’t understand why everyone is upset about it.  Ruby’s art teacher, Miss Stevens, tells her the rumor.  Louis’s father caught his mother with a younger man and killed her.  Then, he killed himself, and Louis witnessed it all.  The trauma caused Louis to go blind.  When Louis invites Ruby back to the home, Giselle’s jealousy grows.  She decides that if she can’t leave, then she will make Ruby’s life miserable.  With her family and headmistress plotting against her, Ruby will witness a so-called Christmas miracle, give the gift of sight, and have a Pearl in the midst of it all.  

Based on Pearl in the Mist, this movie picks up where the first one left off (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While it covers the know V.C. Andrews’ topics, the plot handles prejudice and abortion.  The second installment is entertaining, but it falls into the trap of most second installments.  It feels like a subplot of a bigger story instead of being able to stand on its merit.  The first story was about Ruby fitting in with her new family, but it’s hard to figure out the main point of this film.  However, the plot adds new characters and expands current character’s roles and motivations.  Let’s hope the third installment picks up.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Did you say that to make me feel better – Giselle

Which one is second – Samantha

I guess I tan easily – Abby

Whether you deserve it, is my decision – Mrs. Ironwood

You dummies have already chosen your queen.  She’s right there crawling on the ground.  All hail – Ruby

I expect your behavior, moving forward, to be irreproachable – Daphne

Yeah, I’m kinda having a hard time breathing myself – Louie

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Mystery 101: Killer Timing – Review

Mystery 101: Killer Timing – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Travis travels back to Chicago to testify in the Wolfman trial, and he runs into his ex-wife, Kate.  She is a little shocked to hear that he still resides in Garrison, but she is happy for Travis.  After Travis testifies, the Wolfman escapes the courthouse.  Knowing his part of the trial is done, Travis leaves Chicago, heads back to Garrison, and determines the Wolfman’s capture to be the Chicago PD’s job.  Travis and Amy met for a date, and they walk towards each other when a house explodes, knocking Travis to the ground.  After an ambulance rushes Travis to the hospital, Amy answers Detective Maria Valdez’s questions about the explosion.  During Valdez’s, Travis’ new partner, interview, the homeowners, Mr. & Mrs. Goff, drive up to the scene.  They arrived late because they were in a car accident after their dinner date.  Amy points out that the accident saved their lives.  Travis suffered a mild concussion, but he wants to get back to the investigation.  He and Amy go back to the house and discover mysterious chemicals, discolored paint, and a body behind the wall.  Now, Travis and Amy have to uncover who bombed the home and how the body got behind the wall.  And he has to do this with the Wolfman on the loose.  But that’s not all.  Amy has to work on the Dean of Students committee to determine the next in line.  Her friend, Professor Tabby, is up for the promotion, but Amy promises to be impartial.  Oh, and let’s not forget, Kate came to town to check on Travis, and Amy invited Kate to stay in her home.  To solve this mystery, Amy and Travis will need videotape, battling twins, and a salt pig (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

This movie is a mystery inside an enigma within a puzzle.  Instead of keeping track of clues, you will need to keep track of the crimes left to solve.  Using George Simenon’s Maigret’s Patience as the literary backdrop for this installment, the focus is synchronicity (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Not just simultaneous events, but events connected by deep meaning.  They start looking into the deeper connection between all the unfortunate incidents around them.  And as the story ends, you get one more mystery for the next installment.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Sir, you can’t ‘no comment’ the police – Travis

Humor is a great way to dodge questions  – Kate

Well, I guess I never tried to convince him – Amy

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Love at Sunset Terrace – Review

Love at Sunset Terrace – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After preventing World War three between two high-strung clients, Sophie feels disconnected from her interior design company.  Her business partner, Spencer, states that he noticed her passion and work declined.  He suggests she take a break, disconnect, and come back with a sense of rejuvenation.  Sophie’s not sure if she can do it until she gets inspiration from one of her grandmother’s paintings.  The painting always inspired her at work, but on the reverse side, it said Summerside.  Before she checks into the Summerside AirBnB, Sophie stops at a local café (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She talks to a girl named Kailey.  Sophie explains to Kailey what she does for a living, why she is in town, and what a digital detox is.  Then, Sophie sees a cute guy waving at the window.  Sophie believes the man is waving at her, but he is Kailey’s dad, Michael.  Kailey and Michael go bike riding while Sophie heads to her Airbnb.  At the Airbnb, Sophie meets Christine, the owner’s sister.  She takes the time to show Sophie around the property and allows her to settle into her room.  In her room, Sophie finds a picture of Michael, Kailey, and a mystery woman.  She goes inside the main house and finds Michael inside.  He is the owner of the Airbnb.  She gives Michael the picture, and Michael explains the woman is his late wife.  She feels horrible for dredging up bad feelings, but he says he is ok.  Then, she gives Michael all her technology and tells him to hide it from her.  Sophie spends her time painting, connecting to her grandmother, and getting to know the people of Summerside.  Talking to the townspeople, Sophie learns the AirBnB was the place for all the local events.  However, Michael stops hosting the parties after his wife died.  The town would love to start the events again, but they know Michael still mourns.  When Michael finds a picture of Sophie’s grandmother at the summer solstice, Sophie gets an idea.  Since the summer solstice festival helped her grandmother find her inspiration to paint, Sophie will help Michael plan and host the next event.  Michael doesn’t believe it can get done in time, plus Sophie’s itinerary has her scheduled to leave soon.  She promises to stay.  But when she has to break her promise, a purple bean bag chair will reveal her true feelings (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  

This film is the typical “woman leaves her job to find inner peace but finds love” story.  All this movie needs is a Christmas tree, and you will have a Hallmark holiday movie.  Seeing Kailey get the upper hand against both adults will put a smile on your face.  Kailey recognized that Michael and Sophie would make a great couple.  They are too stuck in the “what ifs” to make it happen.  So, she uses her tween ways to usher them into love.  Love at Sunset Terrace is a good movie if you need an easy watch.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Things are a little less formal here … and slower – Christine

I was just enjoying the view – Sophie

She decorates pajama rooms and needs to get outside more – Kailey

So, you want the WiFi password – Michael

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Chasing Waterfalls – Review

Chasing Waterfalls – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amy took the bull by the horns and asked her boss, Camella, for the nature photographer job.  She presents her portfolio to Camella, and Camella notices that Amy uses people as her subjects, not nature.  But Camella decides to take a chance and gives Amy the waterfall shoot.  If she does well, Camella will promote Amy to the principal photographer position for Explorer Global Magazine.  Amy checks into the lodge and meets Mark North, one of the hotel’s tour guides, on the trail.  He can see she is a newbie and got lost looking for Suzie Falls.  So, Mark gives Amy directions back to the hotel and leaves with his daughter, Kyra, to meet with the next tour group.  Amy attempts to walk back to the hotel but gets lost again and runs into Mark, Kyra, and the tour group.  Mark invites her on the tour so Amy can make it back to the hotel.  On the hike, Kyra and Amy make a connection because they love taking photos.  Amy lets Kyra take a few photographs and talks to Mark about the waterfalls.  He believes each waterfall has a distinct personality and should be protected.  So Mark doesn’t like taking people to see them if they are going to pin their location.  By pinning the spot, people will travel for selfies and pollute the area with trash.  Amy asks him to show her directions to the falls, but she promises not to give their location.  However, Camella didn’t make that promise.  When Mark loses his trust in Amy, will it ruin their budding romance?

While the love story is nice, you will be more interested in Amy’s connection to Kyra.  Amy helps guide Kyra during one of the most trying times in a young girl’s life.  Kyra is a tween and likes a boy.  But she doesn’t have the confidence to believe she is a beautiful girl.  Amy not only solidifies her external beauty, but she acknowledges Kyra’s internal beauty too.  Seeing Amy bond with and guide Kyra makes you want Amy and Mark to be a couple.  With beautiful cinematography, although some looked green screen, this will become a favorite for Hallmarkies.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m energetic, I’m hungry, and I will go to extra mile – Amy

Waterfalls are found in nature, you don’t do nature.  Trust me, you’ll be eaten by animals – Penny

In my defense, I am actually considered funny in some circles – Mark

Why do you have a $1000 camera – Kyra

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