#TheCaptiveNanny and #CantBuyMyLove – TV Reviews

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The Captive Nanny – Review

The Captive Nanny – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Rob and Chloe plead their case to an adoption agency.  Chloe can’t have children but she has always wanted a family.  She really wants to adopt.  After hearing their counselor’s assessment, Chloe worries the agency will say no.  Then she gets the shock of her life, Rob is happy to hear it.  He is having second thoughts about having a baby.  She is dumbfounded and breaks off their 8-year relationship.  To get her mind off her heartbreak, Chloe finds her next job as a nanny.  She is hired by Emily and Michael to watch their son Tommy.  Michael is working on is music and Emily is working on a new line at her boutique.  So, they don’t have time to give Tommy all the attention they normally do.  They tell Emily that Tommy his homeschooled and can’t go outside for security reasons.  They put code locks on the door to go in and out.  And she must use the cell phone they provide.  She agrees to their terms and moves into her room.  On her first day, she breaks the rules and takes Tommy outside.  When they come home, Tommy hears something in the basement.   Chloe grabs him and a knife then calls the police.  Emily comes upstairs and tells Chloe to relax, the sounds she heard were from her workroom.  While Chloe is calmed, Emily is upset Chloe called the police.   She never wants Chloe to call any emergency services again.  Emily explains her ex-boyfriend may have the police on his side.  It is not safe for her family as long as her ex-boyfriend is stalking her.  Chloe, with extreme confusion, agrees to their demands again.  After hearing about disappearing nannies, seeing well-drafted dossiers, and learning about a rock star stalker, Chloe will look for the truth and save Tommy.

Reminiscent of The Au Pair Nightmare, this movie redeems itself by having great actors, chilling moments, and a strong climax.  You will spend most of the movie yelling at the screen or looking for spilled tea.  Chloe has no idea how far Emily will go to keep her family safe from the stalker.  Emily consistently says she wants to keep her family together and safe.  And she will starve, confine, and interrogate Chloe to do it.  While there are a lot of similarities to the other movie, give this one a chance.  It will give you all the thrills and chills you need.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Maybe it’s not the right time – Rob

So are you up for a game of Hide and Seek – Emily

Do not get attached – Chloe

Well Sylvia use to let me – Tommy

We don’t want anyone else here. Ok? – Michael

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Can’t Buy My Love – Review

Can’t Buy My Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


EMT Lilly runs to get some food when she notices someone parked in an emergency spot.  She yells at the driver to move his car but he refuses.  When Jeff comes out, his car is being towed.  He can’t believe Lilly reported him.  Jeff tells his house manager, Veronica about the “goodie-goodie” and she can see the spark in his eye.  The next day, Jeff’s father, Rex, has an accident.  So, Veronica calls the ambulance to help.  Lilly and her partner Nick arrive on the scene.  The moment Lilly and Jeff see each other, all the bad feelings reemerge.  After Lilly and Nick clear Rex, Jeff decides to play nice and asks Lilly out.  She gives him the ‘thanks but no thanks’ line and Jeff’s mouth is left on the floor.  He can’t believe she turned him down.  The next day, Lilly’s boss comes to her office.  A benefactor was so impressed by the work they did, he donated a large sum of money to the hospital and was granted a tour.  It’s Jeff.  Jeff convinces Lilly’s boss to let him go on a ride-along in the ambulance.  After sending numerous gifts don’t work, Jeff used his donation to get closer to Lilly.  He doesn’t understand that money is not the way to her heart.  Years ago, Lilly was applying to medical school and was #1 on the waitlist.  She was never admitted but #22 on the waitlist was accepted because his parents made a huge donation to the college.  Lilly detests anyone who uses their money to take shortcuts.  She sees Jeff as another entitled brat.  But is she judging Jeff too quickly?

This movie gives you 3 loves stories for the price of one.  Rex is finding love again.  Lilly’s roommate Megan is learning to trust her boyfriend Vince.  And Jeff is falling for Lilly.  While this movie has all the feels, it gives a strong lesson about Lilly’s prejudice towards the rich.  She believes they are all the same and have no moral compass.  Megan is quick to point out her lack of compassion.  As Lilly gets to know Jeff, she sees the good in him.  She inspires him to be better and get involved with his heart, not just is money.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t want the admirer – Lilly

Who made you the parking police – Jeffery

Everyone goes through the pain and humiliation of being rejected. I think this will be good for you – Veronica

That’s some speech – Megan

Be careful – Nick

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