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Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons – Review

Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After hearing that someone murdered their beloved parole officer, Jeffery, the Fallen Angels vow to find justice.  After the funeral, Jeffery’s wife, Joelle, approaches Hollis for help with Jeffery’s estate.  Although Hollis left her job at the law firm, she plans to start one with her friend and co-worker, Mark, after she passes the bar.  Hollis agrees to do it.  Then, Hollis hears someone behind her blame Joelle for Jeffery’s murder.  It’s Brian, Jeffery’s son.  

After receiving a book, As Heroes Fall, from a dead Jeffery; Hollis, Gene, Rena, Abby, and Miller get together.  Miller finds numbers on the back page.  They check their books and see that they have different numbers.  Hollis asks Miller to figure out what the number means and look into Jeffery’s finances.  Gene will look into Brian while Abby searches for any unknown property in Jeffery’s name.  Then, Hollis tells everyone to read the book for clues.  With the Fallen Angels on the case, they will uncover corruption, murder, and $5 million.  

Based on The Fallen Angels Book Club (A Hollis Morgan Mystery 1) by R. Franklin James, this movie gives you a deeper dive into Detective Lincoln and Faber (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Both detectives have questionable pasts and want to prove themselves.  It helps Hollis connect with Faber and Faber connect with Lincoln.  Don’t be surprised if you have to watch it twice.  Like most mysteries, unveiling the motive happens in a short amount of time.  With everyone’s sketchy history, this film series leaves the door open for many episodes in the future.  And you will look forward to them.  So give this one a watch with the DVR recording.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Best.  He deserves better – Brian

We didn’t think we’d be getting mail from the grave – Miller

That’s our Jeffery constantly keeping us on our toes. Even in death – Abby

Sometimes the one who saves others is the one who needs to be saved – Hollis

Paycheck is such a dirty word – Mark

Question is: What can I do for you Mr. Fields – Rena

I thought I told you to stay away from this investigation – Det. Faber

Hola, I got some juicy info on your boy, Faber – Gene

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Nightmare Neighborhood Moms – Review

Nightmare Neighborhood Moms – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Bonnie runs through Cascades Lake with her neighbors, Renee and Angela.  They spot a new neighbor moving in with her daughter, Jordan.  Bonnie quickly and contentiously assesses the woman, Charlotte, is single and independent.  For Bonnie, this new woman is trouble.  She decides to befriend the woman to unveil more information.  Bonnie comes to Charlotte’s home with a basket of products for Bonnie’s company, Elavelle.  Charlotte thanks her but says she has all the products.  Charlotte is a representative for the company too.  Bonnie looks on the company’s website and finds that Charlotte is number one in the district.  For Bonnie, Charlotte is a thorn in her side at work and home.  Bonnie thinks Charlotte will take her clientele and husband, Christian.  And Bonnie will kill to keep both.  She’s done it before.  When Bonnie discovered Christian’s affair with their neighbor, Kira, Bonnie killed Kira.  Some townspeople suspect Bonnie, but no one can prove it or will speak up.  Bonnie will spy, manipulate, and imprison Charlotte to get ahead in life and her marriage.

Be ready to yell at the screen.  This movie is proof that you can live in someone’s head and not even know it.  Bonnie sees Charlotte as a threat the second Bonnie notices that Charlotte is single.  Bonnie is the neighborhood bully that uses the same strong-arm tactics to sell products.  The people around Bonnie are afraid to cross her or frenemies.  She even goes after Jordan to destroy Charlotte.  While the plot feels generic, the acting will leave you in your seat.  Besides, it has a lot of substance with ties to MLM strategies.  Get your wine and tea ready for this movie.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

The quintessential independent woman – Bonnie

So should you – Christian

I don’t really know what these Stepford wives are up to – Jordan

Mom, you have to stop hanging out with Mrs. Mason – Sabrina

May the best woman win – Charlotte

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Always Amore – Review

Always Amore – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

During Nonna’s 71st birthday party, Richard pulls Elizabeth aside.  He hired a restaurant consultant because Ciba e Vita is not sustainable.  If the restaurant doesn’t become profitable, Richard will sell his shares.  Elizabeth worries the consultant will change Ciba’s menu and look.  Elizabeth’s husband, Marco, started and cooked at the restaurant.  The current chef, Antonio, learned from Marco and now refuses to change the menu like Elizabeth.  Elizabeth says she will listen but won’t budge on the menu or day-to-day operations.

Ben arrives in town and quickly rubs Elizabeth the wrong way.  He doesn’t have a problem with the food, but he thinks the menu needs an update.  Elizabeth quickly shuts him down and shows Ben the Italian way of cooking, dealing, and relaxing.  Each time Ben worked with an eatery, he helped them gain profits again.  Ben wants to do the same for Elizabeth, but they get an unforeseen obstacle.  Richard’s buyers moved up the offer, and he decided to take it.  Elizabeth mulls over getting a bank loan to buy Richard’s shares.  But with 0 profits, no bank will work with her.  Elizabeth and Ben must convince Antonio to stray away from Marco’s menu and prepare an original dish for a cooking competition.  The grand prize will buy Richard’s shares and bring much-needed notoriety to Ciba’s.  While making Ben family, can Elizabeth stop looking into the past and worrying about the future?

This movie requires food, especially Italian.  Executive produced by Giada De Laurentiis, this film shares all the love, tradition, and faux pas in an Italian family (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The love story naturally grows as you discover the roots of Ciba, Antonio’s talent, and Elizabeth’s hidden skills.  Like most families, a lot of things go unspoken.  While everyone thinks it’s time to move on, no one will say it.  They fear what others will think, so they keep it bottled inside.  However, the secret ingredient to save Ciba is what they had all along: family.  Be ready to fall in love with this new HMM classic.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Did it work – Nonna

If by excited, you mean a sense of impending doom, you bet – Elizabeth

He’s not the enemy Elizabeth – Richard

I was told that it used to be – Ben

I wouldn’t call it a rush – Carla

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Run the Race – Review

Run the Race – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Zack had a rough few years.  After his mother died of cancer, his father, Mike, left him and his brother, Dave.  Dave played high school football until a hit caused a career-ending injury.  Now, Dave has seizures.  Zack currently plays for the Bessemer High football team and looks in the stands for college scouts.  Zack thinks a football scholarship is his way out of poverty and struggle.  Dave warns Zack that he hangs out with an ill-mannered crowd, but Zack won’t listen.  Coach Bill tells Zack to stay on the straight and narrow.  If Zack gets the team to state, college recruiters will come.

After a game, Zack hangs with his team and future rivals.  Zack attacks when an opposing team member makes a joke about Dave.  Someone hits Zack behind his knee, causing an ACL tear during the fight.  With surgery and rehabilitation, the injury will heal.  However, it will be after the football season.  Dave sees the tear, and their situation plaguing Zack.  So Dave comes up with a way to get Zack back into the game.  However, Zack will need to give himself to his higher power to find the strength in forgiveness.

This film is faith-based, but you don’t feel overcome with the message.  Everyone gives Zack lessons on hope, faith, and redemption.  But it takes the most innocent person of his life to fall for Zack to give his life over to Christ.  That moment will touch you to your core, no matter your religion.  There is a love story intertwined with the movie.  However, it allows Zack to air his grievances with God.  Otherwise, the love story has zero purpose in the plot.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Get off my porch – Zack

Two steps forward, one step back – Pastor

Like 75 years old, grey hair, smokers cough, Martha – Dave

I’m not afraid to give someone the business on a Friday.  And pray for forgiveness on a Sunday – Louise

We’re family – Mike

Let me specify. The doctors need your back exposed – Ginger

Yeah, you do.  Your boys don’t need a coach.  They need a dad – Bill 

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Fatal Fandom – Review

Fatal Fandom – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After finishing her latest music video, Eden talks with her manager, Colette, and choreographer, Addison.  Eden realizes her phone is missing when Jackson, a security guard, enters the room.  He delivers it and states that he is a fan.  Eden thanks him and leaves with Colette and her dancer, Dara.  They are all smiles until a man appears with a gun and tells them he wants Eden.  Dara and Collette beg the man to take them instead, but Eden trades herself for their safety.  Before she starts to walk away with the man, Jackson runs the man off.

A few days later, Eden and her friends are in her bungalow.  She worries that someone is squatting on her property.  In fear, Eden decides to hire Jackson as personal security detail.  Eden lets Jackson live in her home, but he must stay on his wing of the property and don’t touch her laundry.  He teaches Eden self-defense, and they talk about their personal life.  As they grow closer, Eden has no idea that Jackson has a deadly score to settle with her.

When your knight in shining armor dulls, you can see all the imperfections.  Jackson comes off as understanding, protective, and helpful.  But the title lets you know that he will come unglued.  Though, there are moments when you wonder if Eden could be the perpetrator.  He investigates her fans, plans her outings, and listens to her.  However, it’s the long con.  Jackson is excellent. There were some lulls with Ozzie’s drama, yet it didn’t last long.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It just doesn’t seem fair – Eden

I think she is an ordinary person who still doesn’t understand how extraordinary she is – Jackson

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Just One Kiss – Review

Just One Kiss – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a broken heart, Professor Mia teaches her English literature class and belittles the classics.  Her students think Mia needs a drink or a date.  Later, Mia’s friend Nick tells her to stop being a hermit and get out.  So he invites Mia to an old-school black and white movie.  In the theater, Nick can’t ignore Mia’s cynical outbursts.  He quickly shooshes her and gets back to his date.  Nick loves to sing the classics and gives vocal lessons.  Seeing their interaction, two women take notice: their mothers.  Sofia, Anthony’s mom, thinks he dates all the wrong women.  Marlene, Mia’s mother, thinks Mia needs to get over her soon-to-be ex-husband, Casey, and start dating again.  Marlene and Sofia plot to bring Anthony and Mia together.  But will a classic misunderstanding stop their blossoming romance?

This movie has 50s film and song references that make this story cross generations.  The mothers are a fitting and funny addition to this storyline.  While the plot doesn’t mention their state, it’s easy for fans to pick out the clues.  It’s not a big reveal; it’s an unspoken understanding. And seeing that Mia’s relationship ended over real-world issues, draws you into the movie even more.  And let’s not forget the singing.  Don’t be surprised if you sing along.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m teaching my students about reality – Mia

All hermits say that – Nick

Maybe you just haven’t been kissed properly – Anthony 

They can’t know we’re behind it – Marlene

I can’t agree more – Sofia

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