#SonicMovie2 – Movie Review

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Budget of $110 million – 2 hours and 2 minutes

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On the Mushroom Planet, Dr. Robotnik created a device with Sonic’s quill to open a portal.  The portal knocks Robotnik to the ground, and aliens come through.  As they get close, Robotnik sets off traps to get them out of his way.  Before he can enter, a red Echidna warrior named Knuckles stops him.  Knuckles sees the quill and wants to know where Robotnik obtained it.  Robotnik tells Knuckles that Sonic is on Earth, and he will show Knuckles the way.  

On Earth, Sonic wants to be the hero.  But he causes more damage than saving people.  Tom tells Sonic that being responsible makes you a hero.  Tom knows Sonic makes mistakes because he is still a kid.  So they decide to give Sonic some responsibility.  While Tom and Maddie go to Hawaii for Rachel’s wedding, they will leave Sonic home alone for 48 hours.  Sonic uses a ring to create a portal, gives Tom one to get back, and sees the happy couple off on Sonic Air.  

Sonic makes the most of his time alone but gets scared when the lights flicker.  Instead of an unprofessional pizza man, Robotnik kicks down the door.  Sonic can’t believe Robotnik is back but prepares for a fight.  Before Sonic lays a punch, Robotnik steps out of the way, and Knuckles lets Sonic know who is in charge.  During their battle, a cop car pulls next to Sonic.  It’s Tails driving.  Tails has been watching Sonic since he created the power surge on the baseball field.  He believes Sonic is the key to finding the ultimate power.  He flies Sonic away and leaves Knuckles hanging off a cliff.  Robotnik wants to leave Knuckles behind until he hears about the power.  It’s an emerald that allows someone’s thoughts to become real.  Robotnik wants the emerald, and he plans to use Knuckles to find it.  But Knuckles needs it to exact his revenge on Sonic and Longclaw.

Tails and Sonic look at the map Longclaw gave him.  The map lights up, and Longclaw appears.  Longclaw protected the emerald and chose Sonic to take the mantle after dying.  Sonic gladly takes the mission to find and guard the emerald.  And to Tails’s surprise, Sonic wants him to come.  Tails and Sonic must save the world from Robotnik and Knuckles, and they must do it before Maddie and Tom come home from Hawaii.  It will take one goat’s milk latte, a dance battle, an avalanche, and a catfish to finish the mission.

Based on the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog and the movie of the same name, this film surpasses its prequel (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Adults and children will laugh and dance to these lovable characters that span generations.  The computer animators allowed Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to look less realistic while not making the non-CGI characters and action look too cartoonish.  This balance lets viewers stay focused on the movie and the storyline.  While the most quotable moments are in the commercials, those moments are not the only funny parts.  During the laughter, this film teaches about responsibility and healing.  Stay past the first set of credits to get a glimpse at Sonic 3.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Now it’s time to get off this shitake planet – Robotnik

Let’s go get our kid – Maddie

It’s Donut Lord – Tom

Where did you get that – Knuckles

I just farted – Tails

Because that’s what heroes do – Sonic

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