#BodyCamMovie – VOD Review

Body Cam – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 37 minutes


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Officer Renee Lomito has been cleared for active duty.  She was put on leave after punching a civilian.  The department psychiatrist believed her anger stemmed from unresolved feelings about the drowning death of her young son.  Back on the force, she is paired with rookie Officer Danny Holledge.  He knows her investigative reputation, so he is excited to work with her and learn.  On the beat, they hear a call over the radio.  One of their fellow officers, Kevin Ganning, failed to report back after calling in a suspicious driver.  Renee and Danny check it out.   At the scene, they find Kevin’s car with flat tires, blood, and teeth.  As Danny investigates the scene, Renee looks at the dashcam footage.  It’s choppy but she can see a green van without a license plate get pulled over.  Kevin sees something in the car, draws his weapon, and orders the woman out of the car.  After she gets out of the car, he continues to yell commands at the woman but she doesn’t follow.  Then something snatches him into the air and violently slams him onto his car repeatedly.  Kevin screams, then disappears.  Renee can’t believe what she’s seeing.  And it only gets worse.  Danny and Renee find Kevin hanging on a fence with his body split in half up to his chest.  When an investigator interviews Renee, they blame her for the dashcam footage disappearing.  Renee knows she didn’t delete it.  Renee thinks something killed Kevin, she just doesn’t know who, what, or why.  Renee looks for the van.  When she tracks it down, she traces it to a nurse named Taneesha and her son Demarco.  In her investigation, Renee will learn about the evil all around her.

Reminiscent of Candyman, this movie provides a few jump-scares with social commentary (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Horror fans won’t be surprised at any of the scary moments because they are accompanied by an anticipation score.  This is a dead give away that something scary is about to happen.  You watch to understand why this entity is attacking cops as Renee pull the facts together.  If you are a mystery fan, this is a better movie for you.  It does offer some gory moments when you see the after-effects of the attacks.  The mutilated body will make you look away.  Great job to the makeup and art department for creating ghoulish scenes and victims.  This is a decent mystery to rent if you need a few scares and a satisfying ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I feel almost out of touch with reality. I can’t explain what I saw – Renee

F**king roaches. Man, I’d rather get shot at – Danny

Share the weight with me please – Harry

He knows you’re with me now – Taneesha

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