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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek – Review

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


The town is abuzz with the library’s upcoming Renaissance Night fundraiser for the new reading room.  The biggest draw is seeing Lester’s Gift.  It is a headdress gifted to Queen Elizabeth by Lester who was head over heels in love with her.  Chief Lynn and Detective Arthur have set up CCTV cameras and go over procedures with security.  Before the headdress is displayed, Kelly Stevens, Detective Arthur, and Chief Lynn watch the security guard, Talbot, fix the headdress on the mannequin and close the curtain.  As Aurora, Sally, and Nick sit in the audience, they wait with bated breathe for the reveal.  When the curtain opens, the headdress is gone.  Aurora knows the thief must be in the room.  Her choices are Kelly, James, Eric, Howard, and Miya.  Kelly worked for the museum that lent the headdress for the fundraiser.  She never wanted the headdress to leave the museum.  She will get a promotion because James lost the headdress, a promotion she feels is long overdue.  James is on the museum board.  He believes art should be enjoyed and moved so others can see it.  While he is on Aurora’s list, his friend and real murder club member, Davis doesn’t think he should be.  Eric, Aurora’s latest attempt to set Sally up, is a Western Civilization professor and Nick’s friend.  When he continues to lie by omission, Eric is on the list.  But Nick believes Aurora is wrong.  Howard stepped onto the stage right before the headdress was revealed.  When his felonious past is unearthed, he is added to the suspect’s list.  Miya is in the import/export business.   Before anyone left the library’s fundraiser, everyone was searched.  But Miya refused.  She is on the list.  As Aurora mentally prepares the list, she sees another suspect leaving.  The security guard Talbot.  She follows him to his hotel and finds him dead from a gunshot wound and no headdress.  This confirms Talbot was the thief but he had a partner.  Can she find the mastermind behind the plan?

Based on the Aurora Teagarden novels, you get a strong mystery that will have you guessing from start to finish (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Every one is shifty and keeps their secrets close.  With each secret, Aurora adds and removes names from her list.  Much to the detriment of her relationships.  She keeps her eyes so close on the case, she is missing the bigger picture.  Nick is ready to ask for her hand in marriage.  He’s just trying to find the right moment.  When a moment arises, a body drops.  By solving the case, Aurora is setting her future in motion.  Aurora fans will be getting their long-awaited proposal.  The well-written mystery is a stupendous bonus.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, I do believe I found my Mr. Right – Aurora

I think I’ll call in a few more officers for this detail – Lynn

Obsession is one of the most powerful motivators – Nick

I always feel guilty around you Lynn. I can’t explain it – Sally

Right, I cut class. I probably need a good talking to – Philip

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The Au Pair Nightmare – Review

The Au Pair Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


After losing her fiance Brad in a car crash, Taylor’s life has been on hold for six months.  She has given up school and lives in her sister Kara’s place with Kara’s husband and son.  When Kara takes Taylor to buy a car, Kara tells Taylor its time to start moving on with her life.  Taylor surprises her sister and tells her she has already started.  She signed up to be an au pair for a well-respected agency.  Kara is dumbfounded by Taylor’s change but congratulates her sister for getting her footing.  Taylor meets with Mrs. Allesandra Caleb first.  Allesandra counts Taylor out at the beginning because she doesn’t have any experience.  Dr. Jonathan is shocked at his wife’s outwardly dismissive behavior but agrees with his wife.  As the Calebs walk her out, Emily comes downstairs and asks Taylor if she will stay.  With Emily’s big puppy dog eyes guilting her parents, Jonathan gives in and hires Taylor.  With extreme reservations, Allesandra agrees.  Taylor packs and moves into the Calebs’ home.  Taylor will be on-call 24 hours a day.  She will cook, clean, and care for Emily.  Normally, Allesandra takes care of Emily alone, but she is writing a book and needs time to get it done by the deadline.  Taylor must stay out of and away from Allesandra’s office.  Jonathan tells Taylor she must lock Emily’s door every night from the outside because the little girl sleepwalks.  After a few days, Taylor notices something is off about the family.  Allesandra lashes out over music, movies, and magazines with Brad Hardwick.  And she tells Emily a bad man is trying to take her away.  When Taylor feels Emily is in danger, she will put her life on the line to protect her.

You will leave this movie wondering, “what did I just watch” and “I want to watch it again”.  Talk about False Victimization Syndrome gone amuck.  It’s obvious that Allesandra is unhinged when she tells Taylor its ok to have an affair with Jonathan.  You know Allesandra is afraid of something but you don’t know why.  During the conclusion, the truth will leave you awestruck.  Allesandra has everyone fooled and pulled into her deadly game.  You will be sucked in from beginning to end.  And don’t miss one second or you will be lost.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s practically Taylor made – Kara

Really? Is that the worse you can come up with? They’re too good looking – Taylor

Because the boogie man will come and take me away – Emily

I’ll go with my gut on this honey. Taylor can stay – John

She seems perfect. Too perfect. And that’s what scares me – Allesandra

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Touched by Romance – Review

Touched by Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Emma walks into her interview with her head high and her shoulders back.  Dr. Beck introduces Emma to her potential patient and boss Mrs. Norma Boswell.  The famous author has no time for admirers or gawkers.  She has made quick work of the previous candidates.  And her staff knows this.  Henry works for Mrs. Boswell as a groundskeeper.  And his wife, Maria works as Mrs. Boswell’s chef and house manager.  They wait outside of Mrs. Boswell’s door and wager on how long Emma will last.  When Emma leaves in 3 minutes, they assume Mrs. Boswell kicked her out.  Instead, Emma asks Maria to show her where she will be sleeping.  Shocked, Maria takes Emma to her quarters and explains everyone’s role in the household.  Emma has been hired for a trial period.  If she succeeds, she will be hired full time and told the extent of Mrs. Boswell’s medical condition.  Her first night on the job, Emma hears a commotion in the kitchen.  She enters with a knife and scares Justin.  Justin is Mrs. Boswell’s only child.  Justin is back from an extended vacation and he has sold his novella.  He doesn’t want to tell Norma because he feels she won’t care.  After a bumpy trial period, Emma is hired as Norma’s full-time nurse.  Dr. Beck sits Emma down and tells her that Norma has MS but Dr. Beck noticed something abnormal about her symptoms.  He discovered she has developed an aggressive disease and she only has a month to live.  To keep the job, Emma must sign a non-disclosure agreement.  This includes not telling Justin.  If she succeeds, she will get a large bonus when Norma dies.  If she fails, she will not get paid and face punitive damages.  Norma has decided to forgo any drug therapies and has her affairs in order.  Emma won’t hear it.  She tells Norma she will agree to the terms but Norma must agree to her strict regimen of nutrition, exercise, and fully vetted medical treatments.  After Norma agrees, they embark on a new friendship that will produce a book, a painting, and a newfound love.

If you are only here for the love story, it doesn’t fully bloom until the last 10 minutes.  It was developed by Norma’s request.  However, this movie will bring tears to your eyes as Norma struggles to find her place with her son and her passion for writing again.  She lost her spark after her husband died.  Don’t be fooled by Norma’s Scrooge-like attitude,  you will see it is a coping mechanism for her tragic past.  This take-no-nonsense attitude allows her to confront Emma.   This is how they connect.  Emma has no family and has a job that focuses on taking care of dying people.  This intrigues Norma’s interest.  These two women have more in common than they know.  This is one to keep on your DVR and cherish.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Get out – Mrs. Boswell

Well for the rate your offering I’d be crazy not to give it a shot – Emma

But you won’t be here long enough for us to get to know each other that well – Maria

Good night, Killer – Justin

When you finish – Dr. Beck

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How to Train Your Puppy Husband – Review

How to Train Your Puppy Husband – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Jillian is a successful author and relationship therapist.  She has her assistant, Hudson, calls Jillian’s husband, Justin, to remind him about Jillian’s award ceremony.  When Justin arrives he is not wearing the tux Jillian picked.  Instead, he is wearing his boots and khakis.  She is embarrassed but keeps her composure.  At home, they argue.  He thinks she is being passive-aggressive.  She thinks he doesn’t respect her.  The next morning, she is still angry.  He hopes his surprise can smooth everything over.  He bought a trip to Paris so they can go climbing together.  She is not happy.  She is trying to write her second book and says she doesn’t have time for a trip.  He thinks she won’t make the time.  He decides to go without her.  With their relationship on the edge, Jillian goes to her grandparents, mother, and best friend for advice on her book and her marriage.  Her grandmother tells her relationships just have ups and downs.  You have to prepare for the ride.  Her mother, Mona, tells her to be strong and use this time to enjoy being alone.  Jillian knows her mother’s advice is coming from pain.  Her father cheated on her mother and they got a divorce.  Her best friend, Nicole, says no marriage is perfect.  When Aaron jumps to make Nicole happy, Jillian knows she is holding something back.  So Nicole lets her in on a little secret.  Years ago, Nicole got a puppy.  The puppy was wild, so she went to a trainer.  When they got a second dog, Nicole asked the trainer to teach her how to train.  Unknowingly, she used those same techniques on her husband Aaron.  Jillian has her next book: How to Train Your Husband.  While Justin is on his trip, Jillian fosters Henry, a cute beagle.  She will learn how to train Henry.  When Justin comes home, she will use the same techniques to train him.  As the dust settles, the real trainer will stand up.

Reminiscent of a Smart Guy episode, the title of the movie comes off sexist.  However, it’s rectified in the plot and conclusion.  Jillian uses walks, treats, and belly rubs to make Justin more in tune with her needs.  When he discovers her manipulation, he is furious.  He wants her to understand that men are more complex than dogs.  This movie may strike some familiar points.  As Jillian sits with her clients, listen closely.  You may hear them discuss some of your issues with your spouse.  It’s hard for your spouse to hear what you want if you refuse to talk.  It’s hard for your spouse to pass a test if they don’t know they are taking it.  And most of all, just say thank you for the small things.  Jealousy, manipulation, and standoffs don’t work.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not the therapist but that sounds a little passive-aggressive – Justin

I get it, you’re not changing – Jillian

Anyone who thinks relationships are easy hasn’t been in one – Aaron

I just know what they want – Nicole

Good.  Then you can read it – Mona

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